Justin Trudeau Begins The Red Run – Leadership Announcement in Papineau – HD VIDEO –

CFN – A lovely October evening in Papineau, a lower income riding in Montreal with many new Canadians and immigrants living there.

Justin Trudeau & his wife Sophie Gregoire arrive!

It felt more like a coronation than an leadership announcement and certainly was no surprise.

Mrs. Trudeau introduces the man she loves!

The room was packed with faces from many creeds and cultures and lots of media.    I’m not sure what to make of it, but mostly it was about Justin Trudeau, his not so secret weapon in wife Sophie Grégoire, an amazing speech and of course the thought if this truly was an historic night.

The speech had it all. It covered the bases.   It took some nice swipes at Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper, but it really spelled out what could be Justin Trudeau’s game plan which is to capture the huge pools of Canadians that don’t vote; chiefly young people.

It’s a dream that could be a reality as Mr. Trudeau will surely play much stronger with youth and women voters.   He’ll play really well in Quebec too I imagine; something that apparently had the NDP on the war path on social media last night.

But like an athlete that moves up to the pros from amateur Justin Trudeau will now have to face the full heat of the Stephen Harper hate machine.

He’ll have to tangle with Thomas Mulcair who probably would’ve done better in the boxing ring that that silly Conservative Senator.

But Justin Trudeau’s biggest obstacle to pulling off a huge political turn around for the Liberal Party of Canada.   The party of his father; will be the party itself.

Will Liberals pull together finally after being humiliated in the last election?   Will there be petty jealousy and infighting?   Have the “old liberals” finally lost their grasp and control and will Justin’s team be able to pull them together.

Terry DiMonte on Justin Trudeau

This time will tell as Justin starts his Red Run.

Part 2

The Media Scrum

We will be adding video clips as they are loaded.

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  1. Just a short couple of years ago, probably the last federal election, I would have hailed this day as a great moment in history. Unfortunately now I see the Liberal Party as the creator of this separatist mess that Canada is currently enduring. They have given in to the PQ separatists demands every time the Liberal Party was in power and has led to language discrimination and increased threats of separation. The NDP who have their power based in Quebec would not be able to represent the rest of Canada any better.

    I don’t think the Conservative Party represents all of Canada either. Their base is the west and have very little time for anything that is east of Manitoba. I don’t believe that at present we truly have a Federal party which represents all of Canada equally. This national form of regionalism will lead to the end of Canada as we know it.

    Canada needs a non-partisan hero to unite the country once again, but unfortunately I don’t think one exists.

  2. Great coverage, Jamie. Justin is fresh air for the Canadians who preferred a Harper minority government, rather than what we have. Alberta now exports dirty meat as well as dirty oil, and the minister responsible for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is too chicken to appear in the House of Commons this week to face the music.
    Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz, a Saskatchewan MP, is missing in action.

  3. Beware… Beware…

    I hear Justin is starting his run out west somewhere. Pay attention Westerners. He will be tossing around phrases that include the mention of “the charter of rights and freedoms.” Just remember that whenever Justin mentions anything to do with the “charter of rights and freedoms” it is with his father oh so ominous slant put on it which favors the French and their efforts to continue the Frenchification of Canada. There can be little doubt that he will follow “his fathers master plan”


    as I am sure he is VERY aware of it. And you folk in the west must be aware that even though it has not affected you to a great degree YET, it will eventually if it isn’t stopped. So, don’t wait till that final moment when it’s too late. Just think of the kafuffle that was caused when the stampede (YES, the western Calgary stampede) tried to remove the French parts from the National anthem. They bitched and whined and raised hell till Calgary actually apologized then put the French parts back in. That was just a small example of the kind of “French push” you, and all of Canada, will eventually be facing if we don’t all pull together and realize that THERE IS AN ULTIMATE AGENDA.

  4. Here we have another Quebec hoeful looking to lead the liberal party

    How will he achieve his goals? The liberlals have historically kept power based on the middle class. Considering we really don’y have amiddle class anymore, how wil Justin acomplish better employment , better education and better care for our aging?

    These are part of his campaign speech….how will he accomplish it and who will pay for it….and how much will he give to Quebec to win the election?

  5. I like the idea of getting more people out to vote, I just hope they can make an informed choice that will aid all of Canada. Maybe a program when entering the voting place like a live theater has.

    We can not afford more programs, so it will be interesting to see what Trudeau and the others can bring to the table leading up to the leadership crowning.

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