5 Main Reasons to Love and Appreciate Cornwall: From the Beauties of Nature to the Provision of Amenities

There are a huge number of cities in the world that have both many advantages and many disadvantages. Some are located in industrial areas where it is impossible to live and contemplate the beauty of nature, others, on the contrary, are located in heavenly corners of the earth, but the provision of amenities leaves much to be desired.

It is for many of these reasons that people love to travel, not only to explore the world, meet new people and cultures but also to see how people live in other countries of the world.

One of the favorite tourist cities is Dubai, which looks like it is on another planet. People come here to bask in the sun, walk around the futuristic city, rent a car Dubai and get behind the wheel of sports cars. Many people go there to drive the supercars they dream of because car rentals there offer the best car models in the world from premium cars to sports cars. In addition, car rental services offer high-quality service and reasonable prices.

However, there are cities in the world whose inhabitants love and appreciate the place where they live. One such city is Cornwall. In this article, we will talk about why the local population loves this city.


Many people do not like to live in noisy cities where life is in full swing. Instead, they prefer to live in small towns where they are closer to nature. This is the main advantage of Cornwall, as it is located in an area of ​​incredible beauty next to mountains and rivers. In addition, one can get to the capital in just an hour.

Here, residents do not know what rush hour is, in comparison with residents of megacities. Also, people can anywhere in the city in just 10-15 minutes.


The nature surrounding the city evokes a sense of awe and tranquility. Here, picturesque views can be observed from anywhere in the city. In addition, the locals are especially fond of arranging walks and cycling, as there are 40 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails that run through the city. In this regard, going for a bike ride, jogging, or walking tour with family or friends, you can enjoy the beauty and breathe fresh air.

Moreover, the city has many parks, reserves, marinas. Locals especially love to take boats and ride along the river, contemplating the surrounding beauty.

Affordable housing

Despite the size of the city, as well as the sparse population, the standard of living and quality of amenities is at a high level. Here you can find accommodation depending on your preferences. Affordable housing is located both in the city center, near the waterfront, and on the outskirts of the city, so there is always a choice of where to live. However, no matter which area you choose, there are all the necessary amenities for life everywhere.

In addition, the price of buying an apartment or housing is reasonable. Many people move here to meet their old age because the city has better conditions and people of retirement age will find entertainment for themselves.


It’s never boring here as the city becomes a venue for performances of various cover bands, orchestras, famous singers and comedians. Numerous bars organize live music concerts on weekends, where you can spend an evening with friends and family. The local theater invites all residents to performances and shows. To visit large-scale concerts and festivals, everyone can get to the capital in an hour.

Here, a modern swimming complex is open to the public, where you can swim in the pool, do aqua fitness and bask in the jacuzzi. Sports events are often held in the local ice arena, athletes play hockey, and residents attend mass skating sessions.


Not so long ago, there were many factories, because of which there was a terrible smell in the city. Because of this, Cornwall gained a bad reputation among all cities in Canada. This created unbearable living conditions for many residents, and also scared away tourists.

However, the factories closed or moved, and thanks to this, the city regained its bright colors. Although many residents lost their jobs, this did not prevent the city from recovering. Now business is flourishing here, and the city has also begun to attract a huge number of tourists.


A small town an hour from Ottawa is a great place to live. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of nature, as well as to use all the necessary high-quality amenities that are created here.

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