Letter to the Editor – Cory Cameron asks if Bilingual Nurses are Necessary? Southern US numbers.

I have been a regular contributor for the last half year now, writing ‘Letters to the Editor’ to various Cornwall media on the Language Debate that seems to have anchored itself within the City of Cornwall; especially in regards to government hiring practices.  There are those of us who have outlined and made aware to the public at large how Canada’s laws such as the French Language Services Act (FLSA) and Official Languages Act (OLA), have allowed for a hiring atmosphere that greatly favours a minority French speaking populace to the detriment of all other applicants.


As a Board member and supporter of Cornwall’s Language Fairness for All (LFA) Group, I have taken part in protests around the city and sought to bring about public awareness to unfair government hiring policies.  Some of my ‘Letters to the Editor’ have generated tens to hundreds of responses from both supporters of equality in hiring policies to those who currently embrace the status quo.  It is the latter reason for which I have embarked on this project and decided to write this piece.  I have tasked myself with answering the following:  Can any legitimacy be generated by the hiring of a 100% bilingual Nurse force?


We have seen over these past few months an increase in Language tensions and Human Rights Issues within not only the locale of Cornwall, but outside the greater outlying areas as well including Russel Township and South Stormont.  Outside of the Province of Ontario, there have also been protests in Moncton, New Brunswick and most recently in Montreal Quebec on the eve of the latest Parti Quebecois victory.


I wanted to take the time and effort with this submission to try and examine the issue from another angle.  I wanted to instead focus this issue of language fairness in regards to hiring not on the CCH or the Montfort (which most of us have already written and commented on) but on hospitals located within the territory of our Southern neighbours, the United States.  Because of the nursing protests in Cornwall, I tasked myself in examining this issue in the hiring of full-time nurses to the exclusion of all other government civil servants for use as a comparison.  As part of the research of this project, I chose to contact representatives of hospitals in the three states of New Mexico, California and Texas, incidentally, continental states with the three largest percentages of Spanish-speaking people.  For the benefit of the readers of this article, the state of New Mexico has a Spanish-speaking population of 823,352 or 43.27% of the total percentage population of that state, California has a Spanish-speaking population of 12,442,626 or 34.72% of the total percentage population of that particular state and Texas has a Spanish-speaking population of 7,781,211 or 34.63% of the total percentage population of that state. (Taken from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_language_in_the_United_States


I contacted representatives from hospitals including UNM (University New Mexico) Hospitals Human Resources and Nurse Recruiting Departments of Albuquerque, New Mexico, UC San Diego Health System, La Jolla and Hillcrest Human Resources and Nurse Recruiting Departments as well as Texas Children’s Hospital Human Resources and Nurse Recruiting Departments.  All representatives indicated to me that in no uncertain terms does the lack of knowledge of a language, ANY Language, prohibit the choosing of a successful candidate.

A cursory examination of the ‘Careers’ section of the above hospital’s websites gives us a few clues as to how the issue of language is worked out within these institutions and how the Spanish speaking people are serviced.  For instance, the UNM website has a very efficient and detailed section on their website,http://hospitals.unm.edu/language/ that provides information on Spanish language interpretation services available to those who have little to no understanding of the English language.  (In other words, because of this service, there is no need to have a 100% bilingual staff rate – especially in regards to nurses.  Of the three hospitals listed above, not a single nursing job (either full or part time) listed online within their institutions as of Tuesday October 16, 2012, required the knowledge of the Spanish Language as a requirement for ANY of their nursing positions.


So, we need to ask ourselves, why is it that our hospitals insist upon demanding that in order to work as a nurse full-time, you need to be proficient in French – let alone advanced French?  The sky doesn’t seem to be falling on our Southern neighbours with their nursing employment policies…


Something doesn’t quite add up here.


And I haven’t even tackled the issue of other civil service jobs yet in regards to language.  The key word being yet.

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  1. Good concept Cory and GREAT INITIATIVE as well.
    As for your question … “So, we need to ask ourselves, why is it that our hospitals insist upon demanding that in order to work as a nurse full-time, you need to be proficient in French – let alone advanced French?”

