Ingleside Craft and Trade Show, 2013 Edition by Reg Coffey – December 01, 2013

7th Annual Ingleside Craft and Trade Show
7th Annual Ingleside Craft and Trade Show
7th Annual Ingleside Craft and Trade Show



Ingleside Ontario – The Ingleside Craft and Trade Show was another big hit this year. This was the seventh annual show with over 80 vendors making it the largest show of its type in the area. With so many vendors applying for spots at the show there was a waiting list to see who could be accommodated.

The crowds poured in to the Rothwell-Osnabruck School and Lancer Centre to buy crafts and goodies for the Christmas season in spite of bitter cold, a water main problem being repaired in front of the school and a competing event across the road. People of all ages browsed the many different products available in the gym, the auditorium and even in the hallways.


There were lots of unique ornaments and quilted products and food items for everyone to enjoy.

Light-bulb Ornaments


Christmas Quilting


Delicious Decadent Muffins



Entrepreneur of the Show Award



Tallulah’s Tub Treasures



And the winner is Tallulah’s Tub Treasures. There is no actual award. It is just someone that I want to highlight as a shining example of entrepreneurship. Tallulah is an almost 10 year old who has developed a line of healthy bath products to help people like her who reacts badly to traditional retail bath products.


Tallulah is not all business though. She is still a 9 year old (almost 10) girl who likes to play and hang around with friends. Mom was manning the booth while Tallulah was socializing…or maybe it was market research. There is hope for the future of Canadian industry and economy when you see a budding entrepreneur like Tallulah.  Maybe we’ll see her on the Dragons Den someday.





  1. When it comes to business a lot of people have started small like this young lady and have become big. Even corporations have started with small ideas and gradually worked up. Walt Disney started from his garage at home with an idea along with a few others with him and made it into a big corporation. It takes some small ideas to make something big. More and more people are needed like this young lady to get things off the ground. Congrats to her. My daughter has skin problems and I sympathize with this young lady as well. All the best to you and always stick to your dreams and never let go and that is one of the secrets to prosperity.

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