Silent Hill Revelation Review by Liam Morgan Sinclair-Dempster – November 2, 2012

CFN – I was confused by the appearance of this movie. I could not quite remember the 2006 movie and all I could remember was the girl screaming Silent hill like a psychopath and it sucking. HARD. I hated it, and this was before I had started playing the games. It got me into the games just to know what a good silent hill story was like and I learned many things. One of them was that a movie adaptation of a video games is not allowed to get away with being judged as anything but of the franchise. Simply because it was meant to be a Silent Hill or Resident Evil move, and therefore it is meant to be judged along side it video game counterparts.

I had to say this because I was torn between Revelations as a Silent Hill movie and as a horror movie taking place in a creepy demonic town.

Now to start with the actual movie, and to start with those gems galled good moments in movies. Revelations is ripe with these, it has a amazing atmosphere and a good cast. However, it takes a bit to get going and if you havent walked out by the time they reach the actual town it becomes a awesomely terrifying experience.

The atmosphere is something I truly love about Silent hill in general. Silent hill is not a jump scare type of experience and it seems like it took the movie a bit to catch on to this. However once it did it worked very well. Aided by amazingly disturbing imagery it makes you feel alone and scared. These moments in the movie are pant wettingly well done. Unfortunately this is balanced by some silly moments and the jump scares at the beginning are draining, and the outside of silent hill imagery can be less than frightening.

The acting is pretty good, save for a few times lines were always delivered full of emotion and depth. Sean Bean in his little bit on screen does portray Harry Mason very well as a father willing to do anything for his daughter. Sharon is another role that is also portrayed well, her devotion for her father making you go along with every dumb decision she makes because damnit we feel for her. The investigator role fell behind and the love interest felt forced but luckily they barely even looked at that. The cult members need not mention, the cardboard cut outs they are, but the monsters were another moment for soiling.

I will not spoil the plot, but I was surprised to find out two days after seeing the movie that it was a sequel. I honestly had no idea and just thought it was a re-imagining of the game with a neat role reversal. Remember, I did not remember the movie from six years ago. But, again, it is a good thing. It feels less like a betrayal and more like a re-imagining of the first game. It stood by itself well for me. Something I want to drill into your heads, because I despise failed game adaptations (Like Resident Evil but don’t even get me started!), so it took a lot for this movie to impress me.

Well, my reviewing tea is running out so I will bring this to a close. A very impressive movie by itself and a well done re-imagining of Silent Hill (I am in denial).

I give it a 8/10 Candy Wrappers instead of popcorn bags in the halloween spirit.

Oh ya, and Pyramid head and the Sexy Nurses are in, stop complaining and enjoy the climactic battle.

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I am not some big type hot shot reviewer, who believes his opinions are better than anyone else’s.


I just want to give a view to a movie from a young fan viewpoint. I’m just a guy, saying what a guy thinks of a movie. The average Joe’s review you could call it. I just want people to understand that a movie can be enjoyable, and bad, or good, and not.

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