Marijuana For Fun, Profit and Liberty in Ottawa – by Roy Berger FEB 27, 2017

Ottawa Ontario –   Deep in the brightly lit heart of the nation’s capital a Canadian underground blossoms into a Green Spring as marijuana business and politics continue their awkward and dramatic dance.
Cannabis Culture opened another marijuana dispensary at 319 Bank Street in Ottawa on February 23rd that sells marijuana to anyone who has photo identification showing they are 19 or older. The opening was celebrated with the appearance of Jodie Emery.
The store has now been open for four days.
One of the workers, Nadine said, “This is the best dispensary experience. People are genuinely excited about their job. We’re selling cannabis, how can there be anything wrong with that? I’ve had fourteen years of retail experience and this is the best job I’ve had.
“When it comes to arrest, I guess you don’t know how you’re going to react until it happens.
“We’ve had a lot of disabled people come in who are very satisfied with the experience. I think it’s going to be legal by the end of the year.
“It comes down to respect. We’re getting a couple hundred people a day coming in. We’re open seven days a week from 10AM to 10PM. We are accepting resumes. Bring them in, we are looking. We are assured of legal representation.”
Another woman spoke up, “It’s taken over alcohol for me. I also have IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and marijuana does help control the roller coaster ride of nausea.”
Another worker, Alex said, “I couldn’t be more proud of the workers here and their commitment. I couldn’t be more proud of our clients. I couldn’t be more proud of our reception. Not one of the workers are worried or afraid. We understand. We are justified. Everyone of our staff is backed by Kirk Tousaw.”
“The best part is the customer,” he continued, motioning to the green entrance door that separated the store from the store-front entrance. “They are so patient to stand or sit in the waiting room when there is sometimes a line of thirty people, they aren’t made or upset.”
A customer said, “I’ve never been in a dispensary before.  I thought it would be all dark and like buying in an alley way. It’s not sketchy at all. I feel very welcome.”
Alex continued, “You can’t force the little guy out. There is a role for small business here. This is the model of the future. We have no issues. We are offering a solution.”

According to the CEO, Jodie Emery, Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensaries are slated to open at over 200 other locations this year.
Alex Newcombe said, “I am one of the sponsors hosting the 4/20 on Parliament Hill this year.”
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Roy Berger lives in Ottawa, Canada and has recently published, Thrills and Chills: Demagoguery, Charisma and Freedom with Max Weber, Émile Durkheim and J.J. Rousseau in both French and English editions.

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  1. There is a man that I worked with in the federal government who was a very sharp dresser and had a very beautiful girlfriend and he was on drugs – he started with marijuana and went harder drugs. He beat up his girlfriend and his life went to hell – that is the penalty of drugs. I am as square as a square peg and proud of it.

  2. So Jules you know one person who was bad and that makes cannabis a gateway drug? Maybe the square peg should read more, it could save your life some day

  3. Wayne not only one man that I knew but both my husband and I knew of another man who was a user with marijuana and his life was one total destruction after another and is now deceaced. Drugs of all kinds are very bad news. I am a happy person and don’t need drugs to alter my mood. My wackiness is natural and no additives. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  4. Jamie I have another piece of news for you about drugs and look at what happened:
    Lowertown police operation targets suspected drug lab

  5. Pathetic losers crying to their government for pot. Get real get a life

  6. There was something in Ottawa’s papers with cops investigating the drugs and they are stopping even prescription drugs coming from other countries because they can be laced with opiods. A 40 year old man was charged with making drugs while units in a building caught on fire. People are completely insane today – I am living in hell it is right here on this earth with all the nuts out there.

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