SD&SG Riding Ass. Playing Tim Hudak Politics in Long Sault Ontario – March 29, 2015

brown & oshaughnessyCFN – We are updating our original story after finding out that it was in fact our MPP Jim McDonell and the SD&SG Riding Association that snubbed CFN & SSN viewers by not inviting either outlet to the media event that both Patrick Brown and Christine Elliotte attended in Long Sault.

MPP McDonell and his executive assistant did not respond to email queries.

What do you think dear CFN viewers, is this how to bring new people to the fold or just old school politics?

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  1. Wasn’t this event hosted by Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell? If so, then he is to blame on whom gets invited and whom doesn’t get invited.

  2. My Conservative MP, Gord Brown, held an election campaign fundraiser event on Saturday. And I never got an invite!! I’m so angry I could spit!
    Being a third string backbencher, he gets about ten minutes a month to speak in Parliament. Here’s his latest speech. Pretty cool, eh?

  3. Pretty well every political schmooze-fest or fundraiser has to be by invitation only. No way would they want anyone in the room asking questions or conducting interviews.

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