1. Yes the city needs to re evaluate a lot of peoples lisences and for sure educate the community on bus safety, I can’t count how many times a car usually an elder goes right through my children’s bus stop I get out of the car every day and take them off the bus because it does frighten me that cars do no stop! I have had to throw myself at this little girl and grab her because she thought she was safe to walk and got off the bus happy to go home and the bus driver gave her the go ahead then an elder doesn’t even look and goes right through!! I will be getting plate numbers but it usually happens so fast! This is an on going problem and needs to be solved

  2. Absolutely. Those lights and signs are thete for a reason. What if a student gets off and crosses in front of the bus to get home? Kids often forget to look which is why those lights and signs are essential. How would you feel if you hit a kid? It’s not just for them but so you don’t have to live with that on your conscious. Think about it.

  3. My sister rocks. Such a good mommy. Maybe cornwall needs to have cameras installed on the school busses. So the drivers passing by can be charged for their ignorance and unsafe driving.

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