Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Enjoying the Last Days of Summer on Cooper Marsh – Cornwall Ontario – August 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – The last days of our summer season are upon us.  Evidence of this are the bright aromatic blooms of Goldenrod which add their bright sunny yellow to our hedgerows, fields and roadsides throughout Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.  No doubt welcome havens to the Monarch readying to migrate to warmer temperatures and to our honey bees preparing for the over wintering process.

We have certainly been blessed with an incredible summer thus far and this past week-end’s beautiful sunshine and temperatures invited one to just stop…breath… and enjoy.  And so I did exactly that.  The light breeze invited all to share the sunshine by the water.  So I joined a couple of colleagues by the water to share a meal and enjoy the blessings of the day.  Our discussion turned to the natural gifts we all have access to as a community due to our geography.  The beautiful St. Lawrence Riverfront, various rivers, wetland areas and the miles of bike path available to explore from Toronto to Montreal.  Detailed descriptions of the bike paths between these two points including those through, to the west and to the east of Cornwall can be found at

We enjoyed a pleasant meal by the water which was enhanced by the gentle wind and the fresh water scent of the mighty St. Lawrence.  I was still in the mood for letting my creative child out to play so I called up a friend who had invited me on several occasions to join her for a kayak ride.
She loaded up her one-man kayak and picked me up before heading to our launching destination ‘Hybrid Marine”.  This family run business, ( just east of Cooper Marsh, rents and sells Kayaks and Canoes.
The kayak that I rented for my adventure of the day included a quick lesson to familiarize myself with its operation and of course all the necessary safety gear required on the water.  My very sturdy, ‘easy to maneuver’ sea vessel included foot pedals and a kayak oar.  So I had the option to pedal, row or use both options to move myself through the water and around obstacles.
The water was invigorating, clear and we were delighted to get some fresh air, some exercise and enjoy the delightful scenery and varied life forms and vegetation in the Cooper Marsh area.  The water in this area is quite calm and quite shallow.  On talking with the owner after our exploration I was curious as to whether they rented motorized boats.
They do not.  This has been a chose made in the best interests of their business.  Because the waters are shallow around this area, motors would be susceptible to damage, especially by those not accustomed to the area.  One thing is certain, we had a lot of fun on the water and we didn’t burn a lot of fossil fuels (only for our car travel to reach the destination) and we didn’t create a lot of noise doing it.  This is a heart healthy, earth friendly and family friendly outing option which supports our local environment and economy.  How great is that?
Quote of the day:  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is now!  ~Chinese Proverb

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  1. Beauty on our shores. Thanks for the story and the photos.

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