Stand up for your language rights! Howard Galganov to Appear Before South Stormont Council September 26, 2012

The unrestricted use of the English language is now illegal!

This is history in the making and too important to pass up.  South Stormont Council anticipates raising the bar for Ontario and for the rest of Canada at its September 26th meeting.  Council will vote on a ground-breaking resolution to honour a section of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms by committing itself NEVER to infringe upon citizens right of freedom of expression with regard to choice of language.  In June of this year, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that it was appropropriate to allow municipalities to violate this same right by forcing businesses to post signs in both English and French regardless of who the business’ clients are and regardless of whether or not the business owner and staff are able to speak both English and French.  This ruling even applies to specialty markets which cater to immigrants whose mother tongue is neither French nor English.

Your inalienable right to live in the language of your choice is being violated!

Don’t leave it to others to stand up for your rights – before it’s too late come and show your support by your presence.  Please join us at the South Stormont Council Chambers (next to the Long Sault O.P.P. station) at 2 Mille Roches Road.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m.

Please, especially those of you who live in South Stormont, contact the township office and/or the Councillors to let them know that you want them to preserve our freedoms.

Township office: 613-534-8889
Mayor Bryan McGillis: 613-937-3116 or 613-577-0753 or
Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart: 613-984-2543 or
Councillor Barry Brownlee: 613-537-9753
Councillor Richard Waldroff: 613-537-8226 or 613-362-7596 or
Councillor Cindy Woods: 613-537-2977 or

Read about it here and here!

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By Don Smith, Former CFN

Former Media Consultant at Cornwall Free News


  1. OMG…….here we go again. What does it matter to galganov what is going on in SS, he doesn’t live there. Who the h#ll does he think he is? He even goes as far as telling others to go to the meeting. Whether you live in SS or not……get out there and raise the roof, picket and cause a disturbance. Sickening and pathetic is what it is.

    Again…..this country has “two official languages” Immigrants know that when coming to live in this country and accepted that fact. That being said, galganov is now bringing immigrants into this to further his agenda. Talk about a stirring the s#*t!!!

  2. Well Stella, the precedence was set during the meeting on the funding for the hospital. How many Francophones were imported from other townships to put on a good show?

  3. I’ll be going. Thank you Bryan, Tammy, Howard for your courage to stand up for democracy – much appreciated. You all have my support.

  4. This country does not have two official languages! Just go east of Cornwall and into Quebec and into Valleyfield and you will not see a bilingual stop sign or any sign near road contstruction. Or just go over to Walmart and try an find someone to speak to you in English. Cleansing of the English language has been going on too long and we are fed up as we have had 30 years of French immersion in our schools at a cost of over trillions of dollars and our kids still fail to get government jobs or hospital jobs because they cannot speak French good enough, yet a French person gets the job and can barely speak English –this has been going on for too long — time to stop it!!!

  5. Is your opinion more important than his Stella? Perhaps then, you should go to the meeting and give voice to your hard done by brethren. That’s the beauty of our country; we all have the right to speak our beliefs. Just because you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion doesn’t mean they can’t express it.

  6. I’m from Quebec and for 50 years have watched as our rights were given away one at a time by politicians who really didn’t care about the English language. Today there are very few rights left. No signs, no English when you call Medicare, no children of immigrants can continue their education in English. We are pushed back further every day. Is that what you want in your province? Do you want people telling you that you have to email your English co-worker in French? This is just the first step in the appeasement that has cost Canada Quebec.

  7. Yeah, stand up for your language !! Stand up for unilingual rights cause, unilingual howard galganov can’t find a job…Oh no I’m sorry, Howard is bilingual. Stand up for Beth trudeau, poor little old unlingual beth, oh, I’m sorry, she chooses to not speak french but she can. Stand up for anglos, cause their language is declining every year, oh i’m sorry, anglos in Canada account for 78 % of Canada. ..So I’m going to start a new group, fairness for poor rich people. The founder of my group, if he agrees, BIll gates.

  8. Stellabystarlight, if you are so much against equality rights , just dont attend. BUT dont tell the rest of the people what to do and how to act. Who the hell do you think you are anyway! Stay where you are. Maybe you enjoy having your rights trampled on, WE DONT!

