Editor’s Note:  CFN spoke with Ms Baxter today at Archie’s Golf where she expressed that she wished for us to publish this letter to City Hall in Cornwall which we have done and have not edited. Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 7:39 AM To: loshaughnessy@cornwall.ca; dcarr@cornwall.ca; bclement@cornwall.ca; mdupelle@cornwall.ca; chebert@cornwall.ca; emacdonald@cornwall.ca; mmacdonald@cornwall.ca; cmcintosh@cornwall.ca; dmurphy@cornwall.ca; arivette@cornwall.ca; jtowndale@cornwall.ca Cc: mboileau@cornwall.ca; jfawthrop@cornwall.ca; madams@cornwall.ca; jrobinson@cornwall.ca; bpeters@cornwall.ca; KLajoie@cornwall.ca Subject: Child Sexual Abuse and Jehovah’s WitnessesContinue Reading

“Choose Cornwall”. I did. In fact, both my wife and I did. We came here to attend St. Lawrence College, (SLC) not knowing much about the area.You can look at tourism sites, review sites and city websites but you never know what kind of culture a place has until you’veContinue Reading