Cory Cameron Letter to the Editor – Going Postal……the Canadian Way!

LTEWe’ve all wanted to go postal (all pun intended) at some time or another.  The type of day where you regret even leaving your front door to face the day.  The sort of day where you know that whatever you do, you just cannot make any headway nor win your cause in the least bit.   We’ve all had those kinds of days whereby, ’ The Shirelles’ invented the song, “Mama Said” to describe them.


And so it was a normal, cool, crisp and sunny Northern Ontario morning last April whenever I left the house to mail a letter at the Post Office.  I had not much to do that day; and figured I would take complete advantage of the time I had to run a few errands.  My first step was the Post Office.


There was no lineup when I arrived and felt blessed that my luck was so far, so good.  I was wrong though.  As I approached the mid-age woman working behind the desk I greeted her and wished her a good morning and requested to purchase a stamp in the language of my choice, which happens to be English.  She obliged by producing the stamp and not returning the greeting in English nor French.  The remainder of our exchange during the few minutes had me requesting my service in English whereby her portion of the exchange was conducted in French.


Now, normally this situation wouldn’t be a problem for me as everyone knows I’m bilingual.  But on this particular day, I couldn’t get over the fact that I showed absolutely no inclination at all as to being bilingual.  Why wasn’t I served in English when clearly I greeted the worker in English upon the beginning of our exchange?  Further, why didn’t the Postal Worker switch to English whenever I was communicating in said language?  I could have switched to French but I decided not to.  My idea in this decision had to do with the fact that I felt that the worker was obligated to provide me with the service in English simply because I was the customer.  This would have been different if at any time she had informed me that she couldn’t speak English and would try to accommodate me by other means.  One such solution she could have sought out would be to perhaps seek out the services of another Postal Worker to serve me if she didn’t speak English herself.


In any case, I didn’t complain.  That is, I didn’t file a complaint at the Post Office.  As an aside, I have come across instances like this a few dozen times during the course of business transactions with civil service workers throughout the years and even some in the private industry.  And, after all was said and done, I never complained.  I had simply grown accustomed to situations like the one above and there is an argument to be made that I had become somewhat conditioned by these scenarios over the years.


Until now…


Perhaps it’s my newfound sense of fairness and pride that has awakened within me during these past two years.  Perhaps now that I’m a little longer in the tooth, I have decided that I no longer will take things lying down as it were.


I’m tired…


It’s one thing to learn a minority language and to enjoy the privileges of being able to read, write and speak in French.  But for what purpose and intent?  And to who’s benefit is it that I am bilingual?  Myself or to those whom I communicate with who have French as a first language?  I can honestly state that being bilingual hasn’t furthered my career options nor has it had the desired effect of garnishing career advancement opportunities for me in the job that I do have.  Moreover, I get the feeling that being bilingual for many of us Anglophones simply equates to making it easier for the Francophones to not have to learn English in order to communicate with us – such as in daily merchant transactions.




It was with all of these thoughts swirling within my consciousness that April day that I made the conscientious decision to file a complaint with Canada’s, ‘Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages’.  Before doing so, however, I ensured that I had a valid complaint to begin with and checked out the ‘Filing a Complaint’ section, sub-section, ‘In what situations can I file a complaint’.  After reviewing the information, I determined that I did in fact have a valid complaint and filed an online complaint the day of my Post Office visit and an initial response was forthcoming from a representative within a week of filing the complaint.


The representative advised me that in order to solve the dilemma of what had occurred an investigation would take place as to the incident itself. Having said that, keep in mind that my complaint was well documented and filed only after a few hours of the incident taking place.  Everything that happened was written succinctly on the initial report!

So, after e-mail and playing telephone tag to which more than a half dozen e-mails and a half dozen telephone calls were sent between myself and the representative detailing what had occurred; I emphasized and re-emphasized that I wanted only one question answered – and that was the following:


Why, was I spoken to in French whenever I clearly communicated in English?


All of this to say that as month 3 was coming around the corner subsequent to the initial incident; I was informed that the investigation was completed and that the results would soon be forthcoming.  I have a few questions as to this entire affair after having gone through this experience.  One being why haven’t I been provided with a response yet after 3 months?  Certainly this is a cut and paste situation?




Exactly what justifies the creation of an, “Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages” to begin with.  As of 2011, there were 518 complaints that the office dealt with having to do with language issues.   On October 16, 2012 a Globe and Mail article reported that,

“Almost half of the 518 complaints came from the area around Ottawa and adjacent Gatineau, Que., …” (


Are Canadian taxpayers being led to believe that 518 language-related complaints warrant a full-time staff being paid civil service wages to investigate this?  I cannot help but comment that more work is done during an 8 hour shift by a half dozen or less call centre employees who themselves individually handle on average a little more than 100 calls a day.  It seems as though by comparing stats, we’re not exactly getting a great bang for our buck.  So, I would argue that what we have here is but another example of government incompetence; a type and kind of federal government language police make-work project that our taxes are paying for.


