The Healing Powers of Coffee: A Book Review & Contest by Reg Coffey – October 4, 2012


 CFN  – OK, I’ll have to admit right out that there is a lot of motivated self interest in reviewing this book. It is my goal in life to introduce my little part of the world, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties in South Eastern Ontario, to the great flavour and healthy benefits of fresh roasted coffee. When I read about this book on a coffee professional discussion group on I just had to get it.


The target audience of this book is for the average coffee consumer. It is just full of interesting facts about the healthy benefits of drinking coffee and why it should be considered a “Superfood”. The author also writes about her personal experiences with coffee throughout her life and includes quite a number of recipes where coffee is used as an ingredient. There are a number of factoids about coffee listed throughout the book covering everything from the history of coffee to home remedies and household uses of coffee grounds.


I found the book to be an interesting and easy read but I have to take exception to a couple of things the author included in the book. The first one is the entire chapter on flavoured coffee……yuck. As a coffee professional and coffee purest I shiver at the thought of adding artificial flavours to my coffee beans. If you insist on adding flavour then the only way to do it should be in the form of alcohol, i.e. whiskey, brandy, Tia Maria, Bailey’s, …..well, you get the idea.


The second item is the whole concept of a COFFEE ENEMA. While there are some people out there that the very act of drinking coffee makes it an enema, this is not something that I want to even think about. Coffee should go in one way and out the other and it flows downhill, but that’s just my humble opinion.


Book Contest


The wonderful publishers of the Healing Powers of Coffee, Kensington Publishing Corporation, have provided me with 4 free books to give away. In order to win one of these informative and very readable books you must answer all of the questions listed below. The questions were provided by the author, Cal Orey, but I have added one of my own.


The rules are the first 4 people to answer all of the questions correctly will be presented with a copy of The Healing Powers of Coffee. If no one gets all of the questions right then the first 4 to get the most correct will win, but the last question must be correct or you are disqualified. You can email your answers to me directly at



It’s the beverage we can’t live without—yet few consume it without some guilt. But the wonderful truth is that coffee has abundant health benefits.  It’s time coffee’s bad rap is debunked. Start by taking our coffee lovers’ quickie, eye-opening quiz—straight from The Healing Powers of Coffee: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Surprising Superfood–to discover more reasons why coffee is the “newest” health food.

Wake Up to the Amazing Perks of Coffee!

1. According to legend, an Ethiopian goat herder was the first to discover the energizing benefits of the coffee bean plant centuries ago.  YES or NO

2. Drinking freshly ground coffee from whole beans can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. YES or NO

3. Coffee is the number 1 source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet. YES or NO

4. Coffee can relieve a host of ailments, including fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, and a lackluster libido. YES or NO

5. A cup of joe can help you slim down and shape up! Its caffeine provides extra energy to help you exercise (burning calories and boosting metabolism at rest), curb your appetite, stimulate water loss, and keep you regular for a flatter belly. YES or NO

6. Coffee can boost longevity in conjunction with a healthful diet and lifestyle. YES or NO

7. Decaf has 20 percent less antioxidants than caffeinated coffee but it still has health perks. YES or NO

8. Java juice has more fiber than OJ. That means, coffee can help lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol, lessening the risk of developing heart disease. YES or NO

9. Women say that drinking coffee “is a good way to relax,” while men indicate that coffee “helps them get the job done.” YES or NO

10. While antioxidants are the health perk of coffee, its caffeine can help remedy a headache, pain, hangover, and even poor handwriting. YES or NO

11. Who is the best coffee roaster in the entire SD&G area. Please answer with a name only.

Remember, email me with your answers at and I will contact the winners and make arrangements for them to collect their books.

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  1. I just heard from Cal Orey. She says that men don’t favor flavoured coffees but women do.

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