    I believe the VERY sad and exceedingly unfortunate answer to this question incorporates a bigger picture that we Canadians MUST accept, come to terms with and also actually to do something about. THAT bigger picture IS — The irrefutable FACT that this country was hijacked some years ago by a brilliant forward thinking strategist who, with the help of a small tactical group of hand picked “bedfellows” was able to supplant his future dream into the political core of this country so that those “future dream seedlings” would create a solid foundation that would then sprout and generate their own root system which ultimately, some 30 years later, would grow into the vision that this imaginative thinker had back when he first put these policies (or seedlings, if you will) into place.

    This is not as far fetched as it may seem on the surface. Remember, if one has the right people in the right places it would not be that difficult to subsequently gain control of strategic areas of an organization, a business or even a country for that matter. IE: Control of the legislature, control of the parliament, control of the various government departments and even ultimately, as a result of control of the legal system, control of the laws themselves that were enacted throughout those years.

    We are now beginning to see the fruits of “those seedlings” that were planted so many years ago. And, the fact that such a small minority (maybe 4-8 %) are indeed running most of the government departments and determining most of the policies that come from those government departments in this country, offers an element of proof, and is also a direct testament to this fact.

    So in the end, the problem is, we are asking “OURSELVES” the question, “why is there a need to be proficient in French to work in this country” and — “THE OURSELVES” — we end up asking this question to are actually the controlling French minority “THEMSELVES”.

    This minority is NOW IN TOTAL CONTROL of the “province” of Quebec, and if nothing is done, will eventually be in TOTAL control of the rest of Canada as well.

  2. Have to say thank you to Cory Cameron, for his most amazing letter. It was really helpful to have the American example and statistics, on providing minority language services.

    Canada could follow the US example or institute our very own solution to the Liberal boondoggle of all times…Official Bilingualism. First of all, English Canadians should forego any politicians from Liberal Party of Toronto and Quebec.

    Next, believe that “national toll free 24/7 call centers”, could: easily, effectively, efficiently and most of all inexpensively provide translation services to Canadians.

    In fact, we could provide say the top ten languages of Canada with language translation services. The cost savings would be astronomical and would allow a re-direct of funds/monies to social programs that benefit ALL Canadian citizens and not just the French minority.

    This is not an anti-French comment…it is a little Canadian Common Sense into language policies that discriminate against the English majority.

    Time for a National Referendum, on the subject of Official Bilingualism!

  3. @Cory

    you may wish to check out the video: http://youtu.be/pvt4VfviLpE

    you may also wish to check out the US English website.

    among the organization’s goals is to minimize the risk of dividing the USA along linguistic lines and to avoid problems identified in Canada

  4. Congratulations to Cory Cameron for an excellent research effort that clearly demonstrates the fallacy of the need for forced bilingualism not only in a hospital setting but anywhere in Canada.

    Forced language requirements that are prejudicial and unfair to citizens that are supposed to be, “the equal to each other before and under the law,” in democratic countries such as ours used to be, will destroy and are destroying our democracy of free people.

    When the Bob Rae socialists were in power in Ontario, their attempt to give preference in hiring to visible minorities was fought by a coalition of groups including several of my organizations. Fortunately the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario agreed with us and when elected his government repealed the Employment Equity Act of Ontario (the name itself being an insidious statement implying fairness but in fact was totally unfair and prejudicial to the vast majority of Ontario’s population). We are still the only province with no such law in force.

    Once groups of citizens allow their leaders to break the basic principles underlying our English derived Rule of Law, they and our courts will continue to break our laws whenever it profits them to do so.

    We are in language-cultural war not of our making, as well explained by edudyorlik’s comment; except that we are ultimately responsible for letting our leaders get away with their machinations. PM Pearson started the ball rolling but PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau launched the war in full exactly as he and his French Canadien gang planned long before anyone ever heard of Mr. Trudeau. It was a plan well explained in the book, The Young Trudeau, by Max and Monique Nemni.

    This is a war, and will lead to a civil war if the Harper CPC government does not get to it and reverse the damage, instead of contributing to it. Again congratulations to Cory for a great contribution to the fight.

  5. Cory,

    Thanks for a fantastic letter .
    You have taken a considerable amount of time to do the research into the subject ,and you should be commended for it.

    Now with Ontario as 3.8-4.2% francophone population (keeping in mind that french is the 10th most spoken tongue in Ontario) why must in Cornwall government hiring provincially be 50+ % ,federally 65%

    Why must federal government be 65% francophone (bilingual)?
    Why must BC with 1.85% francophone population have 45% government hiring bilingual ?