  9. This pity party about the english language in Québec …is for the lack of better words…gosh darn frustrating. Because some people all out LIE!!! Call appel santé in english you’ll get excellent service in english. Here is proof. You can go up to any hospital out of the whole province, and you’ll get service in english. Why do you have to lie to try and further your cause is beyond me. Immigrants that want to move to Québec have to learn french…that is an established fact..and Québec being the only province that controls their immigration…they will let the future immigrants know. IF you have a problem with that..why the heck would you move there. I have been to west island montreal, kirkland, pointe claire, baie durfé vaudreuil,…well I’m not going to name them all…and you do see english signs there…again…if your going to make stuff up about Québec…try and be more original.

  10. Will there be coffee and doughnuts in the town hall of South Stormont after the meeting? If not, I shall not even consider going there on 26 September.

    No, actually, I am joking; preferring a relatively healthy diet, I never drink coffee and I very seldom have such pastries. 😀 😀 😀

    Yet, as far as I know, this municipality, in a way, already forces a sizeable part of its population – namely French speakers – to choose English although they may not wish to do so and would probably rather speak French while dealing with their municipality’s government. Why do I sense some discrepancy and hypocrisy here?

  11. Way to go Howard!

    Please all support Mr. Galganov during this important meeting. Democracy is in trouble.

  12. Excuse me Joe? If galganov could tell you what to do, so can I. Comprends-tu?

    Hate to disppoint you Bill…..Canada has two official languages….whether you like it or not. Ca-vas? **s**

    Oh la la….Canada is sooooo tough and demanding of the english people. No wonder they are upset. Other countries in the middle east have it better then we do. Afterall, you are the majority you should be able to dictate to the gov on how this country should be run and how our tax dollars should be spent. Go get’em **s**

  13. Patrick……lies, lies and more lies. I had friends come from NYC and visited Quebec City with them, not a problem with service nor menus…..NONE whatsoever. Actually “Les Quebecois” went out of their way to speak english and were very hospitable. It just isn’t true that tourists or others can’t be served in English and are treated differently. The radicals will say anythiing to incite anger and cause unrest.

  14. Galganov will show you the way!!! For those who are not familiar, he ran for elections right here in Cornwall and went down in a resounding defeat because of his radical views. That should be a red flag to most, but I guess when a group is grasping at straws and their claim has no substance……like lemmings they will let themselves be led.

  15. Hello Reg Coffey,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, on this subject. It is appreciated!


  16. Hi Bill,

    Totally agree with you that Canada is NOT bilingual. We simply have two official languages. Quebec is officially unilingually French, and the ROC is populated by an overwhelming English majority of Canadians. We should follow Quebec’s example of majority rule, with respect to language issues. By that reasoning, ROC should declare itself officially unilingually English!

    Quite right, it is time for Canadians to wake up from their deep slumber, about the subject of official languages. Time to make a stand and be counted.

    Let’s put it to a National Referendum Vote, once and for all!

  17. @Bill RE: September 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm POST
    Bill said, “This country does not have two official languages, just go east of Cornwall an into Quebec an into Valleyfield an you will not see a bilingual stop sign or any sign near road construction or just go over to Walmart an try an find someone to talk to you in English. Cleansing of the English language has been going on too long.”

    You are Soooo right Bill. This “cleansing” as you say is also happening in Hawkesbury and many areas East on the 417 down through Rockland etc… Most sings are either French only or French first. And we’re talking in ONTARIO. Try that with English signs in Quebec. Yeah right.
    It is sheer proof that this cancer is slowly but surely taking hold in many areas outside the province of Quebec where it was a done deal there many years ago.

    This has to stop. We need a Bill 101 for the rest of the Canadian provinces outside Quebec. If they can declare themselves a uni-lingual French province in a country that they themselves are pushing to be a bilingual country, (how moronic is that in the first place) then the rest of the provinces can write their own version of that bill 101 law which would declare them to be uni-lingual English only provinces. There, done deal.

    Again, great post Bill. More Canadians must hear from people like you in those outlying areas so they know what is going on.

    Also: Someone keeps hammering this point …
    Quote, “this country has two official languages.” This makes me LOL. I find it ironically funny how one of those so called “official languages” is outlawed in the “province” of Quebec. Isn’t that odd?

    I see many new names here (welcome all). I am going to share my YouTube link with you folks. Please have a look at my videos. They are very much inline with this topic.
    And the main page…

    There are MANY interesting video’s. Enjoy. Comments welcome.

    PS: Tip of my hat to ya Mr. Galganov.

