Seaway Roller Derby Girls Roller Disco Fundraiser – February 10th, 2012 – Cornwall Ontario

CFN – The Seaway Roller Derby Girls League is Official. The members of the Newest Roller Derby league in Canada have recently received their approval from the Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association. To celebrate, there will be a 70’s themed Roller Disco Fundraiser held at Agora Catholic Centre (previously known as Nativity Hall) on February 10th, 2012 from 7pm-10pm. This event will mock a traditional Roller Disco just like the former local Disco-Wheels which closed in the early 1980’s.

The Roller Disco is open to the public and is a family friendly event. Pre-tickets will be available for sale at Scotiabank, located at the Brookdale Centre or at the door. Retro quad skates will be available to rent, for an additional fee. People are encouraged to bring their own quad or inline skates from home, supply will be limited.

“We are excited about the opportunities that Roller Derby has brought to the Cornwall area and to our lives” said Janette Sullivan a.k.a Taze-Her, CWRDA representative for the league. “Some women are here for the social aspect, confidence building and others for the workout but most of all for the love of the Sport”. Roller Derby has come a long way since it’s beginning in the 1920’s. Now that Roller Derby is recognized and governed by the WFTDA and the CWRDA, leagues are under constant review for ensuring safety and accountability for its members. Most women are mothers and business professionals; “we can’t afford to get hurt” said Amy Brown a.k.a Panthaa77 Recruiting Co-ordinator for the league.

The Seaway Roller Derby Girls League is serious about Roller Derby in Cornwall and SD&G. Their hope is to get people excited about Roller Derby again and it’s new and improved team approach. Please support your local Roller Derby and attend their first annual Roller Disco Fundraiser. For more information on how to become a Seaway Roller Derby Girl a Roller Derby Coach or to become a sponsor of this event, please contact

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