And I’ll say this much.  We already have a set of language police in this country.  We don’t require the services of another; let alone the foundational Office quebecois de la langue francaise.


Ask yourselves this much:  Will it take over 3 months to solve your next computer or cell phone issue by someone making minimum wage?  Probably not.  So why would something so trivial take so long to conclude by someone being paid so much?

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  1. THAT IS TERRIBLE!!! Perhaps you should get in touch with the UN. No one should be treated like this………absolute disgrace.

  2. I agree with you 100%, Cory Cameron. I’ve faced this kind of experience many times when I lived in New Brunswick and visited since I’ve moved from there and I’m not bilingual by any means, and I never put in any complaints what-so-ever then, never again ! For sure, it should not take 3 months for you to get an answer to your question. The English folks have been brain-washed to “over-look” these experiences . . . we need to get past this stage and put in complaints before we can get the “proper” service from civil servants and “bilingual” companies.

  3. stellabystarlight said
    July 3, 2013 at 7:18 am
    “THAT IS TERRIBLE!!! Perhaps you should get in touch with the UN. No one should be treated like this………absolute disgrace.”

    Hey Miss Know it All, tell that to your “Sprite” buddy who got a huge settlement for not being served in French on an Air Canada flight!!!

    Have a little courtesy *smile*

  4. It is a shame that people like Stella thinks this is a huge joke!!! Good for Cory Cameron to point out what many people have pointed out i.e. that Canada Post is manned mainly by French-speakers who take very seriously their mission to force ALL Canadians to speak French, whether they want to or not. It is bad enough that this forces the hiring only of bilingual people (mostly mother-tongue French-speakers, of course).

    More people should complain and if possible make a recording of the refusal to serve the customer in English. Meaghan Moran of the IGA in St. Lambert was clever enough to record her conversation with her supervisor when she was told that she wasn’t allowed to speak English on the job, not even during her break!!

    How idiotically insecure has the Quebec French-language zealots become?

  5. I agree with you Cory 100% More people should speak up when service is rude & make a complaint,well done proud of you! She should have respected your language of choice.

  6. First let me dispute that you claim it was a trivial matter. It was important enough for you to lodge a formal complaint and your right to do so in the first place.

    Secondly the problem is evident that you had an expectation that your concerns would be handled respectfully with expedience and professionalism. Unfortunately for all of us our apathy towards all levels of bureaucracy and our failing to hold our public representatives accountable has given us want we get.

    Lastly people with little going on have little to contribute and are part of the problem and not the solution as evidenced by the initial comment to your LTE.

  7. Cory, your LTE should be sent to all news outlets Canada-wide. This issue is not isolated to you or your area. It has spread like a bad disease and it must be treated to control it. It’s up to all affected English Canadians to demand service in their own language and to follow through on complaints and make it public every time the complaints go unresolved. After all, the OLA applies to both official languages? People are slow to becoming aware that the Commissioners dept is only a francophone propaganda department in disguise. Very reminiscent to late 1930’s Germany. I don’t like to make that comparison but it is there none the less whether people like it or not, and to deny it is to our detriment.

  8. Cory,

    It puts to question had that been a francophone complaint would it be more expedient,is it that they do not get English complaints and unsure how to address it?
    Pakenham Ontario where 99.9 % of the population being English one complaint of language service in French and the postmistress was removed (layed off ) after being there 20+ years.

    This caused outrage in the community and they made it clear to government and she was reinstated .

    The more Francophones demand for bilingualism and most often where numbers do not warrant ,is this the process by which they can ensure themselves well payed government jobs like STELLA!

  9. stellbystarlight, before you trivialize this, take a look at the bottom of the federally funded and local French language association website.
    In capitals to stress the “importance” they tell you to talk in French, demand service in French, it is the only way to get services (notice the plural) in French.

    Wasn’t 2011 the year our Auditor General (English speaker) was sworn in? Were the 43 complaints counted against the 518 or just counted as one?

    This year, the Office of the Commissioner received a significant number of complaints (43) regarding the appointment of the Auditor General.

    In August 2010, the Commissioner of Official Languages filed proceedings before the Federal Court to seek a court remedy against CBC/Radio-Canada. The application was made as a result of receiving 876 complaints about the broadcaster’s decision to make significant budget cuts to its radio station in Windsor, Ontario.


  11. For those who like ambiance, open and play this in another window while you read and respond in this page…

    Two things.
    1) The FACT that this situation occurred in ONTARIO Canada, yet it completely mirrors the behavior of many of the French people inside the province of Quebec, is very telling.

