Montreal Area Teen Quits IGA After Being Told that She Can’t Speak English While on Breaks – June 26, 2013

meghan moranCFN – Can you imagine an employee here in Ontario being told that they could not speak French while at work?   Could you imagine that same employee being told that they could not speak French on their break on site with another employee?

That’s exactly what’s happened to young Meghan Moran who quit her part time job with a St. Lambert IGA after she and other employees felt threatened by not being able to speak to each other in English.

“It’s just about the principle. You should be able to speak whatever you like. I understand if they want to impose (some rules) — I’m not going to talk to clients in English, I would talk to them in French — but if I want to talk to my friend on my break in English, I should be allowed,” she said. “It’s becoming too restrictive.”

CTV in Montreal broke the story.   LINK  

Why on earth should she not be able to speak English even while working?  Could you imagine anywhere in Canada where an employee would be chastised for speaking French?

What is the point of having bilingualism in Canada with that type of mentality?  Is Quebec to be radically unilingual French and the rest of Canada bilingual?  That duck doesn’t dance.

The Language Nazi owner of the IGA, a Madame Louise Menard was referred to by a manager;

Madame Menard is French Canadian – who signs the paycheques.  She’s asking that inside these walls people speak the language of work which is Quebec’s Language, it’s the law.

It’s actually not the law and it’s people like Madame Menard that shame Quebec and Canada.  And of course it’s Canadians that allow this creeping linguistic racism and intolerance to abide unchecked.

If Canada is to be Socially Engineered to be bilingual then that has to exist in Quebec too, and shameful and disgusting acts like this have to be publicly and loudly condemned.

Will we hear comments by Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, or Justin Trudeau?    Ms Moran was fully bilingual.  It’s not about picking on some poor Unilingual Anglo as they could never be hired in Ms Menard’s IGA.

Kinda makes you not want to ever shop in any IGA again, no?

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  Should there be a penalty or pushback against the intolerance of people like Louise Menard?

You can post your comments below.

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  1. Hey, the LAW IS THE LAW. We best get use to it.

    Time for the payback though.

  2. Author

    Actually Dave it’s not the law in Quebec. That’s the really sleazy ugliness to this story. The Language Nazi’s make this stuff up as they go because they “write the cheques. “

  3. Jamie and Mr. Dave Windsor my husband experienced this in Cornwall when he first came to Canada. My husband could not speak English at the time and only French and Arabic. I won’t mentioned where he worked but while at work the supervisor told him “no French, no French” and she was very upset. People who worked with my husband spoke French to him so as to translate. What are people to do when they cannot speak the language? This too is racism. I have heard my daughter coming home from a French school (a high school in Cornwall) talking about one of her teachers had a terrible time in a store in Cornwall because she spoke in French and was rusty in English and wanted to be spoken to in French and one girl at the cash yelled out in the store “does anyone here speak the foreign language” and that was so mighty insulting. I wanted so desparately to know what store that was so as I can boycott the store.

    When my husband and I would go to Montréal and the suburbs we always spoke French to the people – no English at all and they knew that we were from Ontario. I speak fluent French and thanks to my deceased mom I learned that language. I spent many a night up at all hours of the night and morning learning poetry and all subjects in French and my parents knew that it was a must even back in the 50’s era that is how important it was then and today it is a must. Today I can pick up Italian and Spanish if I studied it since it is easier having French. I have absolutely nothing against the French people at all.

    I have spoken to some of my husband’s people from Lebanon who have lived in “la belle province” and they didn’t mind it about language but they did not like the politics.

    Jamie you know more about it since Montréal is your hometown. Cornwall has plenty of problems believe me the racism in Cornwall gets to be pretty bad at times.

    My husband is still learning English and even some slang and so funny that we all burst out laughing around this place. LOL LOL. ROLF! He speaks fluent English but with an accent of course and sometimes he asks us about what certain words mean in English and then he makes a mix up at times.

  4. This would really be a story if she had been fired.

  5. No one really cares about what happens in Quebec. Let Quebec deal with their own problems, we have enough of our own locally.

    It doesn’t take much of a news item, if one could call it that, to get people excited. As an employee, I must abide by my employer’s rules. She quit her job… be it. What is the big deal?

    Some of the English language activist are going to have a field day with this trivial peace of news……

  6. Boycott IGA and email head office to let them know they have lost a customer. This is what Quebec is all about – intolerance. The ultimate goal is to exterminate the English from Quebec.

  7. You know, I was born and raised in Montreal and was “blessed” to learn three languages by the time I was five! I moved to Texas 15 years ago and see so many similarities with language issues as I did back home. In the US, speaking more than one language is special. What I don’t understand about Quebec is why don’t the French understand that speaking two languages is such a gift? Why don’t people embrace both languages and be proud to use both, if you can? I think it is fear of losing their language that makes the French hang on to it so tightly and force it down everyone’s throat. If they were confident in their language, they might be surprised at the results!