    Disgusting to see that our government discriminates against its people the 96% on Ontarian’s for that 4% .

    For fairness to the equation the government should hire proportionately as in REPRESENTATION BY POPULATION!

    When considering inter provincial workers between Quebec and Ontario in Ottawa area:
    13000 people cross over from Ottawa to Quebec daily to work.
    49000 people cross over from Quebec to Ottawa daily to work.

    So why the grossly disproportionate numbers -BECAUSE OF BILINGUALISM Hires in government.

  6. That’s right soc its government policies that divide the people .

    “among the organization’s goals is to minimize the risk of dividing the USA along linguistic lines and to avoid problems identified in Canada”

    This exactly what is happening in Canada .

    If government must apply the policies of bilingual hires -the very most and fairly so it should be representation by population.

    At this point francophone representation has been grossly over represented for many years :21% does not equal 65%.

  7. Thanks, Cory for a very well written letter and for the time spent on this research on languages outside of Canada. This letter should be sent to every politians across Canada; to learn of better ideas of how to handle these language issues, and get rid of the policies that are now in place.

  8. Way to go Cory! Yes, the U.S. does have it right!

    If you look at bilingualism in eastern Ontario, yes it is higher than the big 4% in Ontario. The fact of the matter is, if you view the stats reported by Cornwall, you will see that a mere 995 or 1.74% of people are French Only! Certainly by far not enough reason to justify 60-100% biilingual staffing!!!!! What an illusion!!!!!!


    We need more intelligent people like you to continue to fight for what is right and basic common sense/fairness!

    Thanks Cory!

  9. @Soc October 21, 2012 at 9:20 am
    WOW !!! Amazing… WOW !!!

    GREAT post Soc. This is a great video. EVERYONE who has ANY interest — either way — in this language issue SHOULD watch this video.

    video: http://youtu.be/pvt4VfviLpE

    It PERFECTLY articulates just about all of the main issues with regard to this topic.

    Important to mention that Mauro E. Mujica even implicates Canada as an example of how language issues can “DIVIDE a country.”

    Quotes from Mr. Mujica.
    “I knew very well I was going to live in an English speaking country and had no doubt in my mind that I had a civic duty to learn the common language of the country.”
    “Language is a powerful factor in human society just as it has the power to unit it has the power to divide.”

  10. @ Highlander RE: the stats you posted.

    “When considering inter provincial workers between Quebec and Ontario in Ottawa area:
    13000 people cross over from Ottawa to Quebec daily to work.
    49000 people cross over from Quebec to Ottawa daily to work.”

    A trip into downtown Ottawa in the morning, or out of downtown Ottawa in the late afternoon gives total credence to these numbers. And, having lunch (which I have done on many occasions) in say, one of the cafeteria’s in the Tunnies Pasture complex area will not only clearly prove these numbers as well but, will also show anyone participating in such an excursion that “within most of the city of Ottawa’s government offices” one is COMPLETELY inundated and immersed within not just French workers but also the French language as everyone, from the cafeteria staff, to the patrons and on over to the cleaners in those cafeteria’s — is speaking French ONLY. — And, one is literally isolated and focused on if one has the gall to be speaking English.

    Hey look folks. Two reasonably short posts by yorlik 🙂

  11. We have been conned.

    According to the historian, John T. Saywell, the mandate for the B&B Commission of inquiry was very imprecise:

    “The terms of reference were deceptive; indeed many observers felt them to be too narrow, pointing out that the dimensions of the problem transcended what seemed to be the narrow confines of a survey of Bilingualism and Biculturalism….The Commissioners felt they had been called upon to refashion the state, and not just its framework but its foundations.

    They made it clear in their first working paper that they were really less concerned with the narrow aspects of the Bilingualism and Biculturalism question than with the idea of equal partnership, which they described as the mainspring (l’idée-force) of the Commission and noted with some relish that (unlike even the Rowell-Sirois Commissioners) they were not even limited by the terms of the constitution“.

    (under Biography / Administrative history)

  12. Sure lolochuck, 995 unilingual french, forget about the other 30percent that express that are french and english speaking. Since, they gave a crap and learned both official languages, that means you don’t have to. You guys want it both ways. You want Québec to be bilingual and Ontario and every other province to remain unlingual. Also, you blame everything on language. You guys have been reading and listening to the G too much. Highlander has seems to make people lose their sense of logic.

