Freedom isn’t Free: South Glengarry Ontario Council Booed for not showing Courage

Human rights activist Howard Galganov reminded South Stormont Council that Freedom isn't free - called for their courage to respect Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Freedom isn't Free - Council booed for not standing up
South Glengarry Council – decision to respect Charter of Rights & Freedoms DEFERRED

CFN – To many, Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 will long be remembered as the day that an Eastern Ontario township Council (South Stormont) took a strong stand in support of Canadians’ inalienable right to freedom of expression. Why was that necessary? Language rights activist Howard Galganov will tell you it was essential to push back because in June an Ontario Court of Appeal judge ruled that, even though Russell Township’s forced bilingual sign law clearly violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is permissible to infringe on some of these rights in order to promote the agenda of some French language activists. Russell was the fourth Eastern Ontario township to adopt such a practice that dictates that all commercial signs be in French and English, even if the customers speak neither of those languages and without regard to need nor cost.

Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson are in the process of a Supreme Court challenge to that ruling. However, Galganov is not putting all of his eggs in one basket. One township at a time he is working to get the remaining 440 Ontario townships not to infringe upon these inalienable (God-given) and Charter rights. Tuesday was South Glengarry’s turn to answer the challenge. The answer? We’ll deal with it at the next meeting.

M.P. Guy Lauzon flanked by LFA and CLF supporters

Galganov did not miss the opportunity to remind his audience that our M.P. Guy Lauzon declined Galganov’s request to join him in taking a stand in South Stormont because the matter is “too controversial.”

It’s not o.k.! … If we wait for the politicians at the federal level, at the provincial level, we’ll be waiting for an awful long time. When a federal member of Parliament can’t stand up and say ‘I support freedom of expression; I support the Canadian Constitutional rights’, what’s to say!


158 Canadians have died fighting for the rights and freedoms of others [in Afghanistan] and we’re too frightened to fight for our own rights and freedoms here just by affirming our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Human rights activist Howard Galganov reminded South Glengarry Council that Freedom isn’t free – called for their courage to respect Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Galganov received a round of applause during his closing, when he requested of Council:

 If any of the Councillors, in this case, Mr. Bougie, would present the resolution, and at the same time, present a motion to have it voted on tonight, because if we can’t figure out whether we should stand for Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then let’s not have any vote ever.

Mayor Ian McLeod did acknowledge that this was not in accord with standard practice, but opened the floor to input from the councillors.

Councillor Frank Prevost expressed a desire that normal procedure of seeking input from administration be followed. He indicated that he was not opposed to the resolution, just not certain that it was necessary and wanted to give the two absent Council members further opportunity for input. The room resounded with boos in response.

Councillor Trevor Bougie gave his support to Prevost’s rationale.

A member of the audience asked that the resolution be read for their benefit just the same and was told that it was not available. Howard Galganov got to his feet and reminded Council that the CAO was indeed in possession of the resolution. CAO Derik Brandt did then acknowledge that he was in receipt of the resolution which was identical to the one passed by South Stormont, except that the final clause had been deleted. However, he declined to have it read at the meeting.

Will November 13, 2012 share a similar degree of fame as September 26th or will it be one of notoriety? Many eyes will be on South Glengarry Council at their next meeting in two weeks’ time, watching to see just how important human rights are to the Council. Any bets on whether or not the press and crowd will be back?

South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis
after South Glengarry Council deferred resolution

…we’re talking about the Charter of Rights, so why do you need a recommendation? It doesn’t make any sense to me … We opened the door for them in South Stormont; we made it easier for them. This is easy for them now. We stuck our necks out. It’s not an anti-French decision that we made; we give everybody the opportunity to put up their signs in any language. We didn’t mandate the use of any language on any sign. That’s what everybody wants. What threat is there? Why would anybody say it’s wrong to pass that.



Language Fairness for All spokesperson Chris Cameron
after South Glengarry Council deferred resolution

These Councillors are used to having maybe ten [people in the gallery] and this decision to let this be delayed for two weeks, with the booing of at least 50-60 people, certainly makes a big impact. I’m sure they’ll have to think about this.







Canadians for Language Fairness spokesperson Beth Trudeau

I don’t know why the decision is so hard; we have our young people overseas fighting for the very rights that they [South Glengarry Council] are unwilling to stand up for. It would be nice to see some Councillors, other than those in South Stormont, get the cahoonas to speak out for freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and all those rights that God gave us.




