LINK Big sting here in Cornwall by the RCMP. The weeklong blitz, which wrapped up Monday, saw officers seize 19 vehicles, 21,000 bags and cartons of cigarettes and nearly 900 kilograms of fine-cut tobacco. Police also say they found US$260,000 in one vehicle. Please visit our sponsors:Continue Reading

LINK Interesting letter to the editor in the Standard Freeholder today.   Our taxes are high on our house too, but if we were in Ottawa they’d be higher.     Cornwall faces some interesting challenges as a small city.   Let’s see if I can get a City Councillor to respond to thisContinue Reading

Due to overwhelming demand the Justin Trudeau  Community Breakfast (Saturday March 14th from 8:30-10:30) has had to change the location to the Cornwall Civic Complex Salons A-C. People can still order tickets by contacting Denis at 613 346 5416 or e-mail or check out the Liberal riding association websiteContinue Reading

LINK Good news and hopefully over 100 jobs to the city!  Way to go Cornwall!  And construction for the project will create more local work. The city is also moving forward with the construction of a new north-south road in the business park, connecting SCM Way and Industrial Park Road.Continue Reading

It’s flu season and a lot of people are going to catch it this year.    There are some things YOU can do to help prevent it and help prevent the spread. WASH YOUR HANDS.      A lot.   The more the better. IF YOU SNEEZE.   Try and sneeze into your elbow.   NotContinue Reading

Just received this release –  Click the photo to link to the site. Join us at Eco Farm Day – eastern Ontario’s premier farm & garden conference. Organic, transitional and conventional farmers of field crops, market gardens, and livestock rely on Eco Farm Day for the best training, information, and commerceContinue Reading

LINK Transcontinental Inc. , owner locally of The Seaway Valley News and many other news papers and magazines has laid off thousands of employees as revenues fall during the recession. Impact in Canada is in the hundreds as most of the cuts will come in the US. Please visit ourContinue Reading

So if Oil is trading at less than $35 per barrel why are we paying over .70 cents per litre?   What’s up with our local Cornwall gas stations?  Is it time to start some community boycotting?   Haven’t the oil industry wreaked enough mayhem on our economy from last year’s shenanigans?Continue Reading

LINK If all goes well Ingleside will be getting over 100 new jobs at the proposed Pellet plant. CBP vice-president and co-CEO Dan Stasko said the company has an offer on a 60-acre parcel of land in the industrial park, and it is working towards obtaining final licencing from theContinue Reading

LINK Corwall area teachers are mulling over whether to have a strike or not.    Bad timing and bad PR for little gain right now.   In our current economy everyone needs to pull together and budgets are tight enough right now. If the teachers do play ball though I think they’dContinue Reading

LINK to Trevor Pritchard’s story Will you read any of the 60,000 pages of material recorded? The comments in the talk back show a lot of heated emotion and anger.    What do you think Cornwall?   Were you happy with the process and procecdure of the inquiry? Please visit our sponsors:Continue Reading

New York State Resident Arrested for Possession of Contraband Tobacco CORNWALL, ON, Feb. 11 /CNW/ – A 23 year old female driver from Hogansburg, New York faces a charge for possession of a tobacco product not properly stamped under authority of the Excise Act 2001 following a RIDE program verificationContinue Reading

With just weeks to go before Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan is expected to table the 2009-10 budget, more than 70 per cent of the province’s 155 hospitals have planned staff reductions and, in some cases, service cuts, said Tom Closson, president of the Ontario Hospital Association. LINK The CornwallContinue Reading

Interesting read.  I wonder how many people from Cornwall have ever read this on wikipedia? Cornwall was once home to a thriving cotton processing industry. Courtaulds Canada Inc.’s rayon manufacturing mill operated until 1992 at one point employing almost 3,000. Domtar, a Quebec-based company operated a paper mill in theContinue Reading