  13. Thank you Dick Field,

    Many agree if Canada continues on her path of forced bilingualism yes civil war may entail.

    Our politicians no longer willing to listen to its people we need not look far in this MR.GUY LAUZON willing to bring up abortion debate.
    But showing up at South Stormont for standing up to respect the charter’s “Freedom of Expression” was too sensitive of an issue….ahhhhh really?
    I guess talk of abortion is not sensitive to him?

    Thankful he won’t run next election but he already has damaged his party ,myself and many conservatives will not vote for them next time around….their finished .

  14. Richard tremblay said:

    ” You want Québec to be bilingual and Ontario and every other province to remain unlingual”

    Sorry Richard opposite of that is happening now ,Quebec unilingual French and push in the rest of canada for french.
    Yet you chastise us ,two wrongs do not make a right!

    Do you not realize what you wrote ,you are chatising us for what YOUR Quebec already does.


    Oh by the way its 22% not 30%..

  15. Yes, when one language culture tries to convert another language culture; There is opportunities for assimilation and for resistance. I do remember being the only English speaking family attending a French only primary school system. I was somewhat assimilated (Je parle francais) but I also experienced many many conflicts including some extremely violent confrontations. Yes, there is still a basic tribal war between our two languages whereas both are seeking dominance over each other while forsaking tolerance.

    Trudeau implemented the War Measures Act during the 1970 October Crisis to calm the tribal language wars. Fear of the government has kept this issue quietly simmering in our respective cultures. Yes, Trudeau also implemented an assimilation strategy by infiltrating and converting our governmental laws in favouring the French language culture at the expenses of the English language people. Retaliation is starting to boil. Cornwall is becoming a flash point.

    Yes, this subject is far too much of a political sensitive issue for Mr. Guy Lauzon to engage in. As a French – English bilingual individual, he is stuck on the battle front and must adhere to his fascist political Conservative party policy. We know that the socialist Liberals introduces this social engineering policy and that the socialist NDP party believe that resistance is futile.

    As a member of the Libertarian Party of Canada, please allow me to present our political party position on this issue. I have extracted am posting directly from our party’s website.

    “Official Languages
    We call for the repeal of the Official Languages Act, and any other legislation compelling individuals to use certain languages. We believe that the federal government should provide services in English, French, or any other language provided that the costs of such services are borne by the individuals requesting them.”

    If you wish to have any government or private market services or goods such as medical care delivered to you in Spanish; Please feel free to obtain satisfaction to your request at your own expense. Coercing a language upon the non-consenting people only leads to rebellions. We must learn to tolerate each other without infringing upon each others’ language culture to avoid another violent war among us peoples.

  16. Darcy Neal,

    Well said .

    Cornwall is the flashpoint,this only promises to get bigger.
    You can say the buck starts here!!!!

    Perhaps the Libertarian Party of Canada is valid choice as the existing parties prefer to avoid these tougher issues.

    Darcy thanks for posting your views.

  17. I hear that Pee-Wee Herman will be in Cornwall in January to deliver a speech at the library about language fairness and such. Pee-Wee is a strong advocate for English supremacy in North America, so let’s all get behind him and attend this public event.

  18. Canadians would never elect a government that promised to repeal the Official Languages Act. Improve it? Sure. Repeal it? Not a chance.

  19. @Darcy Neal RE: October 21, 2012 at 6:35 pm POST
    Hello Darcy, the English re certainly happy to welcome you and any extra members of the Libertarian Party of Canada http://www.libertarian.ca/ who wish to lend their numbers and their support to the important cause of striving, once again, towards a fair and equitable Canada. Maybe we can count on you and your members showing up at our next “act of activism” rally.
    So, in the spirit of mutual understanding and moving towards this common goal together I would like to note one important detail about your statement.

    Darcy wrote, “both are seeking dominance over each other while forsaking tolerance.”

    I believe the record speaks for itself and it is simply NOT the case AT ALL that “both” are seeking dominance. As a matter of fact part of the main reason why the English majority of this country find themselves in this quagmire at present is exactly the opposite. Yes, the very FACT THAT the English have conventionally NOT been the side of this situation to seek dominance at all while also being WAYYY too tolerant are the main reasons why things are the way they are today.

