Justin Trudeau & Liberals Make Play for SD&SG On Canada Day 2014! by Jamie Gilcig

Justin & BevCORNWALL Ontario – Justin Trudeau is stopping in Alexandria and Cornwall Ontario on Canada Day.  With a year until his first election shot at becoming Prime Minister of Canada every seat will count.

For example in the recent Provincial election none of the leaders dropped by Cornwall because it was a forgone conclusion that incumbent MPP PC Jim McDonell would have no trouble retaining the seat.

Current Harper MP Guy Lauzon is scheduled to resign with rumblings that his exec assistant,  Warden of the United Counties, and mayor of North Dundas, Eric Duncan will be his heir replacement.

The problem is that the Harperites are under the gun even in this riding which will be no easy cakewalk as both Lauzon and Duncan have some issues.

Some as open as Mr. Lauzon’s non performance in the recent plunking of chem tanks on Cornwall’s waterfront which many think a back door deal of some sort to Mr. Duncan’s less than open style of leadership.

Thought to be the machine behind the “Blue Machine” in this part of Eastern Ontario, Duncan will have to prove that he’s able to pull strings in front of the curtain as well as behind in the shadows.

The Federal Liberals in the riding still don’t have a candidate.  Their last one, Councilor Bernadette Clement, is part of the scandal plagued Kilger Council in Cornwall which is also tainted by the waterfront mess.

Certainly having Duncan run against Clement would have some back spin as a competition.

Would you vote for Eric Duncan or Bernadette Clement for MP of SDSG in 2015?

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Who would you vote for Cornwall?

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  1. If I were a Cornwall resident which I am no longer I would not vote for either one of them to be totally and completely honest with you. Both Harpoon Harpo and Justin Trudeau are not good for Canada at all and Bernadette Clément is very intelligent but is a brown noser for higher placement and “no tanks” I wouldn’t vote for a single one of them.

  2. The election in 2015 will see the Harper Cons go down in flames, unless JT is caught on tape killing kittens or something like that. I still think Harper will step down before then, but I’m almost never right.

  3. @ Hugger. The Ontario voters really didn’t have a choice. Hudak presented himself as a repulsive ass-hat in two elections in a row. Maybe next time, in four years, the Cons will have an electable leader.

  4. Hugger that is a very good question since there is nobody else that I see to replace Harpoon Harpo and Justin Trudeau. Honestly neither one is any good at all. If any of you think that Justin’s dad screwed up that is nothing compared to what young Justin would do. Justin knows nothing about law or economics or anything. All Justin is is a drama teacher in a private school. It takes a lot of know how to be in charge and neither are any good at all. It is possible that Harpo will resign before being thrown out and I don’t think that he could take being defeated.

  5. I have to disagree with you here. Pierre Trudeau was one of the best PM’s we ever had. Most of the others couldn’t hold his jockstrap. There was a survey done, I think by the Globe & Mail, and Pierre Trudeau came in as number 1 as the most inspirational Canadian, even ahead of Terry Fox. Canada needs some new young leaders, Justin Trudeau is in the mold of his father and will serve this country well.

  6. @ Hugger. I don’t think even a complete personality transplant could save the Harper Cons at this point. He’s made too many enemies, and done too much damage. Even his fundamentalist “base” is dwindling because of abortion and gay rights issues.

  7. Trudeau is not leadership material;camp Councillor is not the endearing qualifications to lead a country.
    Harper is the most respected politician and received recognition for this.

    Several years ago The beaver a political/historical magazine had a poll of most disliked Canadian politician and Trudeau SR. ranked #1 .

    Hugger I disagree with your statement that Justine is a mold of his father. Though I was not a fan of Pierre he was well educated and an intellectual but a disaster for the country with 10% government hiring per year and 10% debt increase per year and lets not forget those huge inflation rates that near bankrupt the home owners .Justine well he was a good camp Councillor.

    The left wing media needed a champion and they got one with Trudeau who was a socialist and very fond of CUBA and RUSSIA political practices ,hence Trudeaumania was created by the media particularly the CBC.
    Our country is full of sheep ready to be lead and Trudeaumania was the answer for the left wing Media as he was their demigod .

  8. “Harper is the most respected politician and received recognition for this.” Now, that is truly hilarious! LOL.LOL. ROLF etc. Harper is just about the most despised current Canadian politician. Internationally, he has turned Canada into a bad joke regarding environmental issues. And on the home front, there are few Canadians, including a long list of his former allies, who aren’t on his enemy list. He’s burned way too many bridges to survive another election.