Long-time language rights activist Kim McConnell
after South Glengarry non-vote

It’s quite disgraceful that the Council didn’t have the courage to even read the proposal. The excuses they gave were not good enough because they knew that there were people coming to listen, and they had the resolution … the basic thing is that they didn’t have the courage, and I think that they were intimidated by the number of French people in the audience. They were definitely intimidated.





“Jane Doe”, camera-shy former Quebecer living in South Glengarry:

I was in absolute shock. Coming here from the bordering province of Quebec, and having lived [there] and not having a constitution that anybody would stand up for, coming to Ontario thinking that the Canadian Constitution means something that people fought for and died for, to [tonight] watch any sense of Canadianism walk out that door, makes me ill in my belly. This isn’t about language; this is about human rights.

Our video clip shows Howard Galganov’s appeal to Council, Council’s response as well as comments made by supporters.

There you have it folks!  In two week’s time we’ll report what the South Glengarry Council decides to do about this matter which has been placed before them.

Feel free to vote and rate this article as well as any comments which are posted below.  Please, let’s not resort to unhelpful name calling and needless repetition of points once they been well-articulated.  How does South Glengarry Council’s (non)decision sit with our viewers?

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By Don Smith, Former CFN

Former Media Consultant at Cornwall Free News


  1. The choice of freedom of expression is guaraunteed under our charter, except racist quebec, where anglos are considered not as good as francophones and this is reflected BY LAW.

    This is not an insult to anyone other than the anglophones who live in quebec.

    I saw first hand what happened there.

    Do you want the same to happen here?

    Jim Quealey


  2. They don’t deal with resolutions on the same night as the presentation. Okay so they’ll deal with it later. In the meantime businesses in South Glengarry can use signs in any language they want.

  3. My God! Have our language Freedom Fighters Prevailed? The survival of humanity hangs in the balance! Have to wonder if all these Anglo warriors have noticed that pretty much all the decent paying jobs are gone, and hunger and homelessness have become the new normal. I have to assume that these attention-seeking clowns have never had to worry about having a roof and a full belly.

  4. Situated so close to the Quebec border, I think South Glengarry better take this seriously and when the time comes to vote they will feel it is necessary. If a forced bilingual sign law was imposed on South Glengarry businesses as is the case in Russell Township it would absolutely divide this wonderful supportive community.

  5. Pathetic!!!! BRAVO South Glengarry!!! You weren’t easily influenced by the likes of this group. Compared to SS, I guess you have more important work to do and take your positions seriously…… time for BS….smart business sense. If language isn’t a problem……why create one.

  6. The only racism here comes from mr galganov. He’s the only one that published hateful propaganda. He’s the one that handed out pamphlets with the phrase boycott french owned stores, he also handed out pamphlets that said …how to exterminate the french language in eastern ontario. South glengarry should not be associated with such a man…

  7. In his speech, Howard said he asked CAO Derik Brandt if there is any rules or regulations that would prohibit to make a motion to read the resolution and vote on it “tonight” (on the 13th). He said the CAO’s answer was no, there is no such rules. Then the CAO did exactly the opposite, bringing up the “normal procedure” excuse. The content of the Galganov’s Freedom of Speech resolution does not require any financial commitments/expenses, so the supposed “administration’s input” is muted.

    If South Glendary council wanted to pass the resolution, they would have done it yesterday. They had plenty of time to make a decision.

  8. Sorry Richard but you & your ilk have such hatred for people speaking up for freedom of expression, so sorry that our rights are getting in your bigot racist face

  9. I’m sorry but this is crazy. South Glengarry ALREADY allows you to use the language of your choice on your signs. Why are we not dealing with organizations that have unfair bilingualism requirements?

  10. For those who are not aware of the resolution passed by the S. Stormont Council, here it is in its entirety:

    Whereas the Constitution of Canada provides, in paragraph 2 (b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that everyone is entitled to freedom of expression;
    And whereas Council of the Township of South Stormont believes that the economic and environmental well-being of the municipality requires that the constitutional right to freedom of expression be rigorously respected.
    Now therefore be it resolved that Council fully supports local businesses in the municipality and encourages business owners to embrace the rights expressed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with respect to freedom of expression and furthermore, will not mandate the use of any language for advertising purposes in the Township of South Stormont, and therefore instructs staff to amend the municipal sign by-law in this regard.

