My opinion on the new Liberal Majority in Parliament is, admittedly, skewed. Nine years living under the Harper yolk, watching my wife suffer with seizures, watching my own health fade, and watching the number of marijuana-related arrests increase every year, has left me jaded and bitter. Watching our new PM supportContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Ottawa Medical Marijuana user and advocate Russell Barth issued a release today after his complaint about comments made by Mayor Jim Watson were made public last April.   The Mayor refused to apologize for a comment that Mr. Barth feels was discriminatory. In the release below Mr. BarthContinue Reading

CFN – When ever any party sets out a plan to address any policy, they are, in effect, trying to predict the future and/or influence the outcome. No one can actually know what the future will bring, but if a ball is hit with a bat and it heads towards a house, everyone watching canContinue Reading