Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Bernadette Clement takes our Mini Proust Questionnaire – October 19, 2010

Cornwall ON – Councilor Bernadette Clement  is running for re-election to City Council this year and we’ve sent out our mini Proust Quiz to her and several other candidates.

Here are Ms Clement’s answers:

CWFN: What would be the biggest surprise that people don’t really know about your?

BC : Biggest surprise: I wish that I could sing really well and be able to perform for audiences! I sing, very loudly (and not well!) in my car, and only if I am alone. I love live music, of any kind…there is nothing like hearing and watching musicians share their talent with an audience.

CWFN: What makes you passionate for being Mayor or Councilor?

BC: Passion for politics: My jobs allow me to have great conversations with people who will often share the dreams that they have for their families and for this community. This motivates me to keep working and to remain involved in the political process.

CWFN: What’s been the weirdest thing to ever happen to you in your career?

BC: Weirdest thing: A woman I don’t know contacted me to tell me that she had watched several Council meetings and wanted to let me know that there was a particular jacket that I shouldn’t wear because the colour did not suit me!

CWFN: When you were young did you ever think you’d be Mayor or Councilor of a City?   What advice can you give to young people when it comes to thinking about their future?

BC: Ever thought you’d be a Councillor: Growing up, I never thought about being a City Councillor or Mayor. It wasn’t until much later in my life when somebody asked me whether I had ever considered running for Council, that I actually sat down and gave it some serious thought. We need to approach people (particularly young people!) that we think would be good candidates and suggest that they run for office. As for advice, I would tell young people to work on their skills, find something that they love to do (even if it isn’t work-related) and give of their time to the community. Good things will come.

CWFN:If you could change one thing about Cornwall/Municipality what would it be?

BC: Change: If I had a magic wand I would lower poverty rates in this community. But since I don’t, I have to continue working with community agencies to find ways to help.

CWFN: What do you want to be remembered most for one day?

BC: Remembered for: I want to be remembered as someone who brought some happiness to her family and to her community.

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  1. Here’s a real question for you Bernadette:

    Why should I vote for you, if you may possibly plan on leaving your position on council for federal politics instead? Where does your true love lie? For the city and municipality or for your federal party?

  2. Why is it with all of the turmoil at your place of work, you are sticking up for Management and not your subordinates of which 50% of the support staff and the only remaining non-management Lawyer is on sick leave with the other non-management Lawyer leaving for greener pastures because of workplace issues? So much for sticking up for the “little people”

  3. Bernadette I think you are an amazing person. I would however like to know how you address the question of why someone should vote for you if you are planning to resign if a Federal Election is called? Wishing you continued success in all you do.

  4. It’s really all about the money. As an MP she would have the $150K+ salary and the golden pension as opposed to being a Councillor and earning a mere pittance. Are we so naive that we cannot see this?

  5. Stan…money is not the only engine which drives people.

  6. Perhaps Jacqueline, but it sure pays the gas to run that engine!

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