Have the Cornwall River Kings Been Frosted? Is Brock Willie Wise Jr? Rumours Swirl NOV 22, 2014

Have the Cornwall River Kings Been Frosted? Is Brock Willie Wise Jr?  Rumours Swirl NOV 22, 2014

Gogne Frost KingsCFN – Did Brock Frost buy the River Kings to help him get elected to council?  Mr. Frost gave out two interviews to the Seaway News first denying and then being exposed by former River King mucky muck Mitch Gagne on Facebook.

That’s one of the biggest buzz chats right now for River King fans who are venting their frustration as rumors are flying that owner Brock Frost has “sold” the team to one Darren Madden.

brock & darren fbMadden, pictured on the left and Frost (on right) were both uunavailablefor comment.  Mr. Frost who did not actually participate in any debates during the election was telling whoppers about being rushed to hospital and back in 90 minutes from one debate and then told a mythical tale about having a three day sleep study which the clinic he named stated they do not offer.

One team insider says that Mr. Madden had to borrow food money last season and that there is already infighting among team hanger ons.

It was also reported that several player’s cheques bounced while Frost was partying in Mexico after the election.

Attendance is down this season as well as the team focused on, um, erm, puck bunnies marketing instead of on ice talent of which a few players are said to have already left the team.

Mr. Frost has refused previously to this writer to personally guarantee season ticket holder’s funds.     One rumor monger thought that Mr. Frost was funding Madden so that Mr. Frost could lobby for the team in open council without being called on conflict of interest; but clearly the optics would reek if Mr. Frost tried stumping for an arena deal in open council as a team owner in the same season.

Some of the fans were venting in a facebook fan page.

Cornwall Super Fan Brock Kirkman

kirkman 2

Brock Kirkman FB

Former River Kings Owner David Small

david small

Moochie Parasite video guy Keith Papineau

papineau fb

Mr. Frost has left a trail of non paid bills in his business track leading back to his failed Church on Sydney facility.   Should be interesting if he ends up on the Budget committee for the city of Cornwall.

Darren Madden FBThe scary thing as he appears to be leaving the team to implode under Mr. Madden is that there are people that care and want to save the team, but Mr. Frost appears unwilling to sell the team to them, even if for a sum of $1 to ensure the team survives.

CFN spoke to one investor who expressed their frustration at what they termed Mr. Frost’s lack of professionalism or caring about Hockey or the team.

He’s a F****** ****** Ball ******* and has ****** us all over.

CFN was also told, but has not confirmed that players and staff were notified of a sale by email.   Denis Boisvert from the LNAH has not responded yet via email regarding a team sale which would have to be ratified by the league.

CFN will be updating the story as more of the sad and pathetic details unfold.  If you have any information please email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com  CFN protects sources and doesn’t burn them as opposed to a certain other editor here in Cornwall.

Are you an angry River King fan?  You can post your comments below.

Photos & Screen caps: Facebook


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This is Cornwall! It’s all sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors in this town. No-one seems to be able to tell the truth anymore!


He bought the team with the idea it would help him during the election.


And he’s discovering a hockey team is not a house for rent.

Willie Wise Ghost

I would appreciate one more letter to clarify the profanity. Please provide another letter in the first ****** and two letters in *******.

Thank you in advance.


Frosty needs a swirly.


Still amazed how many people post their views openly on Facebook. A Cornwall man lost a good job at Ottawa Hospital for posting about Mike Duffy. Your views maybe totally correct..but..your boss might not agree.
All my life Cornwall was labelled a hockey town but few people seem willing to come out.
Even Cornwall Royals, who made this town news all over the world with championships, were only kept afloat because Mr Emard was a really good man

fern sicard


Pete Walbee

Might be nice if Mickey Woods comes out for a weekend hockey game..LOL


SOLDDDDDDDDDDDDD to Darren Madden. Surprised? Nope. Frost got what he wanted out of the River Kings…..publicity / help with his political career.

And like I said earlier “And he’s discovering a hockey team is not a house for rent.”


Frosty is educated and very intelligent but if you ask me if I trust him the answer is no. Politicians lie and they are there for what they can get. We have all seen enough of Bare Ass all these years for what he has done and that tops it all.

Colin Munro

Another story that isn’t a story. Why would anyone by a hockey team to get elected to a municipal council. It makes no sense. Brock Frost has stated on multiple occasions that he will be donating his $14,000 per year council salary to charity, so there goes the “he’s just in it for the money” theory. Any updates regarding your death threat charges? Like I said, hopefully you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; Cornwall is better off without you. Have a great Sunday, hopefully nobody else “falsely” accuses you of anything today!


Colin Munro you are a mighty sickening piece of crap the way you and your ilk treat Jamie and I can tell you that Jamie is not the kind of person to make death threats. There was no proof of any of that and you have to have voice prints to prove that and the Barney Fife PD is not equipped for such a thing and nothing of that sort has appeared on Jamie’s phones. With today’s technology very bad things are done. Just yesterday evening my son told me about Ottawa’s Police Department site was taken down with something… Read more »

Pete Walbee

Clin Munro…First and foremost Jamie has spoken the truth on the issues during the election and with Frosty/Riverkings story. He uncovered Brock for what he is, a two bit phony and his obvious motive for purchasingte hockey team was to get elsected.. Now let’s wait and see if he will really donate his council salary to charity..I doubt very much that he keeps his word.Jamie thanks you once again