  8. Well, I for one well never spend my English Canadian money at any IGA!! They only want French currency anyways, so they wont miss it!

  9. Author

    Ex-Qcr there simply are a core group of Francophones that will never get that chip off their shoulder. It’s that simple and then you have mainstream Francophones that have to live with them and will not condemn the crazies.

  10. Author

    Stella as long as Quebec is a part of Canada what happens to it impacts Canada. And “Official Bilingualism” is all about Quebec feeling comfy in Canada.

  11. It feels to me that there is more to the story.The language she speaks in private or on break is her business….She should have filed a complaint or made them fire her….The fact that she qiut makes me believe that there may have been other facters.

  12. Fret not, dear Cornwall Free Newsers,

    The same policy will probably one day come to an Ontario grocery store or two sooner than later. I’m thinking that this policy is probably already being conceived around Casselman. The problem with this whole situation is that most of the English-speaking people will simply type away about how wrong all of this is and the bitching, complaining and whining will end there. There would be no follow up whatsoever about any of this.

    The sheeple will simply accept things for the way they are.

    The time is now to get off your arse and do something about this.

    Do you want your kids coming home one day and repeating this story after having worked their first jobs?

    How will you feel?

    It’s closer and sooner than you think!

  13. Sobey,s is the sole supplier of IGA should anyone be interested enough their # is 902- 752- 8371 just saying……..

    This is not acceptable,that troll has no business telling employees to not speak English on their own time

  14. Steve,

    She’s a kid and probably was intimidated by all of this! I don’t blame her for quitting her job.

  15. Bye bye IGA ~ you will never see my money again!

  16. Do you think that IGA will stand for this?


    The difficulty with your opinion that nobody cares is that cancer grows if left untreated. Only a fool ignores reality. However those that choose to do so are still safe our government has of yet not legislated common sense.
    Hopefully those that understand and embrace freedom will protect those who keep their heads buried in the sand. Please reconsider your focus to view the bigger picture. Study what the thinking in 1930’s Germany led to, it might help to change your current mindset.

  18. TO ALL

    Stop supporting Quebec with your silence.

  19. A strong belief system is great, I am a little curious at the reason behind recording commnets as listed in the story though.

    Reading through the poster comments on the CTV page, this jumps right out –

    @frank013 – I lived in Montreal for 2 yrs in the late 80’s and have worked in the prov ever since along with working the maritimes. Being bilingual you would thinl you could blend in but that is not correct. The majority of these people really do think that the rest of Canada is leaving them only scraps on the table. These people only want it one way and that is their way. Now they are emigrating to NB for work in Dieppe and the language front of war is now moving here with signage lawa etc. the governments of Canada and the provinces OWE them a lot. They are demanding it and the courts will comply . The bilingualism accommodation in this country is the biggest hoax and waste od money there is. Take that money and give it to the Indians rather than the québécois Acadians, and other French societies.

    Read more:

  20. The French lost the war to England and Quebecers will never get over it. This “language” problem will be with us forever. No matter what the future holds, for Canada or Quebec, Quebec is and will always be an island of french in a sea of english. There are small minded people on both sides of the “language” argument, and this also, will always be true. Men have fought and died and will do so again for just such small mindedness, it’s our curse as humans. We look on others differences and react with fear and hate, and desire to impose our will on them, in the hope it will justify our existence and keep us safe. As the world grows smaller by the minute, these problems grow larger in scale. Muslim against Jew, French against English, black against white, East against West. When the world finaly sees the last two humans, one will probably fear the other, and I don’t have to tell you how that will turn out.

  21. Hi folks,

    Freedom of expression is lost in Quebec as the state dictates what language the citizens are to speak and write.
    This clearly violates the charter of rights and its fundamental freedoms.section 2(a).

    In my employment I have the great opportunity to meet peoples from many cultures approx 30-40 and respect all equally .
    At the civic hospital there are many employee`s of different cultures and languages .
    Russian ,Polish,French,Mandarin,Italian and even a number of Eastern European dialects and more .

    I often hear many languages spoken and consider myself as a proud Canadian as it comes to bare that we as a country are made of a cultural mosaic .
    Canada is not just of 2 languages and cultures but 200.
    Never will you hear at my employer through management nor employee`s what language you are to speak-all cultures are respected.

    Since when does a state or employer have the Right or ability to control the words or language that comes from a FREE CITIZENS mouth.

    Communication and expression of their language of choice should remain free and the state`s doctrine of language intervention shackles the charter`s Freedom of expression and therefore loss of freedom for its citizens.

  22. Good for happy she taped the conversation..saying speaking english on break is like ghetto..those people are nuts!!

  23. When does this Ethnocentric behavior ever stop.
    The language nazi’s at it again!
    If you are truly a free citizen ,then the state has no right to tell its FREE CITIZENS what language you are to speak or write.

