Cornwall Homebrew Club 1st Event – Saturday November 2, 2013 at Schnitzels in Cornwall Ontario

CHC(Cornwall, ON)— Craft beers and Home brewing are growing in popularity in Ontario, which is why the Cornwall HomeBrew Club is hosting an American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Learn to Homebrew Day event Saturday, November 2nd at Schnitzels on Pitt Street.


Organized by the AHA, Learn to Homebrew Day is an international event held on the first Saturday of November. Since 1999, thousands of home brewers have gathered each year to teach friends and family the basics of the home brewing hobby.


The Cornwall HomeBrew Club is calling on all beer enthusiasts or hobbyists with an interest in home brewing, or those who just enjoy beer talk and good food, to stop by Schnitzels from 11:30am to 4:30pm Saturday, November 2nd to join the fun! The event is planned for the patio however if it does rain we will move inside.


Two special guests will be joining us that day: Mario Bourgeois from Cassel Brewery and Ron Brennan from Old 4th Hop Farm. The demonstration will cover two different types of home brewing systems.


The Cornwall HomeBrew Club is a fledgling organization just getting off the ground and this is our first official event.  Those interested in joining the club can find us on facebook:


“If you’ve ever had an interest in homebrewing, Learn to Homebrew Day is the ideal way to get started. Brewing a batch with an expert is a great way to get started, which is why this event connects aspiring home brewers with experienced ones for a hands-on education,” said Ryan Chaytor, founder of the Cornwall HomeBrew Club.

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  1. An expanded version of home brewing in the micro brewery, several of which now operate across Eastern Ontario (Ottawa area) and serve mainly local markets. There may be potential to develop a micro-brewery in Cornwall, near the hydro dam where groundwater oozes to the surface. Seepage is a common problem that occurs at many water reservoirs and Cornwall is no exception. As the water seeps from the reservoir and under the dam wall, it passes through gravel and sand that may actually filter the water.

    A micro-brewery located along Saunders Drive or Power Dam Drive (south of Vincent Massey) could access relatively clean groundwater . . . as the grain ferments, the fermentation may kill off harmful bacteria. Many, many years ago a brewery in the UK dumped a freshly killed rooster into the brewing vat . . . and the brewing process neutralized the bacteria.

    It may also be possible to operate a micro-brewery at any of several other locations in the region, such as near the Raisin River at any of Lancaster, Williamstown or Martintown.

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