Over 10MM of Rain & Possible Thundershowers Predicted For Cornwall Ontario This Weekend! July 25, 2014

clock tower lo 2014CORNWALL Ontario –  Ten to fifteen millimeters of rain are predicted for Cornwall Ontario this weekend with possible Thundershowers on Saturday and Sunday!  A possibility of Hail for Sunday.

Temperatures will hover between 20-25 for both days.

Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on reading and watching Netflix!



  1. LOL LOL. Furtz I am on higher ground. LOL LOL. ROLF! Oh well it will be good for my mint outside. This evening I cut the mint down to size and I am drying it out so as to squash it and put it in the bag for salads and omelettes.

  2. The XFLIES haters tried to say you predicted bad weather to scare people away from PIG_FEST LOL
    Larry David made a whole Curb your enthusiasm show on such a nutty theory
    the flies…they will say anything against you the FOOLS

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