After Meeting Local NDP Candidate I Can’t Vote in Federal Election by Jamie Gilcig – AUG 20, 2015 #CDNPOLI

This has to be the weirdest Federal election I’ve lived through.    I’m now a hyper partisan voter.  No more party allegiances for me.

The problem is that in this race the one leader I’d lean towards I’ve lost all faith in.    Nor do I see that much separating the three main parties. Yes, there’s a glimmer here and there, but mostly it’s party rhetroric.  They all seem to be behaving in the same manner.

Focusing locally in my home riding there is no real chance I can vote for MP Guy Lauzon based on his lack of support for our riding.  He clearly has chosen his own partisan path over that of his overall constiency.

Bernadette Clement?  For a woman that spouts it’s time for change she sure acts a lot like Guy Lauzon.

Patrick Burger?  I had a glimmer of hope until meeting him yesterday.   He turtled and frankly lost his one chance to show that he had any personal integrity and was worthy of my vote.

Yes, I could vote Green, but I’m not sure I’d want to.

At best I’m an undecided voter.  As much as I’d hate not to vote as I believe it should be mandatory I honestly am not sure which way to go.

I don’t expect perfection from a party, leader, or candidate, but I do hold out for some leadership skills and worthiness of getting my vote.

In this election I, like many voters, feel utterly helpless as the most important issues for me are not being spoken to Nationally or locally.    I don’t feel any of the main three represent anything near what I hope for Canada and that’s very sad and scary for our Democracy.

Hopefully something changes between now and October 19th.

Are any of you dear CFN viewers feeling this? At least the ones of you that aren’t partisan?

You can post your comments below.


  1. At least you want to vote!

  2. Gee this sure doesn’t sound like our Jamie. Jamie was always a get up and go and vote kind of guy but this sounds more like yours truly your wacky jules. LOL LOL. ROLF! Well???? not quite that bad your jules is very wacky and so much so that if it were mandatory to vote I would literally vote in your little Fitzy and that is a promise and I keep my pormises Jamie. Yes I am wacky enough to do just that. People believe that the politicians are there for us while in reality they are there only for the richest people of society (the big banksters and the big corporations) and that is it. People have believed in the lies for way too long and swallowed everything hook, line and sinker and they are there for themselves only. Pull back the fleece and give those jokers a good look.

  3. Author

    Are you going back to your roots Keith? 🙂

  4. There is something that has been on my mind for some time now and I could very well be wrong but I will tell you what I have as a feeling. I think that Bernadette Clément might be seeking a high post of some sort in the federal or provincial government without having to campaign and be elected. You can throw all the mud at me but this is one feeling that I have and that is why she buddied up with Winnie the Poo and Justine. The present premier of PEI (the son of Joe Ghiz) is also being cozy with Justine for a good job in the federal government and Bernadette knows very well what she is doing. This woman is a smart cookie and she along with the others do not represent any of you. Bernadette like everyone else is out for Bernadette. I have had this feeling for some time now and I don’t know if it is true or not but just some kind of a very strange feeling.

  5. I say that if you do not vote you lose your right to complain. I no longer vote for the person running but for the party.I have discovered that many now think this way as well, that is why Lauzon keeps getting elected ,even though he does not deserve to be

  6. Author

    Mary I can tell you that I will never vote for a party just because of affiliation. People are human and sometimes people in a party are not fit to lead (IE Tim Hudak or Kathleen Wynne)

    I agree about not voting, but geez our system makes it hard to find a worthy candidate!

  7. “The real owners of the world” have the Canadians and the Yanks by the balls. If you think that voting for a person or a party is going to give you the right to complain – you are dead wrong. People have the right to complain “just now but won’t be for too long” from what I gather and no matter who you put in as your representative or as PM or MP or MPP the answer is the same. All parties are owned and controlled by the SAME OWNERS and you have all been had. I know fully well that our Jamie knows fully well what I am talking about and many times I tried to get other points across and couldn’t. Tim Hudak “who dat” or Winnie the Poo are both unfit to lead. Hudak is a cousin of Dalton and David McGuinty. Oh before I forget all I see in my riding Alta Vista area are David McGuinty signs on people’s lots.

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