Cornwall, Ontario – Denis Carr is the city’s longest running council member in the city of Cornwall. Carr has  been passionate about Cornwall, Ontario, and while he may in the upcoming years consider slowing down with his political career, he will always work to improve the city. He believes that thereContinue Reading

You ever see someone and you know that either they aren’t sleeping, are about to lose their job, or simply aren’t getting enough TLC? Hugo Rodrigues, editor of the Standard Freeholder, has been on the warpath of late.   We here call it “Gilcig very very lite.” The biggest differenceContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – CFN reached former City Councilor Denis Carr in Newcastle UK today and asked him if he was prepared to serve again after the announcement of Brock Frost’s resignation. He took a moment from the family trip to share that he would be prepared to discuss it asContinue Reading

It’s very rare that I appeal to the community and there are some that will suggest that this appeal is strictly for myself; maybe for selfish reasons, but it’s certainly not meant to be treated. On February 7th my life changed.  I had gone to court to try and collectContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –   Two familiar faces joined the race for council in Cornwall as incumbents Maurice Dupelle and Denis Carr signed up officially. They contrast as it was Dupelle’s first term on council and Carr is the longest serving elected official.  Where Dupelle was learning the ropes and actuallyContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Stephen Fournier, Closed Meeting investigator for the City of Cornwall Ontario has confirmed that the Mayor and two veteran councilors allowed a meeting of the Waterfront Committee to move in camera wrongly. The details of the report will be released by City Hall shortly; but it theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  The problem with the Municipal Act is that the conflict of interest rules clearly have no teeth nor proper clarity.   As a matter of fact only the person in conflict can call conflict which is akin to asking shoplifters to turn themselves in. Councilor Denis CarrContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  At least one city councilor is speaking loud and clearly about the Chemical Tanks that the Federal Government has green lit to be constructed on Cornwall’s Waterfront.  Lands that clearly have been ear marked to be de industrialized and geared to fit into tourism and residential development.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Hmm…how to gentrify a former industrial city with a stunningly beautiful waterfront…. a) build luxury condos?  b)  build lovely green spaces for the community to enjoy?  c) lease out lands to a firm that will plunk a chemical tank or two after the property had been cleanedContinue Reading