Cornwall Ontario – CFN is proud to present a new column by former City of Cornwall HR specialist and Whistle blower, Diane Shay. Diane was a manager at Glen Stor Dun Lodge, our area’s government run seniors residence who became embroiled in a massive Whistle Blowing case that the cityContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – A new whistle blower has gone public.  RN Julie Johnston of Cornwall Ontario who works at Glen Stor Dun Lodge has submitted a letter which we have published unedited below. Ms Johnston is the nurse that  submitted 11 letters to council that never made their way directly;Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Leslie O’Shaughnessy showed a little rust.  After all it’d been over a year since he left public office; but he warmed up as the capacity crowd at the Ramada In who listened to him talk about why he resigned in protest from his role as City Councilor ofContinue Reading

(Andre Rivette seated and chatting with candidate Mark A MacDonald) CORNWALL Ontario – In a surprising announcement long time veteran councilor Andre Rivette came out in support of Leslie O’Shaughnessy over incumbent Bob Kilger and rookie mayoralty candidate Jamie Gilcig Friday night at a capacity room in the Ramada. Mr.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Whistleblower and former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Diane Shay has issued a press release regarding her ordeal vs the city. Excerpt of court documents.  Ms Shay’s text of incident. Excerpt 2 – Ms Shay being “disciplined” excerpt 3 – a summation of what ocurred excerpt –Continue Reading

Fellow Citizens, Control through Retaliation; Is this a Democracy’s response to individuals who speak up in the interest of fellow citizens and their community? .  A statement which brings to mind the scenario, ” When Government’s fear the people that’s Democracy ,when the people fear the Government that’s Dictatorship” We have policiesContinue Reading

No employer…shall take a disciplinary measure against, demote, terminate or otherwise adversely affect the employment of such and employee, or threaten to do so. CFN – It’s a paradox that the very facilities designed to care for our aging loved ones can sometimes put them at risk.  And if theContinue Reading

CFN – Because this story has multiple layers and spans five years, here are the basic facts: A man was physically assaulted then tied to a table by his personal support worker (PSW) at a senior’s home called Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge.   That was on May 25th, 2008.   The LodgeContinue Reading