  9. Furtz I agree. Harper has turned Canada into a big joke. He is also, as you say, “the most despised current Canadian politician. Internationally.” Out with old school politicians like Harper. Canada needs a new direction, Justin Trudeau can provide that.

  10. Yes Mr.Harper was internationally recognized as diplomatic leader this year….perhaps some should do a little more reading then left leaning media to recognize this.

    If you want identity crisis and potential for separation VOTE JUSTIN.
    There already is sentiment for separation of the west and voting Justine in will bring about polarities in Canada and lead to constitutional crisis.
    The west CAN AFFORD TO SEPARATE,and justine will be the lightning rod for this !

  11. Please advise we the readers of Justines Leadership skills other then heir to the Liberal party ???

    What past experiences and skill sets make him the leader of choice?
    Do you honestly think if he had a different last name then the parties messiah that he would be where he is today with his leadership skills of a camp Councillor?

    OH the coming of the messiah…or the son of .

  12. Highlander, Have you checked out any of the federal bi-elections over the last year or so? Even in safe Con ridings in Alberta and Manitoba, the Con votes were way down and the Lib votes were way up. Harper’s time has run out, and even he must know it by now. And just because Sun News says he’s the prime minister of the century, it doesn’t make it so.

  13. Behold the coming of the messiah to Cornwall yee will all bow before him and give praise for he has so suffered for you with his entitled life .Sheeple your Sheppard is here to lead you.Do not ask if he is capable,but follow blindly as faith asks you to .Sheeple follow thy Sheppard and ask not any questions that be relevant for those of you shall not see the promised land.(Canada’s destruction)

    Let we praise the coming of the messiah and his flock of sheeple will follow !!

    Praise be to Justine for he will lead his unquestionable flock to Eden.(thanks in part to the CBC)

  14. If the Sun News said it, it must be true. Sort of the same level of journalism integrity of Fox News or The National Inquirer.

  15. Getting a little carried away there, Highlander. I’m no fan of JT either, but the fact remains that he will be our next PM if Harper sticks around much longer. That’s just the way it is. It’s also a fact the the Lib’s popularity in the western provinces has climbed considerably since JT took the leadership. Did you check out those bi-election results?

  16. It was in all the media,not just the Sun ,but none so blind as those that refuse to see.

    Don’t forget to come see THE MESSIAH in Cornwall and bow before him and kiss thy feet,but careful to keep ones hands on your wallet though.

    THE MESSIAH will promise you a new Eden and buy you with your own money .Go forth and spread thy word for he has come and he is the path from Armageddon that the conservatives have created (thanks in part to the CBC).

    How much has the Messiah charged to speak in the promised land of Cornwall ….why is he not in Quebec celebrating in Canada day parade…oh those nasty separatists would not like that !

  17. Stephen Harper – Prime Minister of the Century? I highly doubt it. Some of the PM’s over the last century have included: Pierre Trudeau, Lester B. Pearson, John Diefenbaker, Louis St. Laurent, William Lyon Mackenzie King and Jean Chrétien. And let’s not forget some of the more forgettable PM’s: John Turner, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell (not really a PM, more of an acting PM as she inherited the job)and Paul Martin.

  18. Hugger, Kim Campbell was the HOTTEST PM what we ever had!
    @ Highlander. The heat must be getting to you. When you say “bow before him and kiss thy feet” you seem to be saying that we should kiss our own feet. Your attempt at King James English is a little out of whack, but funny.

  19. Hugger before I read other comments Pierre Trudeau was well admired not just in Canada but worldwide. Yes Pierre sure did have his good side where he had a very arrogant and very strong personality and my husband’s uncle (now deceased) was a doctor of internal medicine and he admired Trudeau and said what a personality. I was hired during the Trudeau years and was greatful to work under his administration. You will not find a man like Pierre anymore and his son does not measure up on iota of what his father was and I doubt that anyone else will be able to fill Pierre’s shoes. Pierre made many mistakes during his days as PM and that I can say that is true. One of the things that I admire is when he went after the separatists in Québec and told the journalist on Parliament Hill “just watch me” and he did just as he said he would do. I literally cried a bucket of tears when he died and also when his son died and that is the entire truth. There were mistakes made and the separatists came back to Canada from North Africa, France and other places to continue to make trouble today.