    This is the exact resolution that the Council of S. Glengarry was asked to consider. Can anyone tell us why this simple request should cause anyone any problems?

  11. Ed
    November 14, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    “Have to wonder if all these Anglo warriors have noticed that pretty much all the decent paying jobs are gone, and hunger and homelessness have become the new normal.”

    -This is the very reason that more will come forward because of the discriminatory language laws ,as more are disadvantaged from these unjust laws.

  12. stellabystarlight
    November 14, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    Please Stellla are you capable of at least one complete sentence structure?
    You obviously were not hired for your education but for being french /bilingual skills.
    What does it feel like to realize that you were not the best applicant but just the best bilingual applicant?

  13. Richard tremblay
    November 14, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    “The only racism here comes from mr galganov. He’s the only one that published hateful propaganda.”he also handed out pamphlets that said …how to exterminate the french language in eastern ontario”

    Prove it by showing it! prove me wrong -rather then continue to propagandize show the proof of what you say!

    Exterminate Really ? if you do not respond with proof it will be assumed that you are lying -prove me wrong !!!!!

    Show the proof.

  14. It shouldn’t cause any problems Kim. They may still even pass it. If not then, fine. Another area will.

    I send a huge warm welcoming — Cheers to you, Beth, Cory and all the rest of the group for being there showing support to Howard and this well deserved cause.

    Well done guys.

  15. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on South Glengarry. Deferring something so obvious and so fair for all. Protecting an individual’s rights and freedom of expression. What the hell is there to think about???? You are kidding us right!!! Tell me you are kidding!!!! This is a perfect example of how this has come way too far. Has the pressure for forced bilingualism come so far that we no longer can identify what someone’s rights are here in Eastern Ontario. I am still banging my head here.

    Mr. Prevost you are an embarrassment as a representative and should not be on council.

    Let’s hope that South Glengarry take this matter seriously, find their copy of the resolution/motion and do what is right and fair to support ALL citizens…..English, French etc……

    I’m sure LFA will be watching and citizens will be watching this very closely.

  16. Ok highlander and mariah

    Far from being a bigot, or a racist but I don’t consider those documents freedom of expression. I consider those hate propaganda. Agreeing with those documents, saying that they are freedom of expression is like saying mein kampf was also freedom of expression.

  17. I agree with the author of the blog I quoted above¨ Perhaps Mr. Galganov was once relevant, today he’s a dangerous humiliation.
    Plus, why trust someone that moved from Québec to
    Ontario because he was¨Ciblé pour contrôle fiscal, il a depuis décidé de déménager à Alexandria en Ontario.

    Its sooo obvious what he’s doing. It’s sour grapes, no one listen to him in Québec so he’s trying to do the same in Ontario.

  18. Interesting link Mr Tremblay. Why would you go so negative and biased when trying to prove your false claims? Your choice of links defeats any point you were trying to make, and in fact shows just how strongly your feelings towards Mr. Galganov are. This is business not personal, so just stop propagandizing and sladering and find a better line of attack. One with truthiness and factoids that ring closer to the real thing would be nice.
    Thanking you in advance

  19. ..I personally know Frank…this will pass with his backing..he’s a very proud not count him out..he’s fully aware who voted him into council..Franks old man will dig his way from the grave to make sure his son passes this law..

  20. What a waste of time. South Glengarry already lets you use any language you want on your signs.

  21. I am very happy to see so many people care about their country and what kind of heritage we will leave our kids. The easy part is showing up at these meetings to be seen, really, just show up! Of course if you want to bring cookies…..ha ha

    I understand this council likes to review issues, however this is not Toronto. They have known about this issue since at least Sept. 26th, known about the presentation for several weeks as well. Why make work for yourself though?

    Are you really going to get more information that could change a decision? It is as easy as. vote to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or let them disapear.

  22. John Macdonald, about 74% of the business community in Russell Township had bilingual signs BEFORE a FORCED sign bylaw came in. That bylaw was a waste of time!

    A bylaw that says the Ontario Court of Appeal can not remove my right, my Charter right, of self expression, is a very serious issue that WE the people need to fight to maintain.

  23. 4 Municipalities in Ontario already force their business owners to print their signs in both English and French. I don’t understand the French outcry as to why they want signs printed at all in English.

