Tune in for The Political Round Table – 9:00 AM Tuesday Mornings on Seawayradio.com – March 15, 2011

Cornwall ON – Tuesday mornings starting at 9:00 AM it’s time for the Political Round Table on Seawayradio.com with your host Jamie Gilcig and pundits Joe Gunn & Denis Sabourin.

Now we have a special edition as Denis has decided to put his name forward to become the Liberal nominee for SD&SG Ontario where he’s facing off against former Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark A MacDonald and Pat Finucan.

At 9:45 it’s Keith Beardsley with his View From the Hill which is always interesting especially with those election drums a beating!

Seawayradio.com, your community radio station across Canada live from Cornwall Ontario.


And remember Wednesday night at 7:30 PM it’s always time for Reg Coffey’s Old Tyme Radio Show.   Join Reg as he spins some of the greatest radio shows from radio’s Golden age!

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