    You see, as far back as right after the British conquered the French on the Plains of Abraham the mantra was tolerance and not dominance. The British let the French survive and flourish. Then in the late 60’s when the English majority was “told” (later to realize they were actually conned) by our PM at that time, that the best way to show our tolerance and help our French compatriots feel they were part of this country was by adopting a policy that provided them with services in their own language within the Federal government. The English again DID NOT feel a need to be dominant, but rather a need to be tolerant so they agreed and went along with this concept. This, I venture a somewhat qualified guess, had something to do with a slight sense of communal guilt that was felt for having been the ones in power over those early years and thus realizing that it may not have been too pleasant for the French during that time. But, that’s just the way things were and credit where credit is due; at least there was that sense of guilt about it and an attempt to do the right thing after the fact.
    In any event, that gesture of tolerance was taken advantage of and the English, being the majority tax paying citizens of this country, now find themselves in a completely inequitable & dismal situation as a result.
    Lastly, one only has to look at the present situation and laws in the “province” of Quebec if one is interested in seeing which side is undeniably the “ONLY” side of this that is “intolerant” and is indeed the side “seeking dominance.”

    NOTE: The old, “we must do this to protect our language and culture” routine is no longer acceptable and in my humble opinion SHOULD NEVER have been acceptable at any time.

    In solidarity 🙂

  20. Cory;
    I had no doubt the USA wouldn’t discriminate by language, but thank-you for your hard work & research to prove the stupidity of Canada’s language laws.
    What’s really upsetting to me is North America is experiencing a nursing shortage & we are pushing our superbly trained nurses to the USA. BRAIN DRAIN!!!
    I look forward to hearing more from you on this subject-now if only our politicians would listen!
    Language should NEVER trump education & experience!!!!


    I just watched the US English video, thanks for sharing.

    I agree 100%- a common language unites a country!

    I will vote for a political party who supports this concept, the Conservatives have let US down!!!

  22. I would support CORY CAMERON for our nect MP.

    His interest is in BOTH official languages getting fair and equitable treeatment where numbers warrant,,,,,,,,,,,without first bankrupting our country…………

    I would vote also for the repeal of any federal or provincial expenses to stop PUSHING language issues………..as a public paid department………..

    Realize the bilions saved by requiring individuls ro take personal responsibility for their own language training just as they do for sciences, history and all other schooling….PERIOD

  23. Why does the french language not only get protection but preference?
    Why can french people maintain their own language?

    Why must the government spend 2.4 billion to propagate the french language at the same time alienate the rest of the languages ?
    If this is to save a dying language is that not up to its people to save it rather then the other cultures to pay for it?

    If its truly about saving a language what about the natives ,many languages on the brink of extinction there …and please they have been around for 10,000 years as apposed to as you say 400 years .

    But at last this is about ethnocentrism .

    French first right …..french first .

    I say we protect those native languages because they have been around for 10,000 years besides their language is truly nearly extinct.

    Let the french language people pay for their own protection.

  24. Communities had conditions in place to get along once upon a time that allowed people to stay and work in their communities and for those communities.

    A business was allowed to have signs that would help their customers.
    Insitutions like Hospitals and schools did not have to sign onto the Ontario French Language Services Act that guarantees funding if a “certain” level of French is maintained.

    So the common element here is government intervention! We need and deserve an audit of language related acts and laws for fairness, efficiency, actual need and costs, both human and monetary.

  25. Eric,
    “So the common element here is government intervention! We need and deserve an audit of language related acts and laws for fairness, efficiency, actual need and costs, both human and monetary.”

    fully agree -with measurable outcomes

    Government is the problem dividing the people.

  26. @Highlander RE: October 22, 2012 at 8:12 am POST

    Highlander asked…
    “Why does the french language not only get protection but preference?
    Why can french people maintain their own language?”

    And the answer is… The squeaky wheel… 😉

  27. @concerned citizen RE: 2 October 22, 2012 at 6:35 am POST
    concerned citizen said, “I will vote for a political party who supports this concept, the Conservatives have let US down!!!”

    Words of caution. Quebec has the NDP in their pockets and the Liberals and their “give it all to the French over the last 30-40 years” policies are the reason why we’re in this mess to begin with. Though i am NOT crazy about all of his policies, Harper is the only one who has stood up to the French in a few ways.

