Cornwall Ontario –  Sometimes adults make mistakes.   There is an old saying….   The difference between winners and losers is how they deal with adversity. Maureen Adams was the city’s Chief Financial Officer before becoming its CAO.  Under her leadership, or lack thereof, the city’s finances have crumbled.   She’s partContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   They say in 12 Step that you can’t truly start your recovery until you hit rock bottom. This 2018 election normally would be that rock bottom.  Time will tell if it’s so. A corrupt city management and council have essentially rigged the election.   All you have toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN has over 1 million human pageviews monthly.   It’s been that way for a awhile, but what quite a few people, and sadly many in the political and business realms locally, don’t get is that whether they like this newspaper, its publisher, or writers, and content isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Last night’s meet, greet, and debate revealed that politicians do lie and I and Council candidate Brent Charles was surprised to finally get an honest answer from Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy regarding his failures and lies broken promises as a mayor. During the meet and greet, O’Shaughnessy was asked aboutContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Geez there are fire sales and bad deals,  and there is the sweetheart deal that the City of Cornwall is giving the Cornwall Colts for some reason?   I mean this is worse than a Marc Bergevin trade. At issue is that the city has two facilities thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The city likes to give out voodoo numbers when it comes to tax increases, but the bottom line is the bottom line.  If you raise taxes nearly 20% per term without increasing revenues something always gives out. Even worse, if you borrow money to pay for aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – How many cities facing record tax hikes burn through $15K making a vanity video for a fire chief that union sources allege spends too much time at his out of town home instead of serving and protecting the taxpayers of Cornwall Ontario? Economic Development poobah Bob PetersContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s very hard to be a good liar.   Keeping up a false veneer takes a lot of stamina and skill.  People like Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement ultimately fail and badly.   While Councilor Clement likes to come across as sweetness and light with bountiful positivity more andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   It seems that failure isn’t an issue at City Hall in Cornwall.   An empty Loblaws site for over two years; no waterfront development,and now confirmation that Cornwall was never in the running for the $115 million dollar Aquaworld Water Park development that is working through the processContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Many this morning are questioning how the fire that torched three buildings in the le village section of Cornwall was allowed to escalate or get away from local firefighters? Many other buildings were damaged from effects of the fire with some seeing their vinyl siding melt forContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In the 2014 Ontario municipal election CFN viewers were credited with being the change in Cornwall. Out went one long time corrupt Mayor and politician along with half of his council,  and in came a mayor who allegedly stood against the corruption including having resigned during theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When my neighbor came to me complaining that they city was refusing to repave the sidewalks on our block because I lived on here I laughed at him.   I mean, that’s nuts and silly.   It would be an abuse of the public purse too. Imagine repaving aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Bob Peters swung and missed again for the River City it seems, or he may not even have swung the bat?  The Economically Developmentally challenged poobah used public resources to make a splash in applying to have Amazon have it’s HQ2 in Cornwall which was farcical, butContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   CUPE sent out a release today. The four CUPE locals who have been on strike in Cornwall have each ratified their tentative agreements.  Assuming City Council and the Library Board both ratify from management’s side today, people will return to work on Tuesday. Oddly enough more questionsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Tentative agreement reached in Cornwall city workers’ strike according to the CUPE release below. After a leak by Councilor Andre Rivette to CBC and CFN and our story by former HR Manager Rob Menagh it appeared that the city would have to capitulate on its demand for aContinue Reading