Last Chance to Walk Across The Seaway International Bridge – JULY 8th 2014 CLICK FOR DETAILS

Bridge HIGHCORNWALL Ontario – Area residents get a last chance to walk over the Northern section of the Seaway International  bridge in Cornwall.


From the press release:

The Seaway International Bridge Corporation, Ltd. (SIBC) in collaboration with The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) invites all members of the community to walk the old North Channel Bridge and view the historical photos that will be set up on the bridge for the occasion.

This special community event will feature a brief commentary on the history of the old bridge, its replacement with the new North Channel Bridge and the planned demolition.

The public community event will take place on Tuesday July 8, 2014 from 2 pm to 8 pm weather permitting. The rain date is set for WednesdayJuly 9, from 2pm-8pm.

This is a pedestrian only event. Individuals who require a mobility aid will be permitted to access the bridge.

This writer is sad to see the old bridge come down as it’s got a strange majestic beauty, and the view from the top is very special.

We talked with Rik Saaltink as the current bridge was being constructed.  The new bridge is a much shorter span and has been servicing traffic for nearly a year.

The bridge is expected to be brought down in sections over the next several years.


  1. That is history that is going to happen but one thing about that bridge is that it is old and deteriorated and I will miss seeing it when we go down to Cornwall. Shipping is gone for good from Cornwall and so is everything else. Like my husband said this evening is that Cornwall is only for a certain people and not for the rest. How true that is. Cornwall could have surpassed many towns but decided to stay behind because of the mighty weak and corrupt administration along with the cut throat clique.

  2. The bridge should have come down years ago. It surpassed it usefulness years ago. The port of Cornwall is still used for shipping. They use the south channel instead of the north channel.

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