  28. Wow!

    I’m speechless as to the responses of my latest LTE! A big thank you to all who took the time in responding to this letter. I must admit, it was eye opening to see not one job on any of the hospital’s websites in the three States advertising for bilingual candidates.

    Folks, the question we must ask ourselves is why are these policies existing in the first place? It does seem very questionable as to why this takes place after all, right?

    Someone once said on this forum that Trudeau’s ghost is still haunting us. Well, I have to admit that after comparing nursing jobs; there is at least something to be said of why we require a 100% bilingual staffing rate within the full-time nursing profession. The Americans are doing great with Translation services; so why couldn’t we adopt such a system?

  29. “Protection” of the French language is a pile of baloney. It has been spoken for 400 years and thrived quiet well without any “protective” legislation. Today, in Canada, it’s the English language that needs protection even in English Canada. Our stupid politicians had been conned, manipulated, duped by French PMs from Quebec that dominated Canada in the 1960-2006. Now Anglos cannot even apply to work for their own government. Even private sector is being pushed into DENYING EMPLOYMENT to English-speakers, which is what “bilingualism” has become. It’s absurd what is going on in Canada!

  30. @Cory Cameron RE: October 22, 2012 at 10:51 am POST
    Cory wrote, “I’m speechless as to the responses of my latest LTE.”

    It was well deserved Cory. Good work.

    Cory wrote, “The Americans are doing great with Translation services; so why couldn’t we adopt such a system?”

    Agreed… Especially considering the tiny numbers that need such services.

    Also: If you haven’t had a chance to see the video that soc posted, it is an exceptional video and is worth a peek …

    It is important to note: The powers that be within the “province” of Quebec are VERY quick to LOUDLY and BOASTFULLY point out, and in no uncertain terms, “THERE HAS TO BE A COMMON LANGUAGE IN A COUNTRY.”
    Well, it’s time that Canada adopts this “province” of Quebec motif as well.

    To quote Mr. Mujica

    “Only a common tongue can bind together a nation.”

  31. Thanks Edudyorlik,

    There are untold millions to be saved in regards to having documents printed in one language as well. Translation services could be used through apps available for smart phones as well! (I can’t take credit for this idea). Think of the untold millions that could be saved JUST in translation of every document alone!

    This would free up money for the hiring of more nurses and equipment that our hospitals currently need.

    We need politicians that listen to us and not ones who follow/support their own causes or those of special interest groups.

  32. Indeed Cory. This is why i am very proud of the Mayor Mcgillis and deputy mayor Tammy Hart and of course the counsel in SS. There are WAYYYYY too few in public office that do what they are doing. Course, you and the LFA group are included as well. Building the numbers is key now. I am doing what i can on this end.

    In solidarity. 🙂

  33. We need to look at this realistically. There are changes that need to be made and not all of them require scraping the Official Languages Act or the French Languages Services Act. Advocating the elimination of one or both of those acts will NEVER get the support of any of the existing major parties. Sure, a ‘fourth’ party could be a vehicle for this, but a vehicle that will get you no where. Remember the CoR Party in Ontario? They had a similar party policy and in political terms they were a total flop, despite their blip in 1990. Even greater support isn’t enough. The Reform Party had a similar policy and all their political success did was divide the right. And these repeated failures only serve to push the agenda to the fringes in the eyes of many. An agenda of change on bilingualism could be crafted that could get the support of one or two of the major parties, federally and in Ontario, and therefore have a chance of real success. But there are those who crave a fight and discord more than they crave change and as long as they can push their agenda there will NEVER be change.

  34. Great input John Macdonald.
    It has taken some 43 years to get to where we are, mostly because of small changes, a few laws, somewhat organized Francophone groups, a very willing government(s) and naysayers being called names or even threatened and backdown.

    Everyone, say this with me, I will not move, I will not have my kids go through this, I will not let seniors do without to pay special or one interest groups anymore!

  35. John Macdonald :

    It’s about government policy.

    We must respect the present policy of French services.

    But the Government must respect its citizens when implementing policy by providing at maximum “representation by population” with providing French language services .

    To hire above this only alienates its majority,of which the government clearly does ,at present Federal hires are 65%

    French is 21%,yet Gov bilingual classified(proficient) bilingual is
    significantly less :some experts believe to be as low10%.

