The Everyday Importance of Mobile Technology March 6, 2018

The Everyday Importance of Mobile Technology  March 6, 2018

The Everyday Importance of Mobile Technology

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The growth in availability and diversity of mobile technology has truly heralded the beginning of an age of convenience. Beyond the obvious use of using mobile devices for the purpose of communication, mobile technology now permits users to perform tasks that previously would have required manual labour or a sizeable amount of travel.

One important practical use for mobile technology in Canada is in the health sector. Recent developments in technology have enabled iris scanners to be used to assist the level of support given to marginalised groups in society who may not have ready access to health cards or identification. These scanners help recognise and track individuals’ health records, ensuring that the best possible care can be given to all members of society.

Furthermore, 56% of employers in Canada as of March 2016 use mobile technology to support the health of their employees. Apps are available for a huge range of services, from the aforementioned health benefits to monitoring how many calories a person has eaten in a day. Many workers now use mobile devices for emails, previously the work of computers, and for calendars as a replacement for physical diaries. Outside of the practical benefits of mobile technology, there are also many benefits when it comes to leisure.

The world of gaming has been redefined by the growth of mobile technology. For example, casino games used to be something that could only be enjoyed in a physical casino but now it is commonplace for players to use their laptops or their smartphones to engage in whatever game takes their choosing without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Mobile technology is in continual development, with industries always searching for new ways to optimise their services. This ever-changing nature necessitates a fresh look at Spin Palace and other gaming websites so has provided an analysis of their services. Constant updates in technology ensure that Spin Palace’s collection of over 450 different casino games continues to operate seamlessly and innovatively. The same is true of many casinos popular with the country’s players.

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The world of mobile gaming does not end with casinos. High-quality games that were previously the preserve of games consoles or computers can now be transported anywhere via a smartphone. Perhaps the most dramatic example of the benefit of mobile technology in terms of revitalising gaming experiences came in 2016 with the global phenomenon of Pokemon Go. Players used their phone to roam a real-world map, encountering and capturing Pokemon as they physically moved around an environment. Children and many adults could get their gaming fix whilst being encouraged to exercise and explore notable landmarks.

With the growth of mobile technology comes a growing responsibility to ensure that children are aware of both the benefits and the dangers of having the world at their fingertips. Like almost all types of technology, from cars to toasters, mobile devices can be brilliant when used appropriately. And the advantages are certainly evident with the rise in technological literacy of youngsters. Communication is now easier than ever and students can research any topic without the need for specific books. One thing is for certain: technology will continue to grow and to permeate everyday life.

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