Freeland Stiffs Canadians with New Inflationary Action Announcement. #cdnpoli By Jamie Gilcig

June 17, 2022 – For those on fixed incomes, or lower incomes, or working class incomes, or middle class incomes, the announcement by Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is a slap to the face.

Many of its facets are not new, but already in her last budgets. Many of the facets are promises down the road.

There are people who literally cannot afford to drive to work or keep their cars due to gas prices over $2.00 per liter. And yes, while gas prices are up all over the world due to gouging; if the oil companies are seeing huge profits, and the government is seeing record globs of gas tax cash pour in, clearly we peons are the ones getting stiffed.

Ms Freeland clearly had two objectives here. Take steps to fight inflation and assist those being devastated by it. If you’re mortgage is about to renewed you know what this writer is scribbling about.

For many living in rural and even suburban areas a car is a persons legs. It’s their freedom. It’s the ability to turn on the radio and drive to get a break from what is going on in this country. That is being taken away to many because of #fuelrape.

Canadians right now are fighting a housing crisis brought on by government neglect at all levels. They are fighting a food crisis which has chiefly been brought on by high fuel prices. And many of us are in survival mode and having to make big choices just get by day to day.

These are pressures that many simply cannot endure. And these are the challenges that Ms Freeland Charlie Brown’ed in this weak sauce attempt to look like something is being done to help.

It again shows how weak political leadership is in this country.

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