    Therefore 1 in 10 are permitted to work for thier government
    Just in language classification.

    Should not all Canadians be treated Equal?

    Many people have advised CLF AND LFA of examples of where merit was surpassed by language.

    Merit should always be considered first ,otherwise what is the point of Education or experience?

  36. Eric responded “Great input John Macdonald.”

    — I COMPLETELY agree Eric. John M. did offer a step towards finding solutions which is indeed great input. We NEED solutions…

    Eric wrote, “It has taken some 43 years to get to where we are, mostly because of small changes, a few laws, somewhat organized Francophone groups, a very willing government(s) and naysayers being called names or even threatened and backdown.”

    — Brilliant reply Eric. I would like to expand on this. Many of those “ small changes” you mentioned that got “us” in the negative spot we are in now can be viewed as “nit picking” when “we” do them but, it is clear that when “they” did them throughout this evolution, their side not only did not view them as “nit picking” but actually viewed them as a shared endeavor towards an ultimate common goal. We should learn from this method and use the very same technique to move towards getting things back to a more fair and equitable level. This entails that we ALL take “EVERY” opportunity that becomes available to “push back.”

    See examples below.

  37. Examples:
    The Telus customer who took the time to write and say,

    “How is it that when I endeavor to make contact with your firm, all automated responses are in French, with English as an option. What on earth is going on? In case you people haven’t noticed, Ottawa is an overwhelmingly English-speaking city and Ontario is certainly all-but English-speaking, with only small pockets of French-language.

    Another example is,
    A man in a grocery store noticed that, as a result of shelf stocking staff being French, the food items at his Ontario store were mostly stacked with the French facing out to the consumer. He politely mentioned this to the store manager and added, “this will determine whether I continue to shop at that particular store.” Some other shoppers overheard the man then they themselves were overheard saying, “that’s true. It has been getting on my nerves also for a good while now, we’re not in Quebec here.”

    These things MAY NOT seem like they accomplish much but imagine for a moment if EVERY English person who comes across these types of examples were to call, write or speak with the floor manager about these issues. It would likely amount to a series of those “small changes” you spoke about Eric and ultimately EVERYONE would becomes much more aware of the “English FACT” in this province and more importantly IN THIS COUNTRY. Keeping in mind however, when bringing these things to the attention of those in charge, politeness is paramount but, keep in mind, a healthy sense that your position is valid and reasonably warranted also.

  38. Well said Highlander, and I would add.

    @John Macdonald RE: October 22, 2012 at 10:31 pm POST
    John Macdonald wrote, “Sure, a ‘fourth’ party could be a vehicle for this, but a vehicle that will get you no where.”

    That was then and this is now. People were NOT ready for a “fourth party” back in the day as things had not affected enough Canadian citizens at that time. BUT NOW… A large majority of unilingual English speaking tax paying citizens of this country are being DIRECTLY affected and ARE seeing those government jobs ONLY going to the French.

    As a result THEY ARE FED UP with this concept. The timing is such that a “fourth party” offering a more level playing field while recognizing the English majority of this country in just the right way would likely be MUCH better received NOW.

    Most people I speak to about this say, “yeah, if someone came along and flat out said it, “enough of these across the board bilingual concepts in every inch of this country. It is expensive and NOT necessary. I WILL re-set the pendulum and offer the French their services in the Federal government and in areas where it is warranted by the numbers.”

    I believe that in today’s climate, the majority English speaking voters of this country

  39. edudyorlik, we should contact Jean Serge Brisson in Russell. He has ties to the Libertarian Party and therefor have a network already in place.
    A goal should be to bring ideas to the population and get people talking from grass roots upwards over time for real change.

    Speaking of bilingual packaging, Metro with stores all over Ont & Que provide many quality products from or packaged in Quebec. The issue with that in Ontario, it is often French first which would be against the Federal Idenity Program, if it was a federal program not private business. Giant Tiger even has bread with French first.

    You are right, it does look like small potatoes and nit picking.

  40. Eric ,

    “You are right, it does look like small potatoes and nit picking.”

    Now when its the french groups are doing this IT’S ABOUT RIGHTS ……WHERE ARE YOUR RIGHTS.