    To me, this indicates that the supporters of these unfair laws just want free advertising in their language. It’s irresponsible for me to expect ‘you’ to pay ‘my’ bills. But case in point, I’m going to issue a preemptive strike right now to Stella darling in insisting that she pay my motorcycle insurance up front. Seeing is she wholeheartedly believes in inclusivity.

    For the third time I will ask her this fine morning. Which is it Stella, will you fly either the Ontario or Franco-Ontario flag? You have to pick one and not the Canadian flag either.

    If you cannot answer this, I know not how you dress yourself in the morning.

  24. So once again, I say not that this issue is about language but about ‘me’ not wanting to ‘pay’ for ‘your’ way in the world.

    It’s that simple but if you cannot understand it then no wonder you need the likes of others to pay your way to being with.


  25. Can anybody tell us what the benefits are to enforcing French language laws?

    Once you leave eastern Ontario maybe just passed Kingston, nobody cares about french. That is unless you are in government. No business runs using french, and if they do have french people they implement the old adage, When in Rome do as the Romans.

    If you look at a global perspective, the international language of business is English.

    How much time, effort and revenue are wasted on this? How much better could we make the way of life for elderly, downtrodden or helpless people. How much less in taxes could we pay if there wasno need to make these bilingual changes. Everything costs money to do this.
    Consider the costs of signage, addressing, promotional ads, just those three spin off into dozens more business requirements all taking away form the bottom dollars of business.

    This is an atrocity against the betterment of the greater population in society all for one cause….a language.

  26. Kim….could you please tell us why galganov and his gang of ten think they can go into any meeting and dictate on how the community should be run? He ran for elections and lost big time…..enough said about your savior.

    Piper…..go back and read “C’est drole and Touchez” post about galganov’s hate propoganda towards the french. They have posted the original date that pamphlet first came out and what it said. Now try and tell us that galganov never said that……

    piper…….just don’t read your own post, perhaps you can learn something from the french posts.

  27. piper….the big g, the savior of the universe, if my incompleted sentences bother you, don’t read them **smile**

    Richard…….you don’t have to prove the g wrong… already has been done by “C’est Drole and Touchez”

  28. To Stella, Ed, Tremblay, MacDonald.
    What are you people afraid of? You just don’t get what is being
    done to protect the freedom of all Canadians. This is not an anti-French issue. To get Townships to uphold the Charter of rights and Freedoms in it’s entirety is protection for all. It’s true that in South Glengarry at this moment there is no sign problem but down the road a future Council could bring in a bye-law identical to that of Russell and then you WILL have a problem. It is true and fact that there is a language problem and discrimination throughout S.D.&G
    There are several institutions, schools, medical clinics et al that preclude Anglophones as you well know.
    Now, Mr Tremblay you are so ignorant, racially biased and uninformed. Howard Galganov couldn’t make his case in Quebec because there, HE IS PROHIBITED BY LAW TO SPEAK AND PRESENT IT IN ENGLISH. You just don’t get it, do you?

  29. Cory, by your standards you have a problem if I fly the Saint Andrews Cross. Many people do, that and the Union Jack. If someone wants to fly the Franco Ontarian flag good for them too. Leave them alone, and they should leave me alone. And since South Glengarry lets you use any language you want on your signs we should leave them alone as well. This is causes problems for the sake of causing problems and I’m glad South Glengarry wants nothing to do with it!

  30. To Hailey:

    The benefit of enforcing the French Language is to place it above the greater importance of Merit in the workplace and business.
    Where the FLSA is adhered to, as in Cornwall, it is easy, cannot be challenged, to rank the French Language more important than
    education, experience and service. There are many Anglophone Nurses who know that to their demise.
    Upholding the The Freedom of Rights as laid down in the Charter has been violated by Russell Township, and in the courts against Howard Galganov. Howard and his gang, as we are frequently referred to, is fighting for everyones Rights, not just for the Anglophones, but the opposition just doesn’t get it. They prefer
    the situation where language outranks Merit. Google Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson it explains things very clearly.

  31. stellabystarlight November 15, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Thanks Stella I may be the savior but not the G.

    I am but another person discrinated against,LFA,CLF ARE independent of Howard but we all agree that it should be up to the business owners.

    LFA AND CLF are affiliated with 12 language rights group’s across Canada.

    LFA respects the the need by law to provide bilingual services but does not repect it when it goes beyond representation by population.!

    17 % bilingual in Canada shouldn’t require Gov hires to be 65%.