    The level of arrogance this postal worker showed while working in a postal outlet in Northern “ONTARIO” Canada was NOT likely formed in one single day, week or month.

    This level of complete and utter contempt and arrogance towards the English language (it must be interpreted as nothing less) was born of a “French attitude” in the province of Quebec where many of the initial steps towards this state of being were initiated.

    As a result, this attitude about the English language has grown to be condition where by the English language is now practically considered a scourge in that province.

    The English language was EVEN REFERRED TO by the minister of education (no less) in the province of Quebec, Marie Malavoy ( ) as a “foreign language”.

    The seeds of this kind of contempt and arrogance towards the English language were planted long ago and have been nurtured and coddled by politicians from ALL levels of government, both provincial and federal in this country FOR MANY YEARS.

    As a result of all these years of seething contempt & arrogance towards the English language we are now seeing that it has grown into nothing less than an innate sense of entitlement on the part of the French for the idea that –

    French IS, AND MUST be completely equal to the English language in ALL parts of Canada. While at the very same historical moment in time, the province of Quebec has made every effort to retain its internal sense of French dominance through strong nationalism where French is all-powerful and all encompassing.
    The present model in the province of Quebec is that the English language and the English people are not welcome.

    This sense of entitlement is so entrenched now, at this stage, that it is even perceptible in the voices and faces of the average French people (not just the audacious ones either) outside the province of Quebec who have internalized this sense of entitlement as something that they were always inherently deserved of.

    It was just a matter of time and apparently, that time is now.

    Like Cory, I have had many such situations like he speaks of, occur both in person and over the phone.
    And, as I have also previously stated the sense of entitlement was present in their voice and in their attitude, and in the case when it is a face to face interaction, it is often present in their body language as well.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have answered a phone call in an English company (we’re NOT talking a government agency) outside the province of Quebec in the last dozen years or more and had the French person on the other end of the line completely ignored the fact that I answered in English only, and went on to demand the product or service they were looking for in COMPLETE French only. Not even bothering (as was the polite way in the old days) to ask or say, can I speak to someone in French ? Or, do you speak French?

    Yup, it’s now come to —
    — HERE I AM — I AM FRENCH and I DON’T care one bit if you don’t speak French because — YOU SHOULD – This is MY CANADA – so there. Deal with it.

    Hummm, come to think of it, it is sort of the sentiment I have felt and heard from many posters in here also.

    2) Speaking French used to be something I took pride in having the ability to do. It was just a matter of doing so because, IT JUST WAS. And, having the ability meant that I could speak it if I needed to, or if I wanted to.

    This often depended on the particular situation I was faced with at that very moment. Back when I was growing up in Quebec with my French mother and English father, there was a sense of whatever. There was no sense of entitlement from the French. No sense of “do it my way or else.”

    At least I never felt it coming from the French in quite that way back then. NOT like I do now. It was simply a matter of respect and whatever will be, will be. We all just sort-a-got-along and made it happen.
    And that was that.

    Now, moving forward to the present, I have to say that, the VERY NEGATIVE sentiment I feel about this issue was not something I just woke up with one morning. I didn’t just decide, hummm I think the French are going too far. No, this negative sense has been nurtured by what the French have been doing over the last many years.

    I have watched the “take take take” attitude of the French. Watched the English around me bend over to almost the breaking point only to have the French laugh and walk away. I have watched many friends get frustrated about not finding a job because of how many jobs in Ontario are now demanding bilingualism as a MUST. I have watched the negative things my political leaders have done as they constantly kept stroking the French in this country and providing them with money, language protection groups, and federally funded and mandated offices to protect them, their language and their culture while ignoring what was slowly occurring as a result of all this stroking…

    Yes, the English language and the English culture has been neglected and ignored… that’s right. The rights of the majority in this country were shoved aside over many years in order to accommodate the French.

    That is NOT TO SAY that the English don’t have a hand in allowing this to happen but frankly (and somewhat ironically) part of this inaction by the English was due to the fact that English were trying to make amends for past transgressions and trying to be fair and just about how things were spread out in this country.

    However, we can clearly see that one group has taken advantage of that apathy and attempt at being fully accommodating. And, it certainly does not take a brain surgeon to figure out which group that is.

    The ONLY question now is, how much more can they take? How much more will they take? The pendulum is due for a re-adjustment, me thinks.

    Thanks for the article Cory. Spread the word everyone. Its one thing to try to be nice fair and accommodating but, it is yet another to allow oneself be walked all over.


    I remember the story well ! It was inspiring the way the community rallied to do what simply was right and fair.

    @H Wilkins

    Lest we forget.


    You are right. How can you ever win if you drop out of the race ?

