8 VPN hacks Cornwall citizens must know to stay away from cyber crimes

8 VPN hacks Cornwall citizens must know to stay away from cyber crimes

Newspapers often report about cybercrimes: ransomware, phishing attacks, stealing of personal data, etc…

Unfortunately, the list of cyber crimes happened in 2018 is far longer. You might think: ‘’I’ll never be a target of cybercriminals’’. But you shouldn’t be so careless about this.

Today you’ll learn how not to fall victim to cybercrimes.

First and foremost, you should encrypt your internet connections by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Don’t know about this technology?

There are lots of web resources such as Bestvpnrating that publish in-depth guides and expert reviews of VPNs for internet users.

Here’s what you need to know about this technology:

Having linked to a VPN server, your internet traffic is passed through a protected virtual tunnel.

Then it is encoded and only after this procedure, it goes out of it. Users’ personal information is getting harder to compromise as hackers have to decrypt it.

How to use VPN: 8 tips to protect yourselves against cybercriminals

Never use public Wi-Fi without VPN.

We all connect to free Wi-Fi spots, but we often forget how insecure they are.

Free Wi-Fi networks are the main targets for snoopers who can easily intercept your sensitive information.

Log in your social media accounts via VPN.

Social networks are often targeted by hackers. They steal users’ personal data and compromise them.

Never log in your Facebook and other accounts without VPN. Clear your browser history once a week.

Don’t go shopping online when your VPN is off.

When shopping on the Internet, you have to use login information and bank credentials for payments.

That’s vital to protect them from stealing.

Hide your IP from prying eyes.

Your IP can reveal your geo-location.

So, if you don’t want hackers to know where you live, connect to VPN servers to hide your true IP address.

Enable VPN kill switch feature for additional protection.

VPN kill switch prevents IP and DNS leaks.

It blocks your internet connections if a VPN doesn’t work properly.

Any bank transfer should be encrypted.

Your bank credentials are also targets for hackers.

Protect them by encrypting the traffic in VPN.

Don’t ignore using VPN when chatting with friends.

Online chats are sometimes compromised as well.

Make your chatting private and don’t let cybercriminals steal your messages.

Connect to VPN when traveling.

While traveling you connect to Wi-Fi, book ticket, do shopping, etc.

Don’t forget that hackers are always ready to do their work.

that you are responsible for your online security. Don’t ignore the
tips above and stay protected against cybercriminals.

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Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a data privacy advisor for Bestvpnrating.com.

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