    Purely discrimination to not hire from the 83% .

  32. So can anyone from the Franco group tell us why at the Cornwall Franco monument the Canadian flag mysterious appearance Nov11,then disappears on Nov 12.

    Is the Canadian flag that repulsive to only show up there 2 days a year Nov 11 and July 1st ?

    Does the Francophones not respect their Country ?
    But 2 days a year for the convenience?

  33. John wrote,

    “And since South Glengarry lets you use any language you want on your signs we should leave them alone as well. This is causes problems for the sake of causing problems and I’m glad South Glengarry wants nothing to do with it!”

    Ken wrote,

    “It’s true that in South Glengarry at this moment there is no sign problem but down the road a future Council could bring in a bye-law identical to that of Russell and then you WILL have a problem.”

    This is the crux of the problem by which Ken states it, John. Ask the majority of citizenry of the 4 Municipalities if they agree with forced bilingualism. And there’s another point about this issue. Who forced the issue within these 4 Municipalities after all?

    Here is a LTE which was sent to CFN that wasn’t printed about bilingualism within one of these Municipalities. Here it is in full:

    Follow the Rules!

    While reading the various editorials and comments on the CFN articles today, one happened to capture my attention which I found quite disturbing. Headlined under the article, “Language Fairness Champion Howard Galganov takes next step in Campaign”, a link was provided to The Nation Municipality which explained that municipality’s sign laws. Available at the website details what is permitted with regards to advertising commercially and the specifics to follow should an individual or company wish to.
    The following information was taken from in describing Signs and By-Law 48-2005 in the Municipality of The Nation. See below:


    Except for the company name, all contents of new commercial signs must be bilingual. The dimensions and style of lettering must be identical in English and French.

    Prohibited Content

    The Sign By-law prohibits the following content;

    skeletons, skull and crossbones or any other gruesome picture;
    nude human body or parts of nude human body, erotic or pornographic scenes; and
    shapes or colours that could be mistaken for traffic lights or traffic signs.

    So this got me thinking. According to the municipality’s information; so long as my sign contained no skeletons, skull and crossbones, gore, nudity, eroticism or pornography or mistaken traffic signs, I was free to advertise whatever I wished so long as it is bilingual – in French and English?

    Technically then, I guess that I am able to advertise with both the iron cross and swastika and to promote racial hatred according to the Nation Municipality’s website as long as whatever is written is in both English and French on the sign.

    When did we as Canadians get our prerogatives so messed up? This is the type of mentality that was highlighted in the famous movie, Canadian Bacon which starred Dan Acroyd and John Candy.
    The point being that if you’re going to incite hatred you’d best do so in both official languages in Canada!

    Folks, it’s not what language something is written in that is offensive but what is written in that language that counts.

    With Kindest Regards,

    Cory Cameron

  34. Any person or organization that can take the symbol of freedom of our beautiful Canadian flag and impose and deface it with their own logo and change the color of the maple leaf is not in a positon to criticise other groups who fly a flag…of any group or union….

  35. Nice to see some new names. I particularly liked this “straight up” post of yours.
    Ken November 15, 2012 at 10:00 am To Stella, Ed, Tremblay, MacDonald.

    I address this part of my post to the same folks you were writing to.
    The reason why Howard and others are challenging these language issues in Ontario has MUCH to do with the ability we ALL have to remember the experiences WE ALL witnessed which took place in the “province” Quebec.

    They (the powers that be) basically FORCED that “province” which is, (I remind everyone YET AGAIN — JUST a “province” — within the country of Canada) to be a unilingual FRENCH ONLY “province.” They didn’t give a cr@p about how that would affect the English Canadians and their families living there. All they cared about was passing laws to outlaw the English language and diminish “English fact” within Quebec.

    And you know what, we sort of let it happen. This is likely because we decided it wasn’t worth the fight. BUT, since they now have control and that “province” is basically a “fascist French state” they now seem to have decided to go the next step and on to the next degree.

    AND THAT IS … An outreach into other parts of Canada. Here comes the — Franco Ontarian flags in Ontario, French ONLY health care clinics in Ontario, anti constitutional signs laws in Ontario, French ONLY school busses in Ontario, and that’s not to mention doing things like changing town names to French town names, and English street names to French street names in Ontario, etc etc etc…

    Just these few things (as there are more) should offer a VERY OBVIOUS reason as to why people are FED UP and beginning to speak up and fight back. Sure, if you must, go ahead and preserve your damn language and culture, but do us all a HUGE favor … Do it in Quebec. That’s will be fine. That’s why we “let you” have it.