  13. Maybe I missed it but where in the LTE did cory say, I’m sorry, could you address me in english ? Je suis fatigué moi aussi, on tente de bâtir une tempête dans un verre d’eau. With cory it is obvious, language is not the problem.

  14. this is for the canadian government, how much does it cost for bilingualism in canada.??????,8 billion dollars for quebec in transfer payments, add the two together, wow i think the rest of canada would agree with me, its time to either separate from quebec or partition that province, mmmm let me see now, they want their own country, not much left after the native community takes their land, shocker…..

  15. It is appalling that they would try to suppress the English people in that manner. For those who experience this kind of treatment they should all file complaints. Let the language fairness groups know about it and have them take it to the authorities as a collective group action and demand that they provide us with answers. We can then seek to bring to public notice how incompetent these well paid public servants are at handling complaints they are set up to handle. Why are they in existence and costing tax payers if they don’t want to handle what they are mandated to do.

    We should also encourage more people to complain whenever they encounter such language suppression. This is getting ridiculous.

  16. The Cameron’s are doing what every proud Canadian should be doing and that is to stick up for the worlds number one language English and that is also Canada’s number one as well but it is being rudely measured for color and size and then fined if it is too big or obvious , need I say where this is happening? Where else on earth would we find language police doing that to English. On my trip to China I sometimes saw English first or alone.
    My forefathers came here from Europe because it was an English speaking country. They brought in 4 languages but learned English and assimilated. I love them for it. They would alfll turn over in their graves if they saw Canada now. The land they went to wars to protect from an outside enemy. Dot Davies

  17. @RICHARD

    You in fact certainly did miss it RIchard. Cory had nothing to say sorry to. He spoke in English to a employee who is supposed to be proficient in both federally official languages who should have enough intelligence to respond in the same language as they were addressed in. This is not rocket science this is customer service and respect as basic as it gets, nes pas?

  18. Fraser’s department only gets about $23 million to run so maybe they can’s pull of an efficient operation. That’s it – they need more money. The department of the language police dog needs more money.

  19. @RICHARD

    Since it seems apparent that you can dish it out, a taste of your own medicine if you like…WIth Richard it is obvious, language is not the problem.

  20. So Richard your defense of the postal worker is that she was too stupid to recognize that someone was speaking English to her? She wasn’t aware that it’s just common courtesy to respond in the language you are spoken to, if you are capable? Is that it?

    The old “I’m too stupid to be responsible for my own actions” defense.

  21. Richard tremblay July 3, 2013 at 10:54 am

    He addressed them in English and being serving that customer and that All new hires at Canada post are required to be bilingual,why not provide the courtesy to the customer and speak his language ?

    Very inconsiderate to say the least ,but when it comes to language there is a pattern to discrimination.

  22. Where did you learn about customer service, Mr. Tremblay?
    The customer (taxpayer) should apologize to the PUBLIC servant?
    We are in this mess because we’ve been apologizing for far too long.
    In Mr. Tremblay’s case, it is obvious that language is not the issue.

  23. Does St. Lawrence College offer a course on whining, or is it a talent that one must be born with?

  24. @ Richard tremblay RE: post on July 3, 2013 at 10:54 am
    Richard wrote, “”Maybe I missed it but where in the LTE did Cory say, I’m sorry, could you address me in english ?”

    OK, Let me get this straight Richard.
    You are actually suggesting that, (Cory), a man approaching a “Canada post” outlet in “Ontario” A province with with 86.3% ENGLISH ONLY citizens which resides inside the country of Canada, a country with more than 80% English population and you’re saying he should be “asking” the “employee” that just heard him address her in English if she could be so kind as to address him back in English?

    Yup, you have gone off the deep end.

    AND, as if THAT is bad enough but… Then we add…
    at the very same moment in time you said you condone the idea that people in the province of Quebec (a mere province inside the country of Canada) do not have to bother even having the ability to converse with customers and fellow Canadian citizens in that province on EVERY level in English at all whether asked to or not?

  25. @ Richard Tremblay, it’s very obvious from your post and comment, that you have no sense of “common-sense; manners; or respect for others” in your mind !! and this is where, there’s a big difference between the English folks and French folks.

  26. Furtz
    July 3, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    “Does St. Lawrence College offer a course on whining, or is it a talent that one must be born with?”

    Furtz from your comments on the freeloader and your expertise on the subject perhaps you would be the ideal person to teach that course.

  27. Thanks again Highlander, but Cory Cameron is way better at whining than I could ever be. He could teach a master course at Harvard. And he’d probably whine about that too. It’s in his genes, it seems.

  28. In the true spirit of brotherhood I sent a letter to the UN to help your cause and it won’t stop there. I am committed to finding justice for the English of this country.

