Great Buys at the 5th Annual Ingleside Craft & Trade and Show by Reg Coffey – November 27, 2011

My next interview was with Chris Cotnam of Clarkburn Vegetables. I first met Chris when he was participating in the 2010 edition of the Summer Company program and had a booth at the Cornwall Famer’s Market (the good years). During the growing season Clarkburn Vegetables have fresh vegetables for sale but they also do some […]

A Tribute to Old Rats from Binky the Cat – November 27, 2011

A Tribute to Old Rats from Binky the Cat – November 27, 2011

CFN – Had an interesting conversation today.   When you hear the term rat you think either Eek!  A rat or you think of someone that squeals on someone.    I tend to think of older rats.  Wise rats that have figured out not to be the first one to run for that tasty morsel […]

Habs Lose 4-3 in OT to Penguins NHL scores November 27, 2011

CFN – Carey Price deserved better Saturday night at the Bell Centre.   Montreal nearly won a game that should never have been theirs.    A strong first period had them ahead 2-1.   It was  3-2 Montreal after two periods in spite of two Pittsburgh goals being negated, but the Penguins were allowed to […]

A Look at Failed NDP Provincial Candidate Elaine MacDonald and the Virtues of Politicans – November 26, 2011

A Look at Failed NDP Provincial Candidate Elaine MacDonald and the Virtues of Politicans – November 26, 2011

CFN – Politics make strange bedfellows.   It also creates unique and strange dilemmas.   Sometimes you have to vote for things you don’t personally believe in or sit in silence as you watch an injustice.    However when you look at a larger sampling of decisions certain tendencies show. The header photo in this […]

Cornwall Free News Photo of the Day from Bill Pearl of Cornwall Ontario – Sun Sets Over Domtar and bonus! November 26, 2011

CFN –   Area Photographer Bill Pearl sent in these two shots of the Domtar site and the Sunset over the Bridge with the old salt shed that burnt down in the foreground. If you have a photograph or video you’d like to share with our viewers email us at !

Ashley March Reviews – Direct Red by Gabriel Weston – November 25, 2011 Cornwall Ontario

CFN – I got this book delivered to me last week and have since finished it. It was a great and enjoyable read! Direct Red tells the true tales of what goes on behind the scenes in surgery. Leaving her office job and everything behind in her 20’s to focus on medical school, Gabriel became […]

Keith Beardsley’s View From the Hill – The Con Game: The Campaign of Nobodies – November 25, 2011

CFN – It was Pierre Trudeau who famously said that MPs were nobodies once they were 50 yards from the Hill. That reference could certainly apply to the present day NDP leadership campaign. It’s a bit of a con game, IE a campaign of nobodies. While the candidates are a decent bunch of individuals and […]


CFN – Before he takes up his new post as Archbishop of Gatineau, a cross-representation of the local community, friends, family and colleagues gathered Wednesday evening at the Best Western Plus Parkway Inn to express affection and thanks for the almost ten years of ministry of Alexandria-Cornwall diocesan bishop Paul-Andre Durocher.  Some 300 well-wishers filled the banquet hall […]

The Cornwall Free News Photo of the Day – Art from Liam Sinclair-Dempster – November 24, 2011

CFN – Local artist Liam Sinclair Dempster sent in some of his stunning images for our Photo of the day feature.   I find his usage of different mediums of communication in his work most interesting; especially from such a young an aspiring artist. CLICK TO ENLARGE ANY IMAGE Bloody Cloud Faith Obscured Feeling If […]

Organic Central Food Guru Tom Manley to Speak at Eastern Ontario Food Conference – Thursday December 1, 2011 Kemptville Ontario

CFN –   Are you going to the Eastern Ontario Food Conference Thursday December 1st at the University of Guelph campus in Kemptville Ontario? I know Tom Manley of Organic Central and Homestead Organics will be speaking.   This is a great opportunity to to hear from people in the area at the forefront of […]

ARTpreneur Conference in Cornwall Ontario – Thursday November 24, 2011

CFN – The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre is pleased to announce that the 4th annual ARTpreneur Conference will be taking place November 24th at the Ramada Inn and Conference Centre. The event is open to all artists and entrepreneurs who are interested in developing new skills and insights on how to maintain a creative business. […]