Ezra Levant – Friend of China, but Foe to Canadians by Richard Komorowski – December 31, 2011

Putting the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers above Canada CFN – There are many economic gains to be made in exploiting the Tar Sands, and limited production could actually benefit Canada and go a little towards assuring our future in an increasingly uncertain world. But there are also many major short term gains to be […]

The Last Hours of 2011 – And an Announcement about The Cornwall Free News by Jamie Gilcig – December 31, 2011

The Last Hours of 2011 – And an Announcement about The Cornwall Free News by Jamie Gilcig – December 31, 2011

CFN –  As I sit here in the very early hours of the last day of 2011 I’m looking back at what was an interesting ride.    2011 probably won’t go down as my favorite year.  A lot of personal changes in life; becoming single again at my advanced age; moving,  finding out how odd […]

Chris Neil Fight Turns Tide as Comeback Kids Ottawa Senators Turn Off Flames 4-3 in OT – Ovie Scores 2 – Bertuzzi vs Carcillo – NHL Scores – December 31, 2011

CFN – I really really am enjoying the Ottawa Senators this year.   They’re way over achieving, but it’s not a fluke.  It’s character and putting in 60 minutes a game.   And it’s never giving up.   The Sens were down 3-0 to the Calgary Flames Friday night to start the second period when […]

Your Police Blotter for the Cornwall Ontario area for Friday December 30, 2011. COMPUTER SCAM WARNING

CFN – Here is your Police Blotter for the Cornwall Ontario area for Friday December 30, 2011. COMPUTER REPAIR SCAM ALERT               Cornwall, ON- The Cornwall Community Police Service would like to inform the residents of our Community of a computer repair scam. It is reported that the culprit(s) contact the victim by telephone and […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Growth or Sustainability? December 29, 2011

CFN – Reflecting on some of the images and words shared on line concerning peoples’ Christmas celebrations and the amount of “stuff” involved in such a holiday I cannot help but ask myself, “What the heck are we doing”.  Human consumption whether for survival or for having the “latest model” of something is affecting the […]

Notes from Abroad – Tabatha Pilon Shares her Christmas in Denmark – December 29, 2011

CFN – As the Christmas season is upon us, I have been privilidged to have the opportunity to taste all the traditional Danish Christmas dishes.Leading up to Christmas, it is very common to have some Christmas “snacks”, which are called “Æbleskiver” and “pebernødder”. Æbleskivers are very similar to Timbit’s. Although, while it may look like […]

Who are we? – Researching Our Past to Understand Who We Are Today by Kathy Coffey – Dec 28, 2011

CFN – For whatever reason, many of us have become interested in who our ancestors were. I became interested a few years ago so I purchased a copy of the “Family Tree Maker” and began filling in the blanks. I also registered with Ancestry.ca and started a notebook with information and pictures I got from […]

Your Police Blotter for the Cornwall Ontario area – Scumbags Break Into Hawkesbury Food Bank – Wednesday December 28, 2011

CFN – Here is your Police Blotter for the Cornwall Ontario area and OPP Round Up for Wednesday December 28, 2011 DOMESTIC ASSAULT               Cornwall, ON- A 32 year-old female of Cornwall was arrested on the 23rd of December, 2011. It is alleged that on the 23rd of December, 2011 she got into an altercation with her […]

Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario on Egypt, Syria, and Iran – December 28, 2011

Dear Editor, In a year end interview with Prime Minister Harper this was reported regarding Syria “He doesn’t foresee a military intervention in the near future because there is not ­ as there was with Libya ­ a United Nations resolution authorizing such action.” Strangely though Egypt and Syria were included in the interview article, […]

China Jails Two More Online Writers – How Far Behind are We in Canada by Jamie Gilcig – December 27, 2011

CFN –   I’m reading today about China sticking an online dissident, Chen Xi, to ten years in Jail.  Another,  Chen Wei was recently given a 9 year sentence.   I know; we’re not China…yet. You have the mayor of Toronto cutting off the largest paper in his city because they wouldn’t write what he wanted.   […]

Downtown Cornwall Ontario T-Shirt Store Expands Online – Much Tease 130 Pitt Street – December 26, 2011

CFN– Much Tease, on Cornwall’s downtown Pitt Street, is one of relatively few area small businesses that are set for expansion in the New Year. Owner Greg Mooney, who has run the store for the last twenty-two years, is confident about the future despite the slow economic climate that is affecting other Cornwall businesses. “We’ve […]

Bad Pete Marier Off the Air at CHOM in Montreal – Media trends seeing the loss of so many veterans… December 26, 2011

CFN – There’s a trend in BIG CORPORATE media that is seeing a lot of talented people being replaced by young and less experienced voices.    Cost reduction or just reactions to divergence in media?  Some would see a decentralization and less focus on local is the culprit.  Create one radio show or one set […]

Which of the two is the more powerful in their own country: Stephen Harper or Barack Obama? by Stéphane D. Groulx – December 26, 2011

CFN – Right before the holidays, as I was writing my final exam for political science in one of those giant lecture halls at the University of Ottawa, one of the essay questions I had to write about intrigued me. It asked us (the students) to argue who between the Prime Minister of Canada and […]

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