    When ordering a stamp in English, I expect my stamp to be written in English only and I want to be spoken to in English even though I understand French. This is the highest form of insult a human being can ever face. APPALLING IS WHAT IT IS.

    Honestly, you guys have to grow up, this is ridiculous….LOL

    To answer cory’s last question “why would something so trivial take 3 months” BECAUSE IT IS TRIVIAL, that simple.

    So please tell me, after one buys a stamp, gets the stamp what else is there to say, why did he not leave?

    I will tell you why. He stated that the mid age woman gave him the stamp and said nothing. The answer is quite clear. The conversation was started by him so he could create a situation, like a set up if you will, whereas he could complain that he was not served in English. OTHERWISE HE WOULD HAVE LEFT plain and simple.

    You see, when one seeks trouble they usually find it, especially if they want to prove something.

    As most normal people would do, they would walk away and be happy they accomplished something on their to do list. **SMILE**

  29. I didn’t even read Cory’s article cause I know he’s right so I didn’t have to. Civil servants of all ilks are the lowest form of life. I excuse nurses, doctors (who in this socialism are servants), some forms of rescue workers (if they have earned their position without the influence of nepotism), and teachers who enjoy teaching as a craft and not a holiday filled career, lab workers, and garbage men. The rest are self-entitled assholes who think the world owes them a perk filled job doing fuck all. In private practice we must pay for overhead, professional memberships, liability insurance, bad debt and on and on out of our own pockets AND serve purpose for which those in need of a professional service pay a fee. Hopefully we make an honest hard-earned profit. My high school had a motto, “Labor Ipse Voluptus” ( Work as a pleasure). Civil servants must not have graduated high school like the mayor and Holy Gilles Latour the window guy.
    The {MODERATED} civil servants are ignorant retards and Cory isn’t whining, he tells God’s truth.

  30. edudyorlik
    July 3, 2013 at 10:38 am

    I lapped up every word. Bravo. You are obviously an intelligent person who has had experiences that run raw to the core.

    These french remind me of the constant spoiled child pulling on mommys apron strings….Mommy, mommy, pick me up mommy then after the fifth or sixth time, mommy picks her child up at which time it proceeds to rip off mommys glasses and pull out mommies hair.

    The wag in this dog has had enough. Thank you for your insights and continued web pages as well.

    You are a needed and valued commodity as well.


  31. I agree furtz, they are whining. This is a double standard. When it happens to francophones, your reply is, well, english is the majority. When it happens to anglos, its a crime against nature. I can’t count how many times that has happened to me. Even in Québec, kirkland, alot of anglos seem to understand french but are un willing to practice it. Should the public servant have replied in english, maybe. But a while back, wasn’t mr cameron looking for opportunities to practice his french. If that story is true, and it may be but I have a feeling it was embellished to suit cory’s purpose. Une autre occasion pour critiquer les Francophones. Monsieur cameron, maintenant, vous savez comment les franco-ontariens se sentent à tous les jours.
    I’ll leave you with this, I have a suggestion for Mister Cameron in his quest for better employment. Saturday night live is looking for individuals to play 2 very popular characters made famous by jane curtin and joe piscapo. Doug and Wendy Whiner. If you want me to write you a letter of recommendation, just let me know.


    While you have nothing to add on an intellectual level your child like responses do offer at times some comic relief to a forum that otherwise could become all to serious. Refreshingly juvenile and full of innocent faux pas. Although not a person to be given any credence or to be taken seriously you do offer good entertainment value. TWO THUMBS UP!

  33. Thank you Cory Cameron. I totally agree with your comments

    Thank you Cory Cameron. I totally agree with your comments
    and actions. It is time that the French tail stopped wagging the
    Canadian dog. Outside of Quebec the working language of the nation is English by an overwhelming margin. Any person addressing a front line federal employee in English anywhere should be answered in that language without hesitation or question. How can there be any question as to what language should have been employed in this situation? No one should have to plead with any front line federal employee to be served in the English language. Billions of dollars have been wasted in
    Canada trying to, promote and pretend that the French language is of equal importance as English in Canada. It is not. It is time our self serving politicians began to get that message, Pierre Trudeau’s OLA not withstanding. The divisive language charade has gone on long enough.

  34. Re: The concept of demanding that service be rendered in one language even though the person demanding it speaks the language perfectly, I offer this PRIME example.

    I would also like to add. We all just have to marvel at
    how the concept of “two official languages” in Canada has been turned into the con they refer to now many years later as, — this is “a bilingual country” — and also how the OLA which originally proclaimed that it’s mandate was that should be provided to the french in French
    ” —WITHIN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT — ” and how that
    has been turned into providing services to the French in French in just about every public institution in Canada. While at the same time, the powers that be in the province of Quebec continue to outlaw the English language and English culture for people who — in case anyone missed it — are actually residing inside CANADA. Yes, I hate to break it to ya’s but the province of Quebec is indeed STILL INSIDE the COUNTRY of Canada ANDDDDDDDDD… it is STILL ONLY “just a province.”