  18. Hi Graham Doughty,

    It is wonderful to have your insights in this matter, as an English Quebecor. There is no doubt that Quebec is actively and systematically eradicating/erasing all traces and vestiges of English language, rights and culture.

    As English Ontarians, we certainly do not wish Quebec style language laws (Ex. Bill 101), here.

    Agree with you that “policies of appeasement” have not worked. Instead, they have only served to embolden and empower the French minority, at the cost and expense of English Canadians.

    Let’s return to democracy wherein the majority rules instead of being minority governed!

  19. @Patrick Boucher RE: September 13, 2012 at 5:16 pm POST
    First off, I don’t live in Quebec (not anymore anyways, I escaped) but, if I were calling from my province to help an elderly person living in the “province” of Quebec I wouldn’t be able to use that stupid tree digit number. Here is a real example of trying to get through to government or health care offices in that “provinces.”

    I wouldn’t even be too surprised to find out it was deliberately messed up like that as a slight against the English. They have been known to do things like that.

    Secondly. Re: Your constant claims about how “English” is still omnipresent in some parts of Montreal are just a bunch of hooey. It’s just that those areas have not been slapped in the face by that stupid office of the French language “yet.” They have a big job to do don’t_cha know. Cleansing a large province like Montreal of ALL ENGLISH people and ALL ENGLISH signs is a huge task which takes some time.
    Here are two of the latest formerly considered “English bastions” in Montreal getting their and slapped by “l’office.”

    Plus, it’s simply just politically less volatile to let the English die off and merely replace them with the French than it is to move in and bulldoze the place. So, there ya have it. They are simply being patient in some areas. Like I said, it’s like a cancer and as I am sure you know, cancer doesn’t kill with the speed of a heart attack. It creeps along and slowly takes over like… Well, just like Bill 101 does 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So, just relax Patrick. French WILL BE dominant in Quebec just like you WISH it to be. Then the English in the ROC will have had enough and will vote to boot their butts clear out of Canada where they can have their own little French everything but, be rest assured, it will be on their own dime at that point in time.
    Good luck with that one. All 3 million of ya’s (which is the number of French only zealots that will remain once they are separate wha ha ha… )

    Oh and remember, have a nice day eh 🙂

  20. Stellabystarlight how long has it been since you set foot in Quebec? Try taking a little trip to Granby or Trois Rivers or St Jean Sur Le Richelieu, away from the tourist traps that will smile serve you in English and take your money. Once there get out of your car and just walk around, ask questions, ask directions. Then tell us all how your trip went.

  21. Hi Cory,

    Agree with you that our democracy is in trouble. That is why it is so important to stand behind our hero’s, as they stand up for us!!!

    What is really frightening, is that the tyranny of the minority has been allowed to overpower the majority. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. How could this simple common sense approach been lost, over the last 42 years?

    Couldn’t help but notice, that it’s completely acceptable to the French minority that the English are not considered equal to French. Why do the French feel that we English are somehow, “less than” or sub-standard humans?

    Most especially, why is the very idea that the English are standing up and demanding “equal rights” so threatening to the French minority? Honestly, why is the notion of equal rights for both the English and the French, completely unacceptable to the French?

    The English are simply saying: “enough is enough”. The inequalities/wrongs must be corrected in a fair manner, swiftly. It is time for English Canadians, to stand up and be counted. If, we don’t fight for our rights, we will lose them…that much is sure!

  22. Stella, baby, you are right, again, darn it… “Canada has two official languages”…yep…French in Quebec and English in English Canada. Let’s make it official 🙂

  23. Lt’s assume that “stella” is of at least average intelligence and not a racist anglophobe for a moment. Then she is either deluded or misled. Canada has two official languages ONLY when it comes to federal institutions and the courts. So I can come to one of these conclusions:
    1) She knows us to be right and she is lying to protect the image of Kaybecers.
    2) She has tried once or twice to be served in English in Kaybec and succeeded and therefore concludes the whole province functions thusly.
    3) She truly believes what she says and therefore has not ventured outside French Kaybec.
    Stella, as a former Kaybecer, I can assure you that when I went to court (three times), not ONCE were the proceedings conducted in English, as is my right. In fact, in one of my cases, both parties were anglophones.
    You are also no doubt aware that Bill 22 and 101 proclaim French as Kaybec’s ONLY official language.
    And you are certainly aware that when we marched for English rights in Montreal in 2011 we were threatened, harassed and nearly attacked.
    EVERY ONE of these facts gives a lie to your statement. The group as a whole should make you more than a little ashamed, or at least surprised.
    Go ahead and TRY to refute these statements.
    We’ll wait.

