Cornwall Ontario –   Danny Aikman is a wee fellow.    He made his way through giants to eventually become police chief of the CCPS.  (was there any truth that he only would accept a Deputy Chief that was shorter than he was which was how Ms Spowart got the position?)Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Facing clear prejudice from the CCPS this newspaper is still asking for basic accountability and transparency. Here is today’s police blotter BREACH Cornwall, ON – A 24-year-old Cornwall man was arrested on December 4th, 2017 and charged with breach of undertaking for attending a certain address, beingContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As many CFN viewers know we’ve been pushing the CCPS to be more accountable to the public, in particular, via the media.   With a per capita cost to taxpayers nearly on par with Toronto, and Cornwall’s tax rate already way too high, most residents want to knowContinue Reading