    When one group group gains rights it is at the loss of the remaining others.

    edudyorlik ,

    ” Brilliant reply Eric. I would like to expand on this. Many of those “ small changes” you mentioned that got “us” in the negative spot we are in now can be viewed as “nit picking”

    YES by the fracorights groups this would be considered “nit picking ”


    “when bringing these things to the attention of those in charge, politeness is paramount but, keep in mind, a healthy sense that your position is valid and reasonably warranted also.”


  41. @Eric
    That “MAY” be an avenue to take. I don’t know a great deal about the libertarian party but, any party to succeed would have to be something akin to say, the Liberals but with less leanings towards handing over any more of this country and it’s power base to the French.
    As for Metro and the bread at Giant Tiger. You are right and this is where that story i wrote about came from.
    Have you checked out my YouTube page Eric? Have a peek and leave me a message there. (just click on my handle 🙂
    Yes, seems like nit picking but, it is still attacking the virus with the right medicine, only in small doses at any one time.

  42. Never say “never”, John Macdonald. The times have changed. Completely. Canadians realized they have been conned. This policy is dishonest, disrespectful and grossly unfair to Anglos and to English Canada. Official Bilingualism went too far with the 1982, 1988 and 2005 amendments to OLA.

    If OLA is to change, the only change I would support is either:
    1) reverse it back to the 1969 original intention – service to the public where numbers warrant; or
    2) establish “territorial bilingualism” (French in Quebec, English in the ROC).

    Otherwise, scrap it altogether. Quebec did. Both solitudes will rejoice.

  43. Pavel: Thank you.

    Canada would in fact get along quite well with Quebec if she/we did separate into two solitudes.

    Just think of the millions of dollars Quebec is saving by eliminating english from its society.

    Of course it is a ‘blind reasoning’ as we have seen in the loss of english business moves to alternate provinces.

    Now, since English is the world’s business language of choice, wouldn’t the rest of Canada be far better off if they dispensed with any ‘forced frenchification,………in fact, billions of dollars.

    Tensions would ease as we would all talk the same ‘English’ language in all provincial legislaters, all public paid jobs in hospitals, health units as these already are required to speak English are they not. Therefore duplicity of speak and paper costs would NOT be required would they.

    No more need for the FPP, French Policy Police bitching, taking pictures, or even rediculous law suits for mis-speaks or signage on our trains, planes and autobuses or what will be coming, no need for duplications of retail advertising flyer and internal signage costs on products for sale. Better bottom lines for these guys.

    So much more can be accomplished over and above the demanding stress’s the francophonies are putting on themselves as well as the rest of the country.

    I rest my case and again Pavel, I thank you for yours’ and all other like minded thinkers who are brave enough to say enough is enough.

    We MUST resolve for the people to determine what they want and need, NOT arrogant, spend thrifters who’ve adopted a road to ruin.

  44. Hey, if we are looking for a common sense hard worker for equitable justification regarding the french/English questions to run on that principle via the Libraterian Party How about this party have a chat with

    Chris Cameron. I’d vote for common sense, wouldn’t you?

    Mute point by the way, for those who question the capitalisation of french and English, be aware it is correctly and purposfully done as the french never capitalise language or country names, only the English do so. I’m open for any correction or restatement. Thanks.

  45. @Dukersi
    Dukersi said,”the french never capitalise language or country names.”

    That’s why… I get it now. I didn’t know that but generally figured it was an oversight. Interesting. Country names too eh. Like Franch would be france. Well, well.
    I’ve learn something new today. Guess that means i can sleep in tomorrow morning. Thanks for that.

  46. Hey edudyorlik, nice shot/s, or tanks whichever, just like everybody knows English is backwads spoke according to the french and French is spoke backwards to english hey.

    Maybe this is all whys to some but non to more.

    Like possessives in french are/is to what adjectives are/is to the English. Tell me more, tell me more.

    No wonder all our conjunctives and protons are cracking like atoms. Chaos, fractured. Makes one wonder why the E.U. is open borders and we want closed ones aye.

    Nice to be young over their cause no need for passports to go from france to Switzerland to Italy to Germany……spreading all those multi culturals around works there (or does it), guess thats why the 4 pillars of P.E.I. gang pushed french down our throats two to three generations early and decided to use Anglo money for our own pleasures.

  47. Duckers….don’t waste your vote. CC is from the same mold as the big g and look what happened to him…..

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