Canadian Influencers to Watch in 2018

Canadian Influencers to Watch in 2018

Canada is home to an impressive array of influencers. The Canadian economy is dynamic, growth-oriented, and ready to embrace the latest changes. This ensures that Canada can meet the needs of an increasingly complex global economy, and all the exigencies that may arise. That being said, it’s no mean feat identifying the top Canadian influencers for 2018. High quality products and services, creative content, and strong leadership are all characteristics of Canada’s crème de la crème. The influencer landscape is peppered with extraordinary Canadians whose presence is felt far and wide. The popularity of these influencers is easily gauged on social media, in the financial arena, and even in entertainment circles. Canadians dominating the social influencer scene include familiar names and several new additions.

Top-Ranking Canadian Enterprises Dominating the Scene

Towards the end of 2017, leading accounting enterprise, Deloitte listed several companies that would dominate the scene in 2018. They include Diply, Prodigy Game, Prodigy Ventures, Bench Accounting, Skip the Dishes, Stack Adapt, Send to News, and Maropost. These companies enjoyed astronomical growth in double-quick time. For example, Diply (a social entertainment publishing company) boasted a growth rate of over 92,000%. Others on the list such as Bench Accounting grew by an astronomical 12,814%, while Prodigy Game recorded 18,933% growth. From a business perspective, Canadian technology companies are booming. These enterprises are a mix of public and private companies, many of which are familiar to users all over the world. For example, Foodee, RateHub, Top Hat, Vidyard, PixMob, and Awesense have a loyal following on a global scale.

The CEOs of these enterprises, the directors, managers and social media gurus who work their magic to put Canadian business on the map are quickly gaining recognition around the world. Such is the appeal of Canadian inspiration on the global field that many of the changes we are seeing today are directly attributed to Canadian influencers. From the social media scene and the vast array of YouTube stars to TV, the big screen, business, and entertainment milieu, Canadians are making their presence felt. It’s no secret that stars like Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame is a Canadian business mogul. He also stars in the CBC show Dragon’s Den. As the founder and CEO of the O’Leary Financial Group, he is arguably the most high profile Canadian business person in recent times.

Canadian Influencers Dominate the Social Scene

The Canadian province of Ontario is ostensibly the center of innovation in the country. Many popular influencers hail from Ontario, including Viktor Peters, an acclaimed make-up artist, Erin Elizabeth, a YouTube fashionista and Blogger, and Rezz a critically acclaimed DJ. Québec certainly doesn’t play second fiddle to Ontario, and also boasts an impressive selection of influencers, including Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beachclub.

An acclaimed Canadian writer who also dovetails as a model is Irina Tee. She has crafted an exciting lifestyle site, and she has a loyal band of followers to boot. Canadian influencers from British Columbia are equally prolific, including a DJ named Whipped Cream who is tearing it up with crowds all over the world. Her brand of music has gained international popularity, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Sam Ann is yet another lifestyle influencer from Canada, and she draws inspiration from the Vancouver Metropolis and her travels abroad. For the health and fitness aficionados out there, Nicole Wong is the bee’s knees. She hails from Vancouver, and is a leading voice in fitness, fashion, and healthy eating. She is also a celebrated power lifter with the calves and quads to prove it. Further afield in Alberta, Diiamond also brings the precious gift of aesthetic beauty to everyone on Instagram. She has hundreds of thousands of followers, and shows no signs of slowing down. Another popular make-up artist from Canada is Sooni, and she uses none other than herself to showcase her skills.

Canadian Influencers Shine Bright on The Poker Circuit

For all the gamers out there, Canada has its fair share of skilled players. One of them is Tonkaaaap a.k.a. Parker Talbot. This poker player has amassed total live earnings of $434,907, with his best live cash haul of $180,909. Not too bad, considering he makes his money playing poker games on the Internet in his pajamas. With 22,000 followers on Twitter, he’s certainly a force to be reckoned with in the high-stakes arena. As a brand ambassador for the prestigious 888 poker online room, he has accomplished his fair share of accolades with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

While Peter Talbot is certainly an up-and-coming star, he is but one of many Canadian poker players who rule the roost. Others include Daniel Negreanu, a WSOP winner and Poker Hall of Famer. Of course, it’s important to mention Sam Greenwood with his $4.2 million in career earnings to date, and Michael Leah, a poker grinder of note. Leah has amassed total live earnings of $7.65 million with a best live cash of $1,047,638. There are many other established poker champions hailing from Canada. These include Kristin Bicknell who has total live earnings of over $2.156 million and a best live cash finish of $290,768. Her claim to fame is the 2013 World Series of Poker (WSOP) when she won the Ladies Championship, collected a diamond encrusted gold bracelet, and $173,922.

Back to the lads for a second, there’s always Canadian superstar Ari Engel, the most seasoned grinder on the circuit. He is more of a nomadic Canadian, since he hasn’t had a place to call home in many years. Over the course of his career, he has amassed 9 gold rings from the WSOP, and he also won the 2016 Aussie Millions poker championship. For that effort, he cashed out with $1,120,110. That’s just a small sampling of what Canada has to offer the world in the form of powerful influencers in 2018.

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