#boobygate Coverup in Cornwall is Rank – Chem Tanks 2.0 By Jamie Gilcig JULY 14, 2017

#boobygate Coverup in Cornwall is Rank – Chem Tanks 2.0  By Jamie Gilcig JULY 14, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – I’ve always marvelled what anyone can have against the female breast and nipples?   Watch television and people have no issues with shows like The Walking Dead which has some of the most senseless and frightening gore I’ve ever seen in my near 53 years on this planet; but show a nipple and eek!

Whether breastfeeding or sunning in Lamoureux Parc should there be any issue?  Not really.

Unless the woman that filed the Human Rights complaint against the City of Cornwall has a change of heart and is happy with just making her point the city is going to be on the hook for a bag o money.  Just the legal bills could nearly furnish Councilor Andre Rivette with language lessons…in the language of his choice even.  The fact that she’s using a law firm doesn’t bode well for Cornwall’s finances.   (And if she or her reps would email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or call us at 855 444 1133 we’d love to interview her or her legal Beagles. )

You see the city and other defendants are already essentially guilty.   The law is quite clear.  Once they answered in anything that didn’t comply with law they were done.   The only question is quantum, which essentially is “how much.”

Now who’s the boob?   Today I saw a letter that wreaks of Mark Boileau that can again put the city in Charter trouble.

Clearly Boileau was either the pointman in the Chem tank mess or was part of it.   No wonder he was “promoted” out of economic development as the Chem Tanks certainly have not “helped” develop Cornwall’s waterfront.  And the bad theatre the entailed as they were placed is something that we all should be embarrassed about.

Speaking of Boobs; like an echo, Hugo Rodrigues of the Freeholder threw a hissy fit and seems to agree with my previous editorial and feels someone should be held accountable.

Should Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams be Held Accountable for Boobygate?

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It’s kind of funny.  When this newspaper started in 2009 some of the locals would say we were making up stories because it “wasn’t in the Freeholder.”   Of course now we tend to see the Freeholder and other media either duck stories or limp it out only after CFN has done what we do best as one of the only Gonzo newspapers in Canada.  And many times the story is missing key elements.  For example the Freeholder didn’t release info of the POW Cornwall meeting to galvanize the public and get to its goal of getting 1000 signatures on its petition.   While he sent a reported to cover the meeting not a peep was mentioned of the petition and not one of the three organizers was asked any questions.   Fake news or simply bad journalism?  Especially as there was a petition sheet at the table of the Freeholder reported.

So what was Hugo ranting about tonight? (photo of Hugo : social media) 

Cornwall Coun. Justin Towndale was completely in the right last weekend when he penned a Facebook post about a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario complaint.

Check.  We published Councilor Towndale’s social media statement because it’s important to do stuff like that so you, the viewer can have a truly informed opinion.  To read our piece from much earlier this week click this LINK.

The distressing part, as Towndale pointed out, is how long it took from when the complaint was received by Cornwall’s parks and recreation department to when CAO Maureen Adams and council were informed.

Sound familiar?  Chem Tank 2.0.

Adams chalked up the delay in notification as an honest mistake and unfortunate oversight.

Again, Chem Tank 2.0.   If you don’t learn from your mistakes you repeat them.  Clearly city management and many on this council who were in office during Chem Tank 1.0 either didn’t learn much or…..worse were a part of it?

That it took almost a month for the CAO and council to receive the complaint is inexcusable, period.

Of course.   Of course Hugo rarely if ever takes a position or outs some of the stories that the public, and even some on council need to see to be able to take action and get a feel for the true “Bigger Picture.”  Of course after the last round of buyouts at the Freeholder that saw long time editor Len Hooper and Greg “Boomer” Peerenbohm sail away every ad dollar counts more than ever; especially when you’re part of a big chain like Postmedia.

Council has to keep management accountable and management has to keep council accountable.   It certainly doesn’t look like this has been the case for a very very long time in Cornwall.

I have no doubt if I ever waited that long to inform those individuals of a legal matter, the reprimand I’d receive would be swift and severe. I’d probably be walked out the door by the end of the business day.

Well Hugo probably won’t be here much longer either way, but I certainly agree with his point, which a few have said to me was him agreeing with my point.

So why hasn’t council called a closed door meeting like South Glengarry is having after it was embarrassed by staff that led to a VIP wedding at Marlin’s Orchard having to be moved from a nice open air tent to a stinky old greenhouse?


We shouldn’t stand for many things in this city.  I try not too.    Of course the price for that is having a city led conspiratorial boycott of this newspaper in spite of the fact that we have the largest audience and reach, not too mention value.

This community has some amazing people.  They need to stand up.  They need to stop voting as though it’s a popularity contest.   Having a lot of facebook friends shouldn’t get one elected because they’re a “nice guy”.

Have we learned from the Brock Frost fiasco?  Have we learned from voting for people like Justin Towndale and Carilyne Hebert, or even worse David Murphy?

Will the public stop swilling from the saccharine cups of Bernie Clement?   She really isn’t that nice, and seems to be far too thin skinned to be in politics.

We’ll find out in another year and a bit.

Ice rinks, worm kids, citations for seniors listening to Abba, clear conflict of interests, runaway tax increases, loss of a 36 year old public art gallery (remember Hugo’s editorial saying it wasn’t a public art gallery?  🙂   )  no seemingly ability to control police and fire budgets, and now Boobygate;  and of course another round of Condos in the park waterfront.

Add in blocking an attempt to purchase the Domtar lands by a major firm which allegedly blames…you know who…

We can do better.   Hugo can do better too.    When the budget came out I offered to be interviewed by Hugo or the Freeholder because I still feel we can cut taxes easily by up to 5% and he heckled the amount of votes I had.    But that’s Hugo Rodrigues.  I did run for mayor after all and while I may have only had about 800 votes, the difference between having Bob Kilger back for another term was only 1200 votes.   I had to pull back the stick as our internal data showed a strong chance of vote splitting.

And this is Cornwall.  And in 2018 the voters will have a chance to truly drain the swamp.  Not just of limp councilors like most sitting at City Hall, but to clean house as Brampton did.  It’s time.  Isn’t it?

What do you think dear viewers? You can actually post your comment below.  You can’t of course on the Freeholder because…..

Photo of the boobylicious Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame: Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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People have no morals anymore and have absolutely no brains. The world is gone to hell and getting a great deal worse and when God comes back there will be hell to pay among all those immoral people.

Rusted Bolt
Rusted Bolt

Boileau was most likely mailed the notice who in turn sent to Clarke who in turn contacted a city lawyer both thinking it was not a council issue they kept the discussion to themselves and when s@it started to run one or both decided best to notify the CAO who also felt it was not a council issue until Towndale spoke, she covered up for incompetent managers all 3 should be fired. Honest mistake BS


Hopefully the city does what is right and just repeals the bylaw. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the city decides to spend bucket loads of taxpayer money to get a legal opinion what should be done. This isn’t rocket science….repeal the bylaw / rule and the HRTO complaint goes away.