    The Quebec state is a scary reminiscence of 1930’s Germany.
    Fascism thrives right here in Canada and its an insult to all those that died fighting fascism to have the Canadian people continue look the other way.

    Do Canadians no longer stand up for whats right? Is apathy the tool that destroys our democracy,its certainly looking that way.

  24. And talking about Nazi’s and 1930’s Germany, did you know that they are introducing a bill on EUTHANASIA in Quebec? What plans do they have for us? It’s scary thinking about that!

  25. @David…….you must be kidding when comparing the language issue with what happened in Germany. Some would like and would want us to believe that this peace loving country is becoming barbaric. The comparison is silly to say the least.

    Know what? If the English freedom fighters went about their business, did not instigate nor incite anger among fellow Canadians, it wouldn’t be half as bad. Leave the peace loving people who love this country as is out of the nonsense.

    It is disgusting and a disgrace to use this part of history to try and get more people involved so they can move their radical agenda forward.


  26. stellabystarlight June 27, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    “@David…….you must be kidding when comparing the language issue with what happened in Germany.”

    Hey Stella wake up many feel that way ,history does tend to repeat itself.

    ” Some would like and would want us to believe that this peace loving country is becoming barbaric.”

    No not the country but a province that makes the rest of Canada look intolerant.Quebecs antics are giving the country a bad rap internationally.

    Not Radical Stella ,something your dead against” EQUALITY”
    Is equality and tolerance too much to ask for?

    By your response you think so.

  27. This isn’t just happening at IGA, it started a few months ago at the WalMart store just before you get to St. John’s Boulevard. It may not be the actual law but it is most certainly becoming more common than anyone can imagine. It all has to do with whomever is the store manager and what exactly he/she is willing to push for the cause. If people don’t speak up, it will only get worse. Stella… Dave is spot on with his reference to the rise of Hitler. History books, psychology books, etc., etc., all point to and describe how that methodical process evolved to create the horrendous holocaust. It all started with blaming others for the perceived woes of Germany. The Quebec separatists [not the true people of Quebec] are the real fear mongers, choosing to blame others in order to incite their followers. Even if they embarrass the entire province around the world with their intolerant behaviour, whether in youth soccer or suppressive language rules, they simply just don’t care. They choose to continue with their methodical process of blaming others–hoping it will take hold. The good news is that the true people of Quebec really aren’t listening to this nonsense, they themselves are embarrassed, and the separatist movement is continually losing ground. Bravo, to the French Canadians for refusing to be brainwashed with this ridiculous agenda.

  28. Où est le problème? Les entreprises anglophones passent leur temps à obliger tous et chacun à travailler en anglais même dans les places où il n’y a que les cadres qui parlent anglais.

    Avant de jouer aux victimes, regardez-vous donc. Ce que subit cette mlle, vous le faites subir constamment aux autres. Alors vous êtes bien ma placés pour crier au racisme

  29. Vous avez raison Mazinger Z.

  30. Mazinger Z. Vous avez raison. Ils sont des faiseurs de trouble. Le pire c’est galganov. Vous aurez la chance de le voir en toute splendeur en fin de semaine. Les Quebecois sont tres chanceux **sourire**

  31. Yet again another reason to get quebec out of Canada. Take stella and mazinger z with them.

    My Canada does NOT AND NEVER WILL include quebec EVER.

    Add this to a long list of racist, anti-English laws that fester and infect Canada.

    No English signs, no English education ( restricted) no ambulance service unless you speak french, no English on your own spare time and on and on it goes…….

    Where to hell are our federal MP’S??? Can’t they at take a bloody stand on these racist anti-democratic actions that go on day in and day out in a homophobia and xenophobic society that is an embarrassment to all that is Canadian.

    They sicken me. They ( federal politicians) are the whores of our democracy. They have prostituted themselves for votes at the expense of the English and at the expense of all that is right and just. They are the lowest form of humanity to permit these action to take hold in a free Canada. There is no freedom here, as long as we are saddled with the albatross of quebec.

    get them to hell out ASAP and good God dam riddance

  32. Mazinger Z wrote “Where is the problem? Anglophone businesses spend their time forcing everyone to work in English, even in places where there are managers who speak English.”

    Really? List these business places so they can be avoided too! You to Jules and stella for agreeing with the big Z.

    Government laws are the culprits that aid a few radicals, but that may be a chicken or the egg conundrum.

  33. Mazinger Z
    June 27, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    “Where is the problem? Anglophone businesses spend their time forcing everyone to work in English, even in places where there is that managers who speak English.”