  24. It’s a great initiative, Howard. Thank you for your tireless work in bringing to people’s attention how our freedoms are gradually slipping away. The so-called Charter of rights and freedoms is not worth the paper it is written on. In one paragraph it gives you a right to a free expression, but in the next paragraph it takes it away (“reasonable limits”). Somehow, those limits are being applied only to anglos.

  25. Nova Scotia is watching!!! BTW, Patrick Boucher is actually Roger Boucher who has threatened Anglophones in New Brunswick with bodily harm. “Go for the throat” were his actual words.

  26. Out here in Oilberta, we have plenty of jobs waiting for those who can speak English. Fortunately many Chinese, Phillipinos, Mexicans, Italians, East Indians, and Pakistanis to mention a few, are filling those jobs because they are sufficiently ambitious enough to learn the global language of English. The rest stay in French Quebecer land with their hands held out for the $17.4 Billion in annual welfare payments coming from ROC.

  27. @Lou Israel RE: September 13, 2012 at 9:27 pm POST
    All good points Lou but, as i am sure you already know. It’s no use waiting for a response when you make valid irrefutable statements and claims to that bunch (Stella, Boucher and Bluebird) as they usually ignore all the truths as if they don’t exist while they keep hammering away at the old stand by’s “Canada is bilingual blah blah blah…” And Quebec adds just as much to the tax base blah blah blah… and get used to it blah blah blah… They live in a fantasy world where everyone speaks French and la vie est en rose.

  28. @Wayne RE: September 13, 2012 at 11:12 pm POST

    Well said, Wayne.
    Check out my YouTube page and get everyone you know out west to check these out as well. Because, if you folk down there don’t take the initiative and stand up they will be in your back yard before ya know it tellin ya what to do and how to do it. Don’t kid yourself this cancer is growing and WILL hit all of this country eventually unless we do something.

    There are 90 some odd videos with most being on this topic.

    Pass them around… 🙂

  29. …LOL, I’m not roger boucher. Like I said, If your going to make up stuff, try and be more original. My real name, none of your business. I could be britney spears for all you care. I have as many french friends then anglo friends and have never threatened anyone. At 160 pounds soaking wet, I could’nt put much of a fight nor would I want to. I’m a realist and a pacifist.
    -Like i said before, most of us are doing fine. Howard however is in bad need of some attention. It looks as though kilroy and collen are ready to give it to him. If they want to align themselves with a man that promotes the extermination of the french language in Canada, we can’t stop him.

    -mais, comme plusieurs je crois qu’ils se plaignent le ventre plein.

  30. Don Smith ,

    Thanks for advising the public of the opportunity to exercise ones democratic rights to encourage their municipality to promote “fairness.”

    To Honour Canada’s frequently abused charter of rights ,by encouraging municipalities to never infringe upon its citizens “The right to freedom of expression”.

    The united Nations through its charter 19.2 -Government agencies may have 2 or more official languages ,but MAY NOT outside of public domain restrict,enforce or limit freedom of expression.

    Thanks for the comments folks ,many valid arguments , communication is always key to resolving issues .

    I will be at the meeting at 7pm Sept 26 ,hope to meet the many nice people like yourself there .

    Take care my fellow Canadians

    Christopher Cameron

  31. Patrick Boucher, that’s funny… the English hospital near me only has an English name. It’s a hospital for the French.

    Also the CLSC for English people, might serve you in English if you wish, but I have not seen one English Quebecer working there to help English people. If the service is for us, should we not have people representing us? People who know about our difficulties, inequality problems and who are willing to understand our needs. Nope. Even the professionals are not professional when comes time to the English speaking community.

    What people fail to understand, is that French Quebecers are in no way like other French people across our country. They do not like Canada and wish to dominate and assimilate us (revenge because of a war lost in 1752), we allow them to do it. Anti-English, anti-canadian people in our government? Why not just go ahead and hire someone like Sadam Hussein if people are really that insistent on destroying our country and everything that it stands for?

    They may be polite with you when they greet you within Quebec, but what they say behind your backs is another matter all together. Anyone who can read some French, would be very disturbed with what they are saying all over the Internet.

  32. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Howard Galganov
    Bryan McGillis
    Tammy Hart
    Supporting Council Members of South Stormont
    Chris and Debbie Cameron
    New Brunswick & ROC supporters
    Anglophones/Minorities from Quebec that are speaking up
    Cornwall Freenews(Jamie and Don)
    and everybody that has supported Language Fairness and Freedom of speech!!