    Hey Richard, here’s a plan. Why don’t you and your clan get organized and start the process of a new vote for separation so that QUEBEC finally can grow up and be it’s own independent “real country.” Instead of continuing “to pretend” Then they can play with the big boys. You know THE REAL” countries of the world. Hey, maybe they can even get a seat on in the UN and push for all those pollution controls. Yeah, that would be just in time to put a damper on them trying to make use of all the resources they are keeping buried under the land in that province so that, in P. Marois words, “Ottawa and the rest of Canada can’t get their hands on it”

    while Quebec allows the rest of Canada to use up it’s resources as Quebec sucks us dry.”

    Thank you Diddlysquatt for your kind words on July 3, 2013 at 6:50 pm. I, in turn, give credit to those like Chris & Deb C. and Cory C. and Howard and Kim L. and all the rest who are out there in the front lines.

    But now, with the internet, we all have a part to play.
    Just look at what was accomplished in Egypt and other places with the power of the Internet and the social networks helping to make people aware of what dust bunny’s lurk in dark corners, under furniture and in hidden corners. Look at Pasta Gate and how that embarrassed the language police in Quebec.

    It is up to ALL OF US to get the word out to as many people as possible (friends, family, relatives and even strangers in the bank or on the bus 🙂 so that we can — figuratively speaking — shine a huge bright spotlight on these rats (or roaches – whichever noun suites) and watch them scurry away behind the walls so we can then begin the process of getting our country back. Which includes the jobs and the national anthem. Your input (everyone’s input) has value and has a place. Tell the world… Leave messages on video’s pass on videos you like, or that you believe send a good message. Help make make videos and messages and videos go viral by liking them and passing them on to news agencies and or friends and family’s. Everything counts.. The government is NOT helping so we (the people) have to do it ourselves.



    I am amazed how you whine about Anglos not reciprocating language in QUEBEC. Earth to Richard Quebec is a unilingual province ! New Brunswick is the only official bilingual province. How can you possibly be so arrogant to expect that people of other language should kneel before you when you treat them with such contempt and disregard? This is the basic problem and it is not about the English is about basic respect for others. It is ignorance of the highest level and tolerance from the comments I read is waning. I hope that the proverbial light goes on rather than a turning tide.

  36. @RICHARD

    To clarify my statement “it is not about the English” I am, despite the appearance of my last name, seventh generation Irish Canadian. My ancestors were slaves to the English and treated in many regards no better and perhaps worse than the slaves of the United States of America prior to their civil war. If you knew your history Richard you would understand that I would have more reason than a descendant of France to harbour feelings of malice. However after generations Richard ones heritage, while not to be forgotten, becomes absorbed into the bigger picture. We are all human beings deserved of respect. I AM CANADIAN AND THIS MY COUNTRY AND I DO NOT KNEEL BEFORE ANY MAN AND AS HISTORY AS SAID IN THE PAST IF YOU ARE NOT WITH ME THAN YOU ARE AGAINST ME AND NOT MY COUNTRYMAN .

  37. Dave, you have no idea what you are talking about! Have you ever been in Québec. I doubt it. If you read my posts all the way through, I was sitting an example. I’m not showing whining here, doug and wendy are. I treat everyone with respect until they give me a reason not too. And even then, I won’t show disrespect, I’ll just ignore and move on. I” ll end my comments the same way I started dave, You have no clue what you are talking about.

  38. Kilroy, just saw the video you posted about the oc transpo buses. I”m agreeing with it. Its Ottawa for god sakes, the capital of Canada. What’s wrong with offering services in both official languages.

  39. I just moved to Quebec and my french is bad and i am working and everyone has been great , the English population here are all bilingual and and brag about there children speaking two languages, maybe the education system is better here, there far wealthier and the energy is utilized to make it a better place to live not so much negativity and hatred towards anyone.I never hear anyone mention Ontario i guess there to busy living there lives

  40. stellabystarlight
    3, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    I won’t quote the bile, but you know what you said.

    So tell me there stella, were you in the postal office with Mr Cameron? Are you the employee who refused English service to Mr Cameron? Are you the employee from ‘Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages’ that has been dealing with Mr Cameron’s case?

    You have no freaking clue what happened or what anyone’s underlying reasons are for their actions. Ever! Even the fly on the wall can’t read a humans mind. So unless you are the amazing Kreskin shut the hell up and quit acting like you are Queen of the Tongues. You stella, are a pebble in the shoe of the country.

