So you’re working at home; or just chillaxing, or have just put the baby to bed and your silence is disturbed by a doorbell. It’s a person trying to come in and check your water heater; or someone trying to sell you something; or a religious group looking for newContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – A disturbing trend is occurring so far in the upcoming 2014 Municipal elections in Cornwall Ontario, and that is a total lack of female candidates. As I type these words only 1 out of 13 candidates for office is a woman.    That’s scary.  In nearby SouthContinue Reading

CFN – Youth retention is a huge issue in Cornwall Ontario, and while it’s easy to make it an election issue there’s very little any candidate can do to change the course and direction of what’s happening here in our fair city. Today I was talking with a young manContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The City of Cornwall has spent a lot of money hiring a team of consultants to initiate a new study, in an election year, focused on Cornwall being our place.  Of course it’s phrased “My Place” and judging from the behavior of the Mayor and his croniesContinue Reading

CFN –  We had so much fun with our first full page and banner deals that we’re having another one day sale on Corner banner ads on CFN! Especially important with the election season starting in Ontario! You get a 240×140 pixel banner for one month for only $149+HST! That’sContinue Reading