    “Before playing the victims, are you looking at. What’s happening to miss this, you do suffer constantly to others. Then you are well placed to my cry racism”

    Anglophones are forcing everyone to work in English?
    You do have a comprehension problem in the very least she was not permitted to speak the language of her choice during HER BREAK.
    Therefore you are implying its alright to violate ones freedom of expression (OFF company time )as not payed for breaks and of course you have Stella agreeing that violating ones rights is the right thing to do when protecting a language.

    “Mazinger Z. You are right. They are troublemakers. The worst is Galganov. You’ll get to see it in all its splendor this weekend. The Quebecois are very lucky ** smile **”

    Mazinger Z. -Playing victims ?
    This stuff happens daily in Quebec ,What Quebec has sole ownership on playing the victim ?
    Is this why you take such offense ?

    You see folks Stella backs this agreeing fully -A Separatist wrapped in Federalist clothing.

    Hey Stella whats the big problem with EQUALITY AND TOLERANCE ,why do you fight them so.

  34. Mazinger Z, Stellabystarlight-

    Now lets flip this:

    So you would agree that if Meghan Moran had went into the establishment with a friend on their time off and spoke French and her manager has a right to tell her not to speak FRENCH with her friend?

    Now she and her friend were off company time on break ,not being payed for their breaks is that any different then coming in on her day off being in the establishment but for even those 15 minutes?

    I have never in my many employment opportunities have seen management tell an employee what language they are to speak on their own personal time nor with serving the public.

    VIOLATING ONES RIGHTS is never right ,no matter the excuses , its not right even in the interest of protecting a language.

  35. Admin,
    I thought you had asked commenters to post in English unless the original story itself was in a different language? Did this policy change?

  36. To STELLABYSTARLIGHT, Mazinger Z etc all of the same mind. There is no problem, tell that to investors in RONA, METRO and now IGA. Fight the good fight just be prepared to deal with the consequences of a racist protectionist attitude.

  37. Author

    Bella we allow both English and French comments.

  38. By the way, I keep reading the statement that breaks are take ‘off company time’……..I question that one.

    Lunch or supper breaks are unpaid time, however most, if not all 15 minute break times are taken on the company pay cheques.

    Perhaps that is why too many take advantage and extend these to 1/2 hour or more ticking off other staff by overlapping their time out. Initially these were meant to be for washroom time…only fair, but have morphed into ‘bitching/complaining/smoking/other reason time outs.

    So, if the company wants certain things of you, like…get back to the floor, unless you have a union, you have few ‘rights’ with this one.

    An important note about the request to speak french only in the break room may have had as much to do with a desire to influence cohesion in light of the current climate in Quebec. Already edicted from on high is the perception that french only is a must on the sales floor, however the heat is on for it to be heard all over.

    I am English only so must speak it. In the interests of ‘getting along’ in her work place, poor Megan became a ‘sad Sally’ in this case as she is fluent in both languages.

  39. @ Admin

    Do sites like impertative francais and the like allow English comments???

    If not, what’s good for the goose????

    Maybe, this is a suggestion, that if French sites do not allow English comments, then maybe English sites should respond in kind. After all, fair is fair right??

  40. Author

    Peter please check out our Mission statement. I don’t care what other online newspapers do or don’t do. I only care about what “WE” do. If you don’t like a comment or story you simply choose to not read it.

    I have nothing against any language or culture. Our soapbox is open to all, and always has been.

  41. Not trying to stir the pot, just asking a question. I’m not asking that anyone be post restricted, or silenced.

    I was pretty sure that back in the early “Patrick Boucher” days of language debates, after several back and forth posts in French between stella, Patrick and others you requested they post in the language of the posted article. (I remember that CFN used to have articles/letters in both languages.)

    Maybe my memory is foggy and maybe I’m confusing common courtesy with what passes for freedom of speech on the internet. My mistake, but perhaps food for thought.

  42. Author

    Hi Bella,

    My memory can be foggy too. I may have asked this in a particular situation.

  43. Perhaps you are right Admin, in permitting the french zealots of the world to post. My mistake.

    Their posts I forward to people from all across Canada and the U.S. Let the world know what the situation is here so the bias and prejudice of the stellas of the world can be read far and wide.

    BTW: I have called for boycotting all that is bilingual and quebec for many many months.

    Perhaps people ,will now understand the rationale behind this.

    This is not JUST iga, multiply that store by hundreds of others and this is Ontario’s future, unless it is stopped in its tracks ASAP

  44. très vrai Mazinger Z…
    Goes back to what I said, curtesy. Taping your employer, contesting what she said to the point of arguing with her, again IGA might have dodged a bullet. The girl did what she should have, you are not happy at your current job. QUIT.

  45. Oh yes the gentleman that I spoke with was on SF “the toilet paper of record” and he works in a professional job here in Ottawa and has perfect French. It was an honor to speak with him in the language of our preference. Only people who do not have an education and an open mind speak the way bella and Peter yes especially Peter that I have seen so far talk like that.

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