    Our group is growing day by day, hour by hour! People are now speaking loud and clear! The public knows that we are not anti-French. We are for fairness…..LANGUAGE REPRESENTATION BY POPULATION…..FRENCH IS AN ASSET.

    Have a great day everyone!

  33. Democracy is more than showing up to vote on election day. People need to have dreams, aspire to be better, and sometimes that one voice turns into many, then great things can be accomplished .

    London Ontario this weekend is being visited this weekend Stella by L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario. Is it OK for them to converge on an area that really has no Francophone presence to promote THEIR cause?

    An open letter to London Ontario –
    As L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario converges on London this week for their annual gathering, please remember a few things. Francophone’s in Ontario are not hard done by. They have a provincial Ministry of Francophone Affairs, a French Language Commissioner and office, more than 2 dozen provincial government employees who coordinate with all Ministries and agencies to amplify services for Francophone’s (not all Ontario citizens, just Francophone).
    We have over 1.2 billion tax dollars going to our French school boards plus more for French immersion school programs. This group alone (L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario) receives over a million dollars a year to help them run, from you, the Ontario taxpayers.

    We are seeing more difficulty in finding employment that is not demanding bilingual in parts of Ontario, partly because of the French Language Services Act (FLSA). Over 210 government institutions have signed on, and are guaranteed funding because of it. Are any hospitals, clinics or schools in your area getting this special and guaranteed funding? At first glance, no, but you pay for it and your local facilities are not getting the guaranteed funding either.

    It is difficult to locate actual funding sources, even some of our Local Health Networks(LHIN”s) annual reports show French Language Services as line items for example. Fly under the radar comes to mind!

    Ontario changed the definition of Francophone in 2009 to increase the numbers and funding, and we have 25 designated zones for increased French services. Toronto, Kingston and even London are included! Over 97% of Ontario business, reports using English as the main language of business.

    So, welcome the tourist and conference dollars from this group, but remember, Francophone’s comprise less than 5% of Ontario, of which, most are bilingual and are pushing hard for more and more services that require bilingual employees and being paid for by the majority’s tax dollars. What does that mean for our kids and grandkids employment future? Paying for our core services even? French services are needed, I agree.

    However Ontario and Canada needs to decide on what services and just who are we trying to help. The perfectly bilingual or the very few who only speak French which should get core services like everyone?

  34. Stellar has a good idea. I think it’s time for Howard to run again. I voted for him last time and now that Dr. Tombler has woken up other people it should be interesting.

  35. I am so happy to have read so many great letters with facts to support why more people have already & are still waking up to this English Cleansing going on.Oh so proud of Bryan/Tammy/Howard who have fought so hard to protect ROC from forced french language.I will be at meeting Sept 26 at 7pm in Long Saulte….history in the making!!!
    Maybe we should name a street after Howard Galganov

  36. OMG….now this is amusing, thanks for the smiles on this beautiful Friday morning. This was like a Jimmy Swaggert sermon. Remember how he stood there and convinced the people to follow him and donate to his cause. Heart wrenching indeed!!! The folks worshipped the ground Jimmy walked on and with tears running down their cheeks and praising him, they donated. Yep they were blinded by his words. Good ole Jimmy could do no wrong he was the savior come down from heaven……until the truth came out……

  37. Just in case… A little tip for those who “may not know.”

    If you see a link in a post and you want to view it without loosing your place in the forum at the very post you’re at where the link is… Simply right click and select either “open link in a new tab” OR “open link in new window.” Then once you have finished viewing that video simply close, either that one tab or that one window, then you can return to the exact post you were on.

    Hope this is useful to some…

  38. Representation by population ,this should be the only way if we must have bilingualism .
    Let’s have a referendum so the people decide rather then a political mandate of a particular party.

  39. People, please stop bashing Quebec. The separatists only make up a small percentage of the population. Most Québécois just want to protect the French language in North America but do not know how to do it and instead try to eliminate the English language. (The same will happen to the Spanish speakers in a few decades).

    What is most important is that nobody should be forced to operate a business in any language. If a business person wants to open a French only business in Ontario or an English only business in Quebec, then best of luck to them and let’s see how long they last. As a multicultural society, we need to let people live in the language they see fit. Government has no business forcing us to use either official language on signs. Period.

