MURDER in Hawkesbury Ontario – #OPP Robert Edgar (78) Charged With Killing Wife – JAN 31, 2015


(LEFAIVRE, ON) – On January 25, 2015 members of the Hawkesbury detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a 911 call at a residence on Concession 1, Lefaivre, Alfred-Plantagenet TWP along with Paramedics to a report of a deceased female.

Upon arrival,‎ Emergency Responders located Zdenka (Radja) SEKORA , 83, deceased.

Investigation by the Hawkesbury OPP Crime Unit, led by OPP Acting Detective Inspector Peter Donnelly, Criminal investigation Branch (CIB) has revealed that her death was the result of foul play.

Her husband, Robert EDGAR, 78, was arrested on January 30, 2015 and charged with Second Degree Murder.

The accused was remanded to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice, L’orignal on Monday, February 2. 2015.


  1. And why should age be a matter…it has nothing to do with it. If accused took someone else’s life its murder regardless of anything else at least the police did an investigation, occasionally it appears that authorities couldn’t care a less…and repeatedly coin the phrase “oh well he/she was old” “the death was expected”…my responses to that does not matter the age what matters is why? Expected by whom?? Should be a MANDATORY AUTOPSY asking the question What happened? Was there something that could have prevented the outcome?

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  3. Not knowing the circumstances makes it harder to comment correctly. But perhaps they had an agreement that if she got to a certain stage in an illness he would do what they perceived as right. Perhaps she didn’t want to live as a vegetable.

  4. Hugger, I’m sure there will be a police investigation and a trial where the facts will come out. This isn’t a soap-opera.

  5. Hugger, if you really feel the need to know all the intimate details of this tragic situation, maybe you should drive up there and conduct your own investigation.

  6. Sifting through comments gives one a clearer understanding of just why reality shows dominate prime time. People are more fascinated with meaningless fluff and endless speculation rather than patiently and intelligently waiting for the facts to evolve. I don’t have a dish or cable and I still run out of time each day, go figure.

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