  41. First let me say that I am touched by all of the comments that have come forth after I wrote this Letter-to-the-Editor. The support I have read here is encouraging to me as I still struggle with the ethical/moral concept of what I have done so far in regards to this situation.

    I am torn by feelings of whether I have done the right thing. I feel that I did the right thing but at the same time am disgusted for having used a system whereby I feel that I wasted your tax dollars through another bilingual language police program I don’t believe in nor necessarily feel that we Canadians need.

    And this begs but another question too. Why is it we need this sort of policing system anyways?

    Again, how many times does one need to reiterate the single question I want answered. Why did this woman speak to me in French whenever I clearly communicated to her in English?

    Surely, she must have the ability to speak English otherwise she would never have obtained her ‘bilingual’ position, right?

    It seems like such a basic, simple question to me. I understand not why others feel this is not the case.

    To our American cousins this fine, sunny morning. I want to wish you a congrats on the 237th birthday of your nation; a nation internationally recognized as being one of the greatest democracies in human history.

    Happy 4th of July!

  42. Couple of things about the OC Transpo video.

    M. Thibedeau is the same guy who wanted a 7up served to him on Air Canada, which is going back to the Supreme Court by the way.

    In a city with over 500,000 English only speakers, bus drivers should not be saying Bongour / Hello as Thibedeau wants. Hello / Bonjour maybe, but is the multimillion dollar street name computer on buses not enough?

    Anyone called Thibedeau’s federal government office? Lowell Green did, and the message is only French.

  43. Firstly, great “exposing” Eric.
    People like Thibideau are what are known as agitators.
    We ALL know what that’s about.

    Secondly, @Richard. On July 3, 2013 at 10:05 pm you wrote,
    “Kilroy, just saw the video you posted about the oc transpo buses. I”m agreeing with it. Its Ottawa for god sakes, the capital of Canada. What’s wrong with offering services in both official languages.”

    I say, good for you Richard. Keep watching my videos. I strive to stick to THE FACTS while making them informative and also somewhat entertaining. Hey, YOU JUST MIGHT learn something too.

    As for your question. “What’s wrong with offering services in Ottawa in both “– official languages ? — ” Oh my. Well… Let’s see now…

    Perhaps i could start with this video (it’s factual as the stories are directly from the reputable news agencies in this country)

    As you can clearly see beginning at 1:10 there are plenty of examples of how the French surrounding the Montreal transit system treat people (mostly English, but i am told it’s ALL people WHO DON’T speak French. In other words travelers and tourists as well) on their transit system.

    What a wonderful shining beacon to THE WORLD Quebec is. It highlights just how Canada treats the tourists that come here. Just wonderful. And all i the name of what? Oh yeah, a DEEP seated refusal to want to speak the language of the conquerors.
    GOT IT.

    Now, after viewing this perhaps maybe you could explain why it is that the English people should want to be so nice and provide bilingual service to “a people” — the French people — outside of Quebec when the French people (many, not all) treat the English in such a disgustingly rude and disrespectful manner inside the “province” of Quebec which, by the way, happens to be — just a province — inside their own country, Canada.

    Secondly: The language statics in Ontario

    with 86.3% English ONLY VS 0.3% French only Your request simply DOES NOT warrant such a move towards such an inequitable hiring policy that removes the 86.3% (or more) of the population from applying for and obtaining jobs as transit workers.

    Haven’t you been following along Richard? Seriously now, Pay attention will ya.

    Much of this discussion revolves around this issue and the idea of how stupid it is for the English to have such hiring restrictions when it only serves to hurt the majority Anglo’s in the first place. You JUST DON’T GET IT do you? Stop listening to the antics of *s*

    You NEED to watch this video

    Then pass it along TO ALL your friends and family so that they realize just how much Canada (as a whole) is getting screwed by Quebec.

    I know, you just won’t absorb it Richard. Why? Because you are simply programmed not to. Or, more aptly put, you simply CANNOT allow these FACTS to enter into the equation because just like the title of one of the videos “doublespeak” it is your job and mission, to ignore the facts, repeat the lies so often that THEY become facts (in your head and in the head of those who are susceptible to this) and to pretend that everything is equal when in FACT, none of it is — equal — at all.

    Now, i like the French “mentality” and i admire their steadfastness. I also agree that they are distinct and SHOULD have a place of their own (i am an advocate of Quebec being a country – i guess you can say i am a separatist ) but, THERE IS ZERO comparisons you can dig up that place the French on an equal footing to the English in this country. Starting from the “original FACT” which the French don’t wish to acknowledge, and desperately want to forget.

