The Cornwall Free News is proud to Endorse for City Council on October 25, 2010 Mr. Denis Thibault – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – We are proud to endorse a second candidate for City Council for Cornwall Ontario, Mr. Denis Thibault.

Mr. Thibault offers a vast amount of experience and understanding to city council that we don’t see enough of in this slate of candidates.

Successful with the Eastern Ontario Training Board and the lead force on Waterfront Development in Cornwall as well as Arts and Culture Mr. Thibault seems to manage his time well and deal with with not only all sides of the council table, but also city management and the media.

His firm yet quiet hand, and his balance for fiscal and social responsibilities make him our choice to help lead and guide Cornwall through the exciting times she’s moving through.

We endorse Councilor Denis Thibault on October 25, 2010 and as he always likes to remind us if we forget his name to just check off the last name on the list.

Denis Thibault on Labour


Chamber of Commerce Debate


On Waterfront Development


Mark McDonald Spahich for Mayor Schnitzels

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