Former Cornwallite Michael Clifton Gets his Cornwall Ontario News from CFN in Toronto!

Cornwall City skylineDear Cornwall Free News,

Just a note of support from a former resident of Cornwall, I can see that The Cornwall Free News is a place for people to voice honest opinions about local issues and that should never go out of style. Public debate is a sometimes painful process, but where would the community be without it?  It has been my pleasure to offer a comment here and there as well. I do have many fond memories of a Seaway City childhood that was crazy, interesting, challenging,  painful, fabulous, curious – well you get the picture!!!  I wish the best for the people that live in Cornwall mostly because I met so many good folks there growing up and that’s what a town is about isn’t it? Cornwall’s got soul.

I wish you continued success with the Cornwall Free News. I read everyday.

Regards, Michael Clifton – Toronto Ontario



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