Calypso Water Park Responds to Legal Claims Via Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon – July 8, 2014

calypso water parkCFNCalypso Water Park in Limoges Ontario sent CFN a release regarding the law suits it’s facing over three legal claims after we spoke with their Super Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon of Greenspon, Brown, & Associates in Ottawa.

At Calypso, we keep the safety of our guests at heart – it is our top priority. Our safety program is proactive, preventive and professional. Our infrastructure is state-of-the-art and of the highest quality and design; all of our slides and structures undergo rigid safety inspections.

Every attraction has its own set of user rules and safety procedures which are clearly explained by our staff and on-site signage. Members of our staff are fully trained to ensure our guests enjoy themselves in a safe environment. In 2014, Calypso will welcome its 2 millionth visitor at the park.

With regards to the Stoakes claim, this incident is alleged to have taken place 4 years ago (beyond the 2-year statute of limitations). During its 4 years of operation, children and adults have enjoyed the wave pool in safety.  

With regards to the Noah allegation, Calypso’s information is that this slip and fall occurred at the end of a ride and resulted in a scrape to the person’s back. This action claims grossly excessive damages.  

With regards to the Dia-Zeineddine claim, this incident involved a confrontation/ fight between two groups of patrons on Calypso grounds. Neither Calypso’s infrastructure, nor its employees were involved in this fight. The safety protocol was followed closely – something we take very seriously – and police were swift to intervene. One of the individuals has been charged criminally and the matter is in the hands of the police.  

Allegations of over-serving alcohol are unfounded as all the Calypso employees serving alcohol are certified under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Smart Serve program course and are trained and familiar with the rules and regulations.

All of these actions will be defended vigorously. We are proud of our facility, and proud of the awards and recognition we have received from tourism and recreation authorities on both sides of the Ottawa river. These are a testament to the excellence of both our Park and our staff, an excellence that will continue into the future and will always define our operations.

About Canada’s biggest and best theme waterpark Officially opened in Summer 2010. Representing a total investment of nearly $65 million, Calypso stands out through its sheer size covering over 100 acres featuring over 35 heated waterslides, 100 water games, Canada’s largest wave pool, North America’s tallest waterslide tower and much more! As a leader in the Canadian waterpark industry, Calypso strives to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. Calypso was awarded the Ottawa Tourism’s Innovation of the year Award for its Kongo Expedition water slide in 2014 and for its Summit Tower in 2012. Calypso was also named company of the year by both Ottawa Tourism and Le RGA de la capitale nationale.

Mr. Greenspon was quoted previously about safety issues that resulted in charges to the park.

In a written statement, Calypso lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon, called the charges a “surprising abuse of power.” “All of these allegations have been addressed to ensure the public’s safety. They are already the subject of another process with the same Ministry responsible for TSSA,” said Greenspon.

 Photo courtesy of Calpyso


  1. It amazes me that people come out of the woodwork with nuisance lawsuits when an attraction opens up. People have to pay attention to safety instructions and not just do as they please.

  2. My kids and I have been to Calypso… good times! The problem is that our society has been nannied for so long now that getting hurt must mean surely someone else is to blame. Personal responsibility is a rare thing today. For laughs, look up “Action Park” on YouTube. We will never enjoy fun and freedom like that again.

  3. Agreed Greg Reynolds. And it’s far worse in the U.S.A., they have a “sue everyone” mentality.

  4. Reminds me of that fat guy in the United States that attempted to sue MacDonalds for his obesity. Our legal system both here in Canada and the USA would benefit from following the German model with regards to law suits. North American lawyers however would see a dramatic decline in their average incomes.

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