Brownell Art Collection Vernissage – Thursday September 6th to 30th – Centre culturel de Cornwall – 124 Anthony Street

Cornwall ON – Our retiring MPP, Jim Brownell is a huge advocate for the arts, and on Thursday September 8th from 5-8PM the Centre culturel de Cornwall at 124 Anthony St will be displaying some fine works at their vernissage and then the works stay on display until September 30th!

Letter to the Editor – Helen Sikora of Hamilton Ontario onTammy Hart’s Language Position – August 31, 2011

Letter to the Editor – Helen Sikora of Hamilton Ontario onTammy Hart’s Language Position – August 31, 2011

Dear editor,       Acccordimg to the comments published in your news paper, we have to conclude that eastern Ontario is  well on its’ way back to the cave  whence we came.       The mindlessness, the selfishness, the overt bigotry and ignorance,  all evidence that our society is regressing.  The great concern for French visitors […]

Keith Beardsley’s View From the Hill – To Merge or Not to Merge ? August 31, 2011

CFN – There has been much media speculation this past week about potential merger talks between the Liberals and the NDP, but it is simply too early for them. Neither side is ready for a merger Both parties have not yet reached the point that the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservatives were at in 2003. […]

Your City Hall Bulletin for Cornwall Ontario for Thursday September 1, 2011

Here is your City of Cornwall Ontario Bulletin for September 1, 2011 Click the Bulletin to blow up to full size!  Click the X on the bottom right corner to blow up even larger! For complete information on City Programs and Services visit Cornwall Ontario at Check out Cornwall Ontario on Facebook too!

PC candidate Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark play Spin the Wheel in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall Ontario – August 30, 2011

PC candidate Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark play Spin the Wheel in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall Ontario – August 30, 2011

Cornwall ON –   PC candidate Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark were in Cornwall today; Lamoureux Park specifically to unveil their new carnival wheel!   Or as Mayor McDonell called it, “The Wheel of Tax” It was an interesting display focusing on their explanation that the McGuinty government raised taxes during a recession on […]

Cutting Tie with Mark A MacDonald’s “A eh! Team” – Office Opening Ceremony – August 30, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Labonte

Cornwall ON – When Mark MacDonald cut the ribbon to open his campaign office tonight, it spoke a lot about the man and his down to earth nature. The “Ribbon” we cut was the red tie he wore to his nomination meeting. It was soiled while he was cleaning up after the event but he […]

Letter to the Editor – Jeff Nielson of Olds Alberta on The Canadian Wheat Board – August 30, 2011

Editor of The Cornwall Free News Sir, I’d like to respond to Joe Hueglin – Niagara Falls, Ontario letter of Aug 29 in your paper. As an farmer elected Canadian Wheat Board Director in District 2, I am continuing on the drive for marketing choice for producers in western Canada. The Canadian Wheat Board Act, although […]

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Responds to Ottawa Citizen Story – August 30, 2011

AKWESASNE MOHAWK TERRITORY- In response to an article published on August 19, 2011 in the Ottawa Citizen, the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne questions Canadian Ministry of Public Safety Vic Toews’ encouragement of private citizens to bear arms, the suggestion to close the Cornwall Port of Entry altogether, and the article’s comparison of “tribal outlaws” and […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Just Say No to the Keystone XL Pipeline – August 30, 2011

CFN – Have you heard about the Keystone XL pipeline?  There is a proposal on the table to transport approximately 900,000 barrels of thick, synthetic crude oil to Texas and the Gulf States from Alberta for refining.  If approved, this would mean an expansion of the world’s dirtiest and most environmentally destructive form of oil […]

It’s time for The Annual Mayor-Media Blood Donor Clinic – Tuesday September 6, 2011 Cornwall Ontario Civic Complex – Canadian Blood Services

Cornwall ON – The Annual Mayor-Media Blood Donor Clinic will be held on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at the Cornwall Civic Complex (Salons A, B and C) from 12 pm to 3:30 pm and from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Canadian Blood Services is hoping for over 300 donors that day to roll up their […]

Lib Candidate for SD&SG Unveils Third Pillar of his Campaign – Healthcare and how it Effects Seniors – August 29, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Mark A. MacDonald announced on his YouTube channel today, his third and most important pillar, our health care system and more importantly how it affects our seniors.   “Make no mistake about it,” MacDonald stated “this is what it all comes down to. Our health care system is fundamental and crucial to […]

Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario on Harper Government and the Wheat Board Decision – August 29, 2011

Dear Editor, Prime Minister Harper words, “The government’s position has always been that the government governs for everyone,”  . . . “We remain the government because we maintain the confidence of the Canadian population. That involves listening to the population and involves listening to the opposition,” are most reassuring. Will the Prime Minster honour his […]

Ask Captain Dan: What happens if I get sick while flying? Our Resident Pilot Answers Flight Questions.

Toronto ON – Pilot Dan Baz is answering your flying questions here on the Cornwall Free News. If you have a question about flying you can email Captain Dan or post below. Question People get sick and have medical problems  in shopping malls, restaurants, buses, trains etc.  What happens if someone gets sick on a long […]

Ontario Doctors & Nurses to Make Housecalls! New Healthcare Initiative Announced by Minister Deb Matthews – August 28, 2011

CFN – Ontarians will be able to count on house calls from their family doctors and nurses under a new Ontario Liberal plan, London North Centre Liberal Candidate Deb Matthews announced today.   “House calls are coming back to Ontario so anyone who has difficulty getting to appointments will be cared for right in their […]

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