    But enough is enough. We are NOT going to put up with this new push for more “real-estate and French only fascism” outside the “province” of Quebec, and we are also no longer up of paying for this whole debacle either.
    Got that? Comprends tu? Ca vas?

    Even you folks, which Ken named above (just based on the fact that you can read and form sentences) MUST be able to see, with completely clarity, how unjust this is. And how IF IT WERE YOU and the tables were turned, you WOULD NOT STAND FOR THIS at all. YOU would be doing the same DAMN THINGS, IF NOT MORE. Course, you’d like NOT admit it.

    Oh but, have a nice day he 🙂

    PS: Well said Highlander. “17 % bilingual in Canada shouldn’t require Gov hires to be 65%. Purely discrimination to not hire from the 83% .

  36. I think it interesting that the president of of ACFO -Association Canadian Francophone of Ontario –

    Georgette Sauve lives in Quebec ?

    Who says Quebec has nothing to do with language in Ontario?

    Wake up for you not see the forest for the trees?

  37. if you read the court transcripts Mr Galganov was not Prohibited from presenting his case in English… he was requested to provide french translation for his english case to be heard in both official languages…to make a clear understanding..That is the fact,, He refused to provide the french translation knowing it would cause a disruption.

  38. Stella, you seem to think that Galganov’s loss at the last Federal election should shut him up forever? How many times have great leaders lost in elections but still come back fighting and win? The fact that he tried should NOT be held against him except by ignorant people like you who have very little knowledge of the world outside your protected French-speaking enclave which is so obsessed by your diminishing language and culture that you think it is OK to force everyone to worship at your altar and put you up on a pedestal just because you belong to this pampered group?

    This sickness in your world has infected Quebec so badly that even the English-speakers there are willing to accept 3rd class status just because they are not born French-speakers. Have you read this story of Montreal being so corrupted that there are no more Francophones who can be trusted and they are considering an Anglophone for Mayor – the only thing against him is that he is not French!!! He is perfectly bilingual & has all the qualities to be a good, honest Mayor but…..sorry, he’s NOT French. Read it for yourself: at this link:

    Would you call this racism or have you got a better name for this phenomenon? Do you think “tribalism” might be more appropriate?

    Before I end this message, let me congratulate LFN for joining CLF in fighting back against this sickness that threatens to divide this beautiful country. All of you who have helped to awaken the sleeping giant are also to be congratulated – it is an uphill fight because we have allowed it to go on for too long. It may be very discouraging at times, but we must NOT allow setbacks to weaken our resolve. Keep up the fight!!!

  39. That “argument” is similar in it’s ridiculousness to another old and badly used argument…

    @c`est drole et Touchez RE: November 15, 2012 at 12:52 pm POST
    It’s drole and touch… wrote, “if you read the court transcripts Mr Galganov was not Prohibited from presenting his case in English… he was requested to provide french translation for his english case to be heard in both official languages…to make a clear understanding..That is the fact,, He refused to provide the french translation knowing it would cause a disruption”

    Right, so he was NOT prohibited but doing so is a REAL pain in the arse and not worth the trouble. Besides, my understanding this was in the “COUNTRY” of Canada. A country with “a common language” known as English? Every heard of it? That SHOULD be the end of it … English as the common language of the country and French as a secondary language in ALL OF CANADA.

    Besides, this argument is similar to that other old often used but just as stupid “argument.” No one is forcing anyone to learn French. Yeah right but, if all the jobs demand French then you F-*&^%^ed.
    How about using that argument in this way. You’re in a burning office on the 60th floor of the building. The flames are just beginning to lick your back… You don’t want to die a horrible death by fire. There is nothing else you can do and there is no other way out other than the window (and just in case anyone is going to try to be silly. NO, there is no helicopter and you don’t have a parachute or ladder or anything else). What do you do? Now remember… No one is forcing you to jump. Right !!!! Freekin stupid argument that is.