  20. I have a few things here for all to listen to and read and it would help the young people to know what went on before their time but happened in my times since I am an old lady of 63. LOL LOL. ROLF! If I play the funeral which I won’t put here I would cry my eyes out and it is on youtube.com of Pierre and Justin did the eulogy. Anyway here is some history to put to all:

    This is the one about just watch me:


    here is something with detail about Pierre:


    You will read something about the Club of Rome and they are one of the top secret societies of the entire world where world leaders do as they tell them to do or say. There are many such think tanks so don’t think that it is conspiracy theory but it is a conspiracy fact and so much that people don’t know who is behind the curtain who makes the real decisions (the real think tanks). Oh yes even that childhood movie about the Wizard of Oz is real and it is about the dog Toto turning back the curtain to see who is behind it – all real. It has to do with economy.

  21. @ Jules. I agree. Pierre Trudeau was a once in a lifetime prime minister. Well educated, very intelligent and articulate, and respected around the world. Lots of people including me, disagreed with some of his policies, but the man had a vision, and a lot of class. Unlike our current PM who always has his hate on for anyone who questions his wisdom.

  22. Furtz and Hugger my husband came in here laughing about Harpoon Harpo and said how weird he is. Yes there is no character at all like what Pierre was and maybe never will be. Justine (LOL LOL) is what my husband named Justin as well and he deserves that name. Pierre was highly educated and even attended Harvard University as well and yes he was a socialist and did studies in either Russia or China as well. Pierre was mighty well learned and was a lawyer, a minister of Justice and he was an activist and he was a separatist in his youth as well until he crossed over to the other side. Justine will never be like his father or anything close. Justine knows nothing about finance, economics, or law or anything and when he doesn’t know these things at his age then he will never know. Justine will destroy Canada and I mean that. I am not for Harpoon Harpo either so never get me wrong on that one. Harpo is a joke but there is nobody else to elect that is in front of our eyes just now. We are in a heap of trouble and that is the truth.

  23. Well did you meet your demigod, did you worship before his feet?

    Trudeau SR was much despised internationally as he was much too cozy with his communist friends and had admiration with their control of their masses.
    Trudeau aspired to have Canada become communist -read it in his autobiography the truth is there -not the “white washed” CBC view as they are socialist .

    But your son of god is there for you to worship ,and the CBC will play a part in keeping the sheeple in line with their ideology .

    Go forth spread his word of his coming Eden and not to worry The CBC and other left wing media will continue to sell the propaganda of this demigod …..but please don’t ask him any serious questions for the façade will no longer be and your GOD will be tarnished!

    But please advise we the readers what your god has accomplished to be heir to the LIEBERAL throne …I am still waiting to see your responses on how accomplished your GOD is .Oh that’s right name recognition counts and being the son of liberal God that alone entitles him to the throne ! Bloody SHEEPLE easy to be lead.

  24. Jules and Highlander…. Harper has had his turn at destroying Canada. Time for someone else to have their turn.

  25. I’m not even trying. When people refuse to acknowledge what the current PM has done to this country I give up. I lost respect for Harper years ago when he peroged Parliament not once, but twice.

  26. Hugger I agree with you wholeheartedly about Harpoon Harpo and yes he is a disgrace and is destroying Canada. Some years ago you could go anywhere in the entire world and as soon as you would mention that you were Canadian people from everywhere would have their eyes lit up and treated you as a somebody. Nowadays we Canadians are treated similar to Americans with hate because we are invading other countries and acting like Americans bullying others. When my husband’s nephew went back to Lebanon in the late 80’s he made a video for us and held up his Ontario drivers licence with pride. There is no place like Canada at all and that is the truth. Oh yes we sure do have our problems with our PM’s and with Bare Ass and his cut throats but you go elsewhere and you see the same but a great deal worse. There is no government in Lebanon just now since they cannot agree on anything and going there now you have your life in your hands. With all of our insanity Canada is still the best place to be.

  27. Just for the record Chretien peroged government twice as well.
    Furtz wrote:”Holy Jumpin! No way to respond intelligently to Highlander at this point”
    What Furtz, only you can constantly have sarcasm ?

    Your demigod may strike me down for not believing in him the great one that will stop the present apocalypse and bring Eden.

    I am still waiting for those believers of this demigod to prove what miracles he has performed (Any accomplishments) that entitle him to the lieberal throne other then being the son of a lieberal GOD.

    Go forth spread thy word of Justine ,he commith to stop the eternal damnation of Stephan Harper and the conservatives and bring about a utopian communism.

    Do not ask what {MODERATED} your God can do,but follow blindly. Sheeple follow your Sheppard as his propaganda team (THE CBC) has conditioned you well as sheeple are so easy to lead and not question this GOD.

    {MODERATED} has suffered much in his entitled life to attain his GOD status ,but for it not for his last name of a lieberal GOD…..well the second coming would not be.

