BCE to Own 100% of CTV with Billion Dollar Plus Purchase – What do you think Canada? Cornwall Ontario – September 12, 2010

Cornwall ON – Media Convergence and the consolidation of power in the media industry continue as BCE, the company that owns Bell Canada  has purchased  CTV for over 1 Billion dollars!


“In today’s digital age, it is extremely important to be a part of a vertically integrated company that can take advantage of content over multiple screens,” Fecan said in a release.

“As a division of Bell, CTV will be able to grow those capabilities even more. Simultaneously, Bell will benefit from our creative and content management skills.”     Ivan Fecan CEO of CTV Globemedia and CTV Inc.

So what that means is that as Convergence takes place you’ll have one company providing you service via your device whether it’s television, smart phone,  or internet as they all end up in one service.

It also lines up along the theory via Net Neutrality that big conglomerates will be on the newer faster net service that will have controlled access.   In other words the ” media filter’s” will be better placed to delivery you their content.

This transaction is of course pending approvals from our government.   What do you think Canada?  Do you think this is a good move?  How will it impact Canadians and Canadian media content?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Isn’t BCE a Quebec corporation with it’s head office in Montreal? It’s ironic that they now effectively control half of the english television in Canada. Brian Mulroney sits on their Board of Directors (CTV) and his son Ben works for them too.

  2. BCE one of the largest shareholders is the OTPP, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan….and we still pay 1 billion per year in contributions from the province to the OTPP

  3. Didn’t CTV (owned by Bell) want to put a cable tax on everyone?

    And wasn’t Express View (owned by Bell) opposed to this tax?

    Something clearly doesn’t add up.

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