  40. CORY………I DID ANSWER YOUR QUESTION. Again you only see what you want to see. Actually I answered you in 2 post on the other galganov article. Obviously you missed it, you wouldn’t be signing the same tune over and over again….bonne journee

  41. Lian….I think it was obvious in the last election that the majority have a problem with this guy and are against his radical views. This point of view is not only shared by the french and that you can take to the bank along with the LFA funds **smile** Anyone who tries to seperate a country and wants to eliminate a culture deserves no respect and hopefully one day he will leave the country. Thinking the Middle East would appreciate his help.

    Lian you may be from Quebec but this is Ontario got that? WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT QUEBEC’S PROBLEMS…..comprends-tu? Play in your own back yard.

  42. Cory……..the answer to your question is in the article about the Montreal demonstration and the police.

  43. Doth sayeth galganov, “I am your shepherd and you are my sheep. Follow me!! I will lead you to the promised land of the english where you will reign supreme. No one will rule over you, as you are the chosen majority. No one will come before thee but I, sayeth galganov. You will be set free and become the anointed of the promised land.

  44. In the meantime, Mr. Galganov is attracting and receiving all the attention he obviously craves. Clever fellow at meeting his needs.

  45. John Macdonald your post – South Glengarry ALREADY allows you to use the language of your choice on your signs. Why are we not dealing with organizations that have unfair bilingualism requirements?

    I agree they do but so did Russell Township not so long ago.

    But you are right organizations that have unfair artifical bilingual postings need to be investigated. I know it exists. I am a victim of this and I have contacted Human Rights Commsion but was told that if the organization decides it is , then it is, period and I would have no valid human rights complaint.

  46. To edudyorlik

    Ed, I love your style and use of the special characters on the keyboard. Thanks for the compliment you paid to me.
    I’ll tell you a little more where I am coming from and maybe at the same time it might enlighten the opposition bigots who don’t fully comprehend what Pierre Trudeau did for them.

    Discrimination against the English, hereafter referred to as Anglophones goes right back to the late 60’s. I know because at the Canadian Embassy I was initially told, by a person with a heavy Quebecois accent, Canada didn’t need people like me (meaning English) when I applied to emigrate. I wondered at the time why Canada would have a person who couldn’t speak good English to represent them in the U.K. NOW I KNOW.

    During the 60′ and 70’s it was clear that Anglophones were holding the top positions in Government and Public Service in general.
    The reason, pure and simple. Historically, in Quebec, it had not been possible to obtain higher education in the sciences and particularly business, such as for an M.B.A. Consequently, imports from Europe, particularly the U.K. were coming here with education, qualifications and experience that automatically enabled them to rise through the ranks, not because of language but rather the foregoing. I personally was a qualified Professional and somewhat astonished to discover the lack of Canadian talent
    engineering when looking to hire.

    Back to the point: Trudeau recognised the difficulty posed to Francophones and eventually had the brilliant idea that became his plan; bring in mandatory bilingualism. Overnight the door of opportunity opened for Francophones and closed to the majority of Anglophones. As one person assured me, “Je Me Souviens” really means, “Remember the Plains of Abraham, well now it’s our turn”.

    The next phase, and I was a first hand witness and casualty in no uncertain way, was to replace Anglophones with Francophones regardless of competence of the latter using whatever means
    were most effective. I was in Public Service in a sense and though many of my friends and associates so affected have since passed away it would not be difficult to show how bilingualism was used as a means to an end for Francophones – and that is how it is today.
    Nothing to do with being bilingual, simply having a French name
    gets you ahead in the game. That ‘s what CLF et al are all about,
    trying to recover the rights and freedoms that have been lost by the contravening of the Charter, and using the “Notwithstanding” clause in Quebec, and now in Ontario.

    O! I almost forgot, silly me. It’s going to be the way to get a job in B.C somewhere down the road. Duncan B.C is bilingual.
    French as first language in B.C is around 1.4% but I guess they can say numbers warrant. Pierre’s dream has been fulfilled from coast to coast.

  47. Ed I agree. He’s an attention seeker and it is working. Hogwash, bs, exaggeration seems to be howard’s marquee. Frustrating cause some people are listening…racist values, anti french, and all under the guise of freedom of expression.

  48. Stella… Please hurry. You MUST wake up, run to your windows and pull the drapes. It’s 2012 my dear.

    The ONLY people who have done (and are still doing) exactly what you wrote here and DO deserve exactly what you have said here in this quote are the FRENCH in Quebec. Yes, they are still at it with a new bill 593 as well.

    The fact that you either — don’t see this — or DO see it — and refuse to acknowledge it — is the REAL SCARY part.

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