  28. If you wish to convert me and believe in your GOD please answer and provide proof that I should blindly follow your God as sheeple do.

    “But please advise we the readers what your god has accomplished to be heir to the LIEBERAL throne …I am still waiting to see your responses on how accomplished your GOD is”.

  29. Justin Trudeau hasn’t been PM yet. So he hasn’t had the opportunity to perform miracles as Harpoon Harper has to destroy this once great country.

  30. {MODERATED} A note that while CFN allows the use of pseudonyms by registering, users cannot make certain types of statement with a pseudonym.

    Comment policy reminder

    CFN suggests you post comments using your real name. If you wish to post with a pseudonym you can register that user id by emailing info@cornwallfreenews.com with your name, address, phone number and user id you wish to register.

  31. What’s going on Highlander? We seldom agree on much, but you are normally pretty rational.
    BTW, prorogation is a tool used by all ruling parties to reset the agenda after most of their objectives have been met. It’s followed by a Speech from the Throne, and a new session begins. Harper, in his sliminess, used prorogation to avoid a non-confidence vote, and to stop being questioned about a scandal. Neither of those reasons were legitimate.

  32. The point is Furtz its not rational to have a leader who has not accomplished anything other then camp councillor as leadership skills.

    This is opportunism at its best for had JR had not the last name as the liberal messiah he would not be where he is therefore very irrational ! Marc Garneau is a true leader …but for the liberal party its about populism .

    I’m sorry for believing in having Quality leaders such as Garneau ,Populism should not be the standard set out by any party. Though we may not believe in the same political colors, the thought that JR potentially running the country will only segment Canada and promote separation and potential for Canada’s downfall…and that should make many fearful .
    I think that if Garneau would have been leader they may have had a chance ,but shallow populism will eventually spell doom for those chances or perhaps the country .

    So sheeple follow populism ….but heed warning careful for what you wish for!

  33. Thanks for your insight admin ,but Trudeau Jr is party leader or PM material ?

    Hitler had populism on his side as well.
    Good leaders are groomed through political process and thereby earned ,not granted as though heir to a party.

  34. As I said, I’m not a huge fan of JT. However, he’s been a little more than a camp counselor. He has BA in literature from McGill, and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. He has taught at West Point Grey Academy, and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in BC. Like him or not, he isn’t stupid.
    Harper, on the other hand, got a degree in economics at the University of Calgary, worked in the mail room at an oil company, became a born-again Christian, and then jumped into politics.


  35. Highlander whether one agrees with his politics or not he is definitely leadership material and odds on favorite at this point to defeat Mr. Harper. No one person can win an election; but he’s run a very clever game and is on course for 2015; far more so than Mr. Mulcair.

    Mr. Harper has a lot of baggage at this point. Not sure there are enough dirty tricks to pull this one out of the bag, but no person should take anything for granted next election. It’s full game on and every seat will count.

  36. If Harper sticks around for the next election, the Cons will go down in flames. He knows that, and the circling vultures who want his job know it too. The knives are out. Harper has few friends inside or outside of the party.
    Any bets on when he takes his walk in the snow?
    My money is on October/November of this year.

  37. Furtz Harper has his masters in economics ,But yes a theatrical teacher trumps economics. But hey its all theatrics isn’t it .The game is not over till the votes are in, but when it comes to debates ;well knowledge is king and theatrics loses. With the abortion issue he has lost many in his corner as he even agreed to sex selection abortion…I guess the female fetus is worth less then the male …he will pay for that .
    Admin it is not he who has run a clever game but his handlers but right now there is great infighting within the liberal party .The loyal senators (liberal) and many who are pro life Liberal caucus many are not pleased with his antics.
    As for legalizing pot ,well the older people do not agree and well the youth do not get out there and vote as the older people do.

    To me and perhaps others its a desperate attempt for the liberals getting out of third place after Martin,Dion and Izzy(who was proven to be a temp Canadian citizen of convenience).

  38. Justin was elected by his constituents as their MP. He was also elected by the party to be their leader. Canadians will decide if he has the stuff to be PM.

  39. It’s almost fun to watch Harper supporters slipping into panic mode over the leader of the third party. If JT is the bozo they keep saying he is, what’s to worry about? LOL LOL ROLF etc.

  40. Furtz because populism comes at a cost !

    Like I said Attack politics(see Ontario liberals and Unions) is the norm and Trudeau has provided much fodder!

    Its not just “they” saying he is a bozo ,its he himself that has proved it on many occasions.
    Is this what we want as our international ambassador and leader of our country?
    If you want populism why not Justin Bieber as our leader they are equally qualified for a ruinous diplomatic approach.

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