Pastor Tom Newton of Cornwall Ontario : High Cost of Newspaper Subscriptions

Pastor Tom Newton of Cornwall Ontario : High Cost of Newspaper Subscriptions

pastor-tom-A-800x450I am looking over my renewal subscription for the Standard Freeholder – $67.99 for three months. Like all things today, prices are rising, and I need to make every dollar count. I think it is time for a change. Why?


In the past the Freeholder has edited my “Letters to the Editor” to the point that the Freeholder could be considered a co-author on what I submitted. And yes, I have had my run in with Mr. Coffee grounds a few times; which is all part of the territory. Oh, yes thanks Claude for allowing our church to be listed in the Community events, as other churches.


There is more. I have submitted emails on some of the Freeholder’s services, asking questions about procedure, about how a web page is to work, and what am I doing wrong, why it doesn’t it work for me. Like for event pages, etc. To this day I have never; I say never received one email reply. Still I would send in my $67.99.


There is more. My family had the pleasure of delivering the Freeholder in our area a few years back. Customers loved my family – papers on time, courteous, friendly, but talk about a nightmare dealing with the Freeholder in the matter of payments, collections, and yes, organization. Considering the management at the time, some of the guys my family worked with did the best they could.  I pity the many carriers of the Freeholder – I am glad I don’t, nor my family have your job. A real exercise in futility! And yes, frustration!  [Note from Pastor Tom’s wife: Now we understand why there’s so much turnover in the carrier department!]


And still to this day, my children can’t understand why most of the comics were removed.


So I think before I write another check for the Freeholder, I am going to consider the other newspaper in town, and I am not talking about the Seaway News, or some of the other one page or two page papers that are in circulation. I get the Freeholder basically to keep me up to date on the events in our city and area, so I can be out on the streets to preach my Lord’s Gospel. I think I can find out about these events, and much more at that other newspaper. At least they return my emails, and up to this date they have been very professional, as it comes to journalism, and public relations. At least I will be able, with all due respect, to spell his name – the man who is the owner and editor of this other newspaper – when it comes to sending the check in.


Pastor Tom Newton


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