Should Danny Aikman Be Appointed Police Chief of Cornwall? by Jamie Gilcig 110117

Cornwall Ontario – The Police Board of Cornwall, led by Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette, announced that Deputy Chief Danny Aikman has been appointed the title of Designated Chief as of January 1st, 2018 to replace Chief Dan Parkinson on January 1, 2019.

It is this writer’s opinion that this current police board, having done nothing to investigate many issues including this writer’s false arrest and other grievous issues should be investigated by an outside agency, and that no such appointment be made until cleared of wrongdoing.

The past police board saw a mayor and his campaign manager lead it through what many consider to be a corrupt election that led to a new contract for Chief Parkinson who was involved in the conspiracy of my false charges.

Cst Casey McGregor, Sgt Chad Maxwell, and Chief Parkinson are involved in that specific case.

This is a police force that is way over budget.  Has fought being accountable and only now, after much pressure, is releasing basic information such as call counts, and while the majority of officers of the CCPS are a true tribute to their badges, clearly the force has some issues with its upper management such as Staff Sgt Brian Snyder.

The force also has abysmal numbers when it comes to fraud investigation, sexual assault investigations, and is currently running at less than half the national average when it comes to gender equality, and even worse when it comes to visible minority hiring.

The role of a police chief is critical for a community.   In many ways it takes its point by how it is policed.   It’s important that Cornwall’s next police chief be chosen in the manner of best practices,  and not done behind political shadows.

Ironically the police release brags about Deputy Chief Aikman’s seats on several charities.   Those charities for example all boycott this newspaper.  The United Way for example has missed its targets the last few years so this year simply doesn’t have a published fundraising target.

When any entity boycotts the largest newspaper in its community it essentially is boycotting the community.  That should be a canary in a coalmine.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.



  1. No absolutely not. I would much rather have a new chief from somewhere very far away from Cornwall along with the rest of the corrupt cops. When I saw his name along with others I was literally thrown and said not again – more corruption and it will never end. Jamie you have suffered more than enough and the cops are deep in corruption in Cornwall. Yours truly would never set foot ever again.

  2. {MODERATED} Mr. Milliken, when you’re ready to look at the truth and not just drink the koolaid please feel free to post to CFN again. Posting with different user id’s with the same IP number will just get your IP banned.


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