    And that is, — the “je me souviens” — battle they lost which they even refuse to allow a statue or re-enactments to commemorate this battle as they are so insecure it just may be offensive to them. Yet, THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM with the desire to REMEMBER and commemorate the FLQ —

    (on the Plains of Abraham — ON THE VERY DAY — of the anniversary of said battle no less).

    — A group that slaughtered an innocent Canadian citizen just to further their cause. Maybe you could try putting yourself in Mr. Laports heart and mind as he lay in the dark smelly trunk of that car waiting to meet his fate.

    I know, with “that side” the end justifies the the means.

    Anyways, carry on Richard. I / we have answers for ANYTHING you “try” to put forth. Why, because the inequity in this situation — is REAL — and palpable.

    People are struggling in a bad economy to get jobs to house and fed their families and they are being turned down for insane reasons like they don’t know French in small towns and areas with a population base of 99% English and ONLY 0.2% French, which BTW (in the BIG picture) is also in a country that is majority English.

    It won’t be too long before enough of THOSE folks are affected and this house of cards YOU like to call “two official languages” and “equal status” comes crumbling down.

    But, don’t forget, have a nice day eh… 🙂

  44. Fraser’s department only gets about $23 million to run,with 518 cases :

    Therefore $44,401 allocated to each case ?
    Does that include the airline tickets of the” FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LANGUAGE INSPECTORS “to remote area’s to see if French was provided in a community that is almost non existent of Francophones?

    Hey Graham Fraser if you really want to tackle the abuses to the provision of language laws -try not avoiding Quebec .

    But I guess that bureaucracy only works one way ,that or they really do not want all that work that would come out of Quebec!

    Yes fairness is a two way street Graham Fraser…be accountable to ALL citizens,not just one select group.

  45. Highlander, certainly a problem is the lopsidedness of it all. Our Ontario French language services Commissar has memos of understanding on collaboration with both the federal and New Brunswick’s counterparts.But it is only to further French.

    When has “collaboration” not cost taxpayers more in money, services or human elements?

    And you mention 23 million in operation costs, we should not forget the millions more in money from various ministries, Heritage Canada included, for various associations, gala’s, meetings, festivals and pet projects to encourage more French. Is there any such thing to promote English?

  46. I haven’t stopped crying since I read the 6:40 AM post this morning.

    Eric………No one has to promote English…you are the majority, how could you forget.

    Why aren’t we picketing all post offices and boycotting them?

  47. Eric is there a need to promote english ? It’s not a minority and at more then 77 percent majority, anglos are in no way threatened of disappearing. Even in Québec, even with la loi 101, it in no way threatened the english language. Maybe to those like Pete that refuses to show courtesy…

  48. “Fraser’s department only gets about $23 million to run,with 518 cases :

    Therefore $44,401 allocated to each case ?”

    Like I hinted at in the LTE Highlander, this government office seems like an example of yet another make-work project for civil servants who otherwise would be in the unemployment line.

    Ironic how the majority of the complaints come from the Ottawa and Gatineau area?

    I wonder what this could symbolize?

    In any case, I maintain that the non-Francophones of this country are in this dilemma to begin with simply because of their laissez-faire attitude towards all levels of government. The governments don’t represent the majority because the majority aren’t involved in things government that affect them.

    If only these people took part in doing things like volunteering for boards of directors or partaking in political campaigns then maybe, just maybe, they would get some representation. It isn’t enough to simply trust our leadership once their elected. In absence of a political/moral compass, it’s up to the people to provide one. If not, then we have what we are currently experiencing – which is, a government led at all levels by a minority populace represented by their special interest groups funded by the majority of taxpayers.

  49. Thanks stellabystarlight, now I can’t get the crying Tammy Fay Baker Saturday Night Live skit out of my head…..she must have kept the mascara factories busy all by her self.

    The point stella & Richard, we just provide more French without an unbiased review if it is even needed or affordable. Create a government department (sorry, Trudeau changed that to Ministry like France does) and that department will form partnerships, expand mission statements, hire more staff / give them something to do and start rebuilding all over again.

  50. @ trembly

    I show as much courtesy as I am and My language and culture are given. There is no threat, nor has there ever been a threat to the french language.

    That is a myth started by the french to gain power and con the politicians into passing these phony anti-English laws, its pure garbage.

    There has NEVER,EVER been any evidence of the french language being threatened. Not one iota of proof that this existed or exists, other than demographics that have existed for centuries, and even then the french not only survived but flourished.

    Even if it was threatened, why should the English language suffer because we happen to have more people ? its nonsense.
    We have been at odds for 400 years, over bilingualism , enough, get quebec, out bilingualism problem solved and see ya later.

    Independence looks good on quebec, they can then go their own way, and finally be out of our hair, at last.

    trembly can then post on another site and cry about how something else is hurting the poor quebecois

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