Winter Is Here – Seasonal Photos of the Day from Calvin Hanson of Cornwall Ontario – Dec 15, 2014

red cardinal HANSONCORNWALL Ontari0 – Area photographer Calvin Hanson has been busy with the first real snow of Winter.   He was kind enough to share some shots with our viewers like the stunning shot of a Cardinal above.

Here are some Christmas shots he took.

And this wreath shot has a Norman Rockwell feel to it.

And my favorite kind of hunting, using cameras instead of guns.

Look at this head shot.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas!

Thank you Mr. Hanson for these great shots!

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  1. We see the cardinal birds a lot here in the park here in Ottawa. These are beautiful pictures indeed. It reminds me of the bird sanctuary where we used to look at the deer. Winter is here alright but we don’t have the same cold as in other years.

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