City Councilor candidate Mike Bedard takes our Mini Proust Questionnaire – October 19, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Mike Bedard is running for City Council this year and we’ve sent out our mini Proust Quiz to him and several other candidates.

Here are his answers.

CWFN: What would be the biggest surprise that people don’t really know about your?

MB : I think people don’t know that I have won over 200 athletic awards between the ages of 10 to 18 years old.  I excelled in 5 sports Track and Field, Soccer, 5-pin Bowling, Baseball and Football.  My Parents were very persistent in keeping me and my brothers active during our youth and I thank them because if it wasn’t for these experiences I would not have the same confidence and drive that I have today!

CWFN: What makes you passionate for being Mayor or Councilor?


My daughter.  I cannot stomach the idea that my children have to leave our city to live a full and happy life!  I feel that if I don’t stand up and lead by example and push as hard as I can for continual growth and progression, in our city, then other cities in Ontario will continue to widen the gap between us and them!  I believe that Cornwall is able to become an exciting City because it is ready for development and just needs someone to create the right state of mind and lead us out what can be seen as an economic depression lasting for over 50 years!

CWFN: What’s been the weirdest thing to ever happen to you in your career?

MB:The weirdest thing to ever happen to me was a personal body injury!  In my youth I was one of the fastest sprinters in Ontario and the fastest in several sports!  When I was injured, at 18 years old, I had a shift in focus and decided to commit all of my energy to academics and started leading off the field or behind the scenes more than in the game itself.  My competitive nature and training lead me to strive for perfection naturally and allowed me to become a representative for several programs, groups and businesses.  Ultimately my drive brought me to the top of my classes academically and eventually the top positions in my career as well; mainly due to my outstanding performance and loyalty.

CWFN: When you were young did you ever think you’d be Mayor or Councilor of a City?   What advice can you give to young people when it comes to thinking about their future?

MB: I didn’t necessarily think I would be a Councilor or Mayor but I always wanted to be the best and only later in life realized that I was a very good public speaker and motivator!   The best advice I can give our youth is to: NEVER GIVE UP!  Use the negative comments you receive in life as motivation to work harder!  The best analogy I could use is if someone tells you that you can’t push out that last rep use that negative energy you feel inside to push that barbell out and then humbly smile and move on to your next accomplishment!  Never gloat because you already proved that they were wrong and you will sleep very well at night knowing you succeeded and if you didn’t keep trying until you do and then again move on!

CWFN:If you could change one thing about Cornwall/Municipality what would it be?

MB: Pride.  Cornwall, in my opinion, has the least amount of pride in its own community.  We need to regroup as a community and start working together or we will continue to pull in different directions and remain stagnant.  Cornwall is like two Monster Trucks pulling in opposite directions!  It lacks the proper leadership to align our troops; so to speak.  We are in competition in with other communities and the game is called recruitment and we are losing!  We are always behind and watching what other cities are doing instead of staying ahead and having the others talk about what Cornwall has done!  I believe this is because Cornwall does not have a clear and attainable vision of where we want and need to be!

CWFN: What do you want to be remembered most for one day?


I want to be remembered for sticking up for what’s right no matter what the cost and leading Cornwall into a state of unstoppable growth!  Cornwall needs to be motivated and a new voice needs to be created and trumpeted!  I passionately want to be a part of creating that voice!  I want to be remembered most for being hard working, passionate and creative!

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