  40. Hall of fame posts…
    Graham Doughty September 13, 2012 at 8:20 pm – Wrote:
    “Stellabystarlight how long has it been since you set foot in Quebec? Try taking a little trip to Granby or Trois Rivers or St Jean Sur Le Richelieu, away from the tourist traps that will smile serve you in English and take your money. Once there get out of your car and just walk around, ask questions, ask directions. Then tell us all how your trip went.”
    ———- Been there, done that… And you’re 100% right.

    Reg Coffey September 13, 2012 at 3:31 pm – Wrote:
    “Well Stella, the precedence was set during the meeting on the funding for the hospital. How many Francophones were imported from other townships to put on a good show?”
    ———- Back_at_cha Stella – ala Reg Coffer – Damn imports 

    Bill September 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm – Wrote:
    “This country does not have two official languages! Just go east of Cornwall and into Quebec and into Valleyfield and you will not see a bilingual stop sign or any sign near road construction.”
    “Cleansing of the English language has been going on too long and we are fed up as we have had 30 years of French immersion in our schools at a cost of over trillions of dollars and our kids still fail to get government jobs or hospital jobs because they cannot speak French good enough, yet a French person gets the job and can barely speak English –this has been going on for too long — time to stop it!!!”
    ———- Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Great post Bill. Must stop the “cleansing” for sure.

    Margo September 13, 2012 at 6:28 pm – Wrote:
    “DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU !! What’s going on in QC and NB is terrible…….inhuman …”
    ———- So true and what’s worse is that it is pretty much all paid for by the English majority.

    Colleen McIntosh September 13, 2012 at 7:39 pm – Wrote:
    “We should follow Quebec’s example of majority rule, with respect to language issues. By that reasoning, ROC should declare itself officially unilingually English!”
    “Quite right, it is time for Canadians to wake up from their deep slumber, about the subject of official languages. Time to make a stand and be counted.”
    “Let’s put it to a National Referendum Vote, once and for all!”
    ———- * Yes * – * for sure * – and – * right on, it is time for a vote.*

    Rosie September 13, 2012 at 8:18 pm – Wrote:
    “Patrick Grahham is not lying call. Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.”
    ———- Absolutely true and I posted this to prove it.
    Provincially, they even want to remove the choice of being able to dial 9 for English as an option all together. Gotta love em, or you’ll end up hating em.

    Lou Israel September 13, 2012 at 9:27 pm
    ———- Perfect post – Well argued.
    Wayne September 13, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    ———- Another great post. Drive home that wasted 17.4 Billion (tax) dollars

  41. Maureen…..maybe with all your donations, he may run again. Let me say this, he is trouble and the majority in this city know him to be a radical activist. The proof was in the outcome of the elections…..resounding defeat, comprends tu? What makes you think this will change. Being the fearless leader of the FLA just won’t cut should he decide to run again, but yet on the other hand, he has nothing to lose as his blind followers will support him financially. **s**

  42. Go Howard Go. It’s about time we shove back a bit. I will be there and I am from Russell where our goofy council forced the bilingual sign by-law. I don’t want French on my sign because I don’t speak the language and am not in the least bit interested in promoting the language.

  43. Once again, as on many occasions, Stella, you are wrong; Howard Galgonov is not the leader of LFA-YOU infact wrote FLA
    Which is French Language Act.
    Please, if you are to throw your perceived views, at least be informed properly; your credibility is already at near non existence.
    Hence I chose not to correspond to your misinformed/propaganda statements.

    Have a good day, Stella,
    Oh ya
    Demand a referendum, Canadians.

  44. Howard Galganov ran against Conservative Guy Lauzon in a recent federal election and was massacred. Secondly, one reason I have found this Summer that Quebec is a great place to vacation, is that Galganov and his kind left the province due to lack of support.

  45. So now the figure is 17.4 billion dollars…wow. a referendum for what ? To provide services in french to canadians that request it… true figure is less then 1 % of the budget… why are you bitching about less then 1 % of the budget. Howard wasn’t welcome in hudson Québec because he’s a disturber….he likes to provoke and to disrupt .. why else would he move to eastern ontario. Provocation. Heck, he rented an office space to give himself legitimacy in his complaint in russell. Is he oppressed ..NOPE, he’s fully bilingual, is he destitute…nope..why else would he do it. And when is he going to pay back the taxpayers for his waste courts time… come on howy …cut a check. Or ask more sheep to give you donations.

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