Cornwall & Area January CFN Eatery Report by Jamie Gilcig – JAN 22, 2015

romas pizzaCFN – So we took a peek at 2015 so far and dug into some other establishments. All data comes from EOHU inspections.

This is a random sampling.

The Cornwall Curling Club’s banquet hall has never been inspected since inspections started being posted online in July 2012.  Isn’t that odd?

Many Halls and Community Centres only get one visit per year it seems, if that.  The Legion in Cornwall had one inspection in all of 2014 and passed with zero issues.

CCVS passed two visits in 2014 with zero issues.  SCM had zero issues with its visit in 2015.

In June of 2014, its only visit, there were four infractions of the Bars at the Best Western Inn & Conference Centre.  In September they had 3 more infractions in the restaurant.

Lola’s Pub & Grill had 6 infractions at the end of 2014 including Toxic/poisonous substances being stored near food.

The Agape Centre food bank  had a clean bill during its one visit in 2014 as did the St. Vincent de Paul.  The Sally Ann had two infractions.

Wing Hing passed its first test for 2015 with zero infractions as did  Thum’s Kitchen, Firehouse Restaurant, Philos, Mama Sue’s Diner, Kell’s Kitchen,  Family Corner Restaurant, Double Double Pizza,

Sub Bay was cited for 3 infractions this month.  Scores was nailed for 4 infractions in November 2014.

Roma’s on McConnell had zero infractions for all of 2014!

Louis Pizzeria was dinged 5 times for its visit of November 2014.

So was your favorite eatery on the list?    Kudos to our local eateries that had zero infractions for January report!

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  1. Wing hing didn’t get any infractions? Who’s the inspector and is he or she blind?

  2. Author

    Pete I’d still order from them. I get these moods and Louis does decadent thick pizza better than anyone in Cornwall 🙂

  3. Louis has a great sub/fries mean called the widow maker. It’s a seriously huge sub with all kinds of meat, cheese and gravy.
    I feel North end is my favorite. However, Louis and North End both have their own unique pizza greatness. And yes, i researched it and in fact it is Montreal style. Cheese on top baby. When i call North End, sometimes i don’t even have to give my address or phone because we recognize each other and my pizza has an extra specific topping. I order N.E about twice a week lol.

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