Mini Me, our trusty Everio Camcorder makes it to JVC headquarters in critical condition – VIDEO – UPDATED October 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Mini Me, our trusty camcorder that we’ve used since the founding of the Cornwall Free News and who shot over 700 videos and over 2000 photos made it to JVC headquarters.

Mini Me’s Arrival at JVC headquarters


We thank everyone for their calls, emails, and facebook pings and hopefully the little camera that could will pull through.  I know he’s in good hands.

First Announcement from JVC on Mini Me’s condition.


Mini Me in happier times at press scrum for Premier McGuinty.  He’s in between CTV and KAV.

Hopefully he’ll be back in service and helping us bring you the finest in local coverage of news